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Draught Horses.—Queensland-bred draught mare for farming purposes: G. F. Dauth. Pair plough horses in har- ness: H. Heck, 1; W. Doherty, 2. Spring-

cart horse or mare in harness, to be driven in spring-cart: T. Quinn, 1 ; Otto Dauth, 2. Pair waggon horses; C. Reh feldt, special. Blood' Horses.—Stallion : J. C. Mus grave's Dundas, 1; T. Daniels's Forest King, 2. Brood mare, in foal, or foal at foot: Stephens and Stanfleld's Mary Ann, grade Arab: M. Cusack's Silver Fox, special. Trotting stallion, action to be tested led or driven : Stephens and Stanfleld's Harold. Colt or filly, 2 years or under: Stephens ana Stan fleld's Magnet. Coaching stallion ; De- Burgh, Pex?oe'sXord Vepomath. Coaoh- > ing brood mare, In foal, or foal at foot : T. Quinn. Coaching colt: 2 years or under: t. Quinn.     Hacks.—Hack, to carry 14st: Dauth   V, T, Qulnn's Btatesmai*? 2. Hack, ,to. carry list.; -E. J. Westaway's Stella, 1 ; W. Wake's Stroller, 2. Trotting, horse or mare : F. C. Cox's Emma, 1 ; A.' W. Bates's Glencoe, 2. Best lady's hack, to be ridden by a lady : A. Frederick's Token, 1; Sergeant Neil's Voltigeur, 2. Hackney, gelding or mare, above 14 arid under 15 hands : E. J. Westaway'a Stella, special. Hackney, mare above 14 and under 15 hands : E. J. Westaway's Stella, special. . Ponies.—Entire, under 14 hands : John Hart. Mare or gelding, under 14 hands : De Burgh Perese's Native Lady.. Entire,

under 12 hands: F. James's Young Don. Jumping pony, under 13 hands, to carry not less than 10st.; Stephens and Stan field's Tiger (4ft. 91n.), lOst. 71b., 1; De Burgh Persse's Native Lady, 2. Best girl rider, under 16 years of age : Mary Waldron, special. Action horse to be driven in buggy : W. Berger's Ginger, 1 ; O. Dauth, 2. CATTLE. Ayrshire bull, over 3 years: John Ju?t's Bobby Burns. Jersey bull j Mfs. W. Castles. Shorthorn cow : J. Cusmck. Ayrshire cow : Mrs. W. Castles. Milch cow : Stephen and Starineld, 221b. milk.. Beat fat. ox : Thomas Quinn. Fat cow : John Eichmann. Pen of five fat cattle, ' bred or reared by the exhibitor : Thomas Quinn. . SWINE, Boar t over 1 year : De Burgn Persse. Breeding sow, over 1 year : De' Purgh Persse. Breeding sow fc under 1 yew : A. Henderson. Three porkers : Thomas Quinn. POULTRY, Ac Game, any breed : Thomas Quinn, Black Spanish : R. Harrison. Plymouth Rocks : Stewart Orr. Langshans : G. F. Plunkett. Cochin, buff :W. G. Lane.

Orpingtons : O. P. Plunkett. Wyan dotte :G. F. Plunkett Leghorn, white: J. H. Matthews. Leghorn, dark : Mrs. Cunningham. Pen of six pullets for table use : T. Quinn. Pigeons: C. Tesch. Turkeys :W. G. Lane. Mus ; covy, duck and drake : H. M. Johnston. AGRICULTURAL AND DAIRY PRODUCE. Red core maize : George Finch. Maize in cob : George Finch. Field peas, seed teoslnte, buckwheat, and setaria: . George Palk. Madagascar bean*: •B, G. - Peachey, , commended. Pota toes : : W. Mann. Sweet potatoes : W. Jennings. Bundle green stuff : J. Williamson. Mixed chaff : W. Mann, highly commended. Guinea grass : J. Savage. Collection of sugarcane : H. D. Malcolm 1, C. Rehfeldt 2. Collection dairy produce : G. Palk. special. Striped Singapore cane : H. D. Malcolm. Rappoe cane : Geo. Benger. Marketable butter : Mrs. Williamson, 1: Jas. Orr, 2 ; Mrs. M'Cready, special. Lard : J. Wil liamson. Hen eggs: G. F. Plunkett. Duck eggs :W. G. Lane. Cheeses : Mrs. R. M'Cready. Hams, farm or dairy fed: J. Williamson. Flitches bacon, farm or dairy fed : Geo. Palk. Sides bacon, farm or dairy fed : Stephens and Hill. ARTICLES OF COMMERCIAL VALUE. Collection jams, marmalades, Ac. : Geo. Palk, 1 and special. Pickles, assort ed : Mrs.B.Johnston. Home-made bread: Mrs. Murtha, 1 ; Mrs. J. E. Pascoe, 2. Honey: F. Usher. Beeswax: F. Richards, jun. The prize for collection of articles of commercial value, also those for mar malade and jam, were awarded to G. Palk. Candled peel: Mrs. B. Johnston. , Sauce :J. H. Matthews. Muah-catsap i

Miss Pinch. Tobacco, in leaf :W. Cun nlnghame. Arrowroot (purple) :J. Mur tha. Arrowroot (white), J. Latimer. Coffee beans : May Cunninghams. Red wine :F. C. Cox (claret).. White wine : F. C. Cox. Orange wine : G. Pftlfc* - Collection aerated waters and cordials : Taylor and Co. Bricks, made in the district :" C. Carey. " * ' SUGAR. Vacuum pan process, undefined.—-WJjlte sugar : Carl Rehfeldt 1, H. J?. Opper mann 2. Sugar, yellow, any process : Yatala Milling Company. / .V . ."" ' '' FRUITS* • Collection oraqges :• F. F. R. Shftiler. Six round oranges :C. Huth. Manda rins : Thomas Mills. Cumquats : B. Johnston. Lemons : S. Grimes. Citrons:' F. F- Shailer. Pineapples: D. Benfer, 1 and special. Smooth-leaved pineapples: D. Benfer. Bunch sugar bananas :D. Benfer. Bunch bananas, any other sort: D. Benfer, and special for best collection bananas. Loquats : W. £2. Kingston. Passion fruit : F. Benfer. Apples : B. Johnston. Cape gooseberries : . Miss A. Mills. Collection cut flowers (amateurs), H. Bacon. Collection cut flowers, Mrs. B. Barker. Collection wild flowers, A. Huth. Collection pot plants, H. Bacon. Hand bouquet, Mrs. B. Barker.. Table txnuquet, H. Bacoq. Mrs. R\ Barker alsp i took the prlsfes -lor collections of vomsy verbenas, and pansies. VEGETABLES.

Collection vegtables, W. Jennings 1 and special, J. Williamson 2> CarnrtA.. fcVB. Shatter. White turnips, X Strong. Radishes, F. Benfer. Onlon?, J. H. Matthews. Cabbage (table), C. Huth. Cabbage (red), C. Hu)th. Cauliflower, W. Jennings. Pumpkins (for table use), J. Williamson. Celery. J- H. Matthews. Broad beans, J. H. Matthews. Peas, W. Brooks. Tomatoes, D. Benfer. Cap sicums (large), Mrs. B. Barker. Vege table marrows, C. Brook*. Eschalots, F. . Benfer. Leeks, J. H.Matthews. Garlic, F Benfer. Lettuce (cabbage), J. H. Matthews. Earthnuta, J. Williamson. DOGS. Sheep : ' Stephens and Stanfleld 1, A. Duncan 2. Cattle : Stephens and Stan* field 1, T. Quinn commended. Kan garoo (rough-haired) : S. Grimes 1, T. Daniels commended. Kangaroo (smooth haired) : T. Daniels. Greyhound :C. Hodgen. Retriever :A. Brehmer. Foxf Terrier: J. Graham, Jun. Blacjfe-and- Tan Terrier r^nitom HolHday. St. Ber-, nard :J. Graham. Poedle :JL H. Mat thew*. Australian native (dingo) :T. Qufnn. • • «' „ ...-. . SCHOOL. PRIZE& • : . Fancy needlework by girl under 14 : Maud Armstrong lv' Lucy Fischer 2. • Plain needlework by girl under IS: Martha Butz and Johanna Patetson (equal). Plain sewing by girl under 10 : ; Nannie Dennis 1, Mary Wolter 2. Map of New Zealand by child under 14: Henry Schneider. Map of Australia by child under 10 r George Thorsborne. Writing by boys over 10 : Dalian Shea. Writing for girls over 10 : Beatrice Har rl?on. Writing for boya under 10 (2nd. Book) : Willie Francis. Writing for girls under 10: Mary Mann. Home exercise book .for children under 14: Beatrice Harrison. Home exercise book for children under 10 : George Kunkel. The management of the show was lv every respect' admirable, and Mr. Wilson Holliday, the secre tary, and the members of the- associa tion deserve the warmest praise for the excellent way In which little troubles were smoothed over, and large 'ones averted. The success of the Beenleigh Show (says our correspondent) Is the' one topic of conversation of the town, and every one seems gratefully surprised. that the at , tendance wa? so large and the entertain ment of visitors so varied. Upwards of eighteen hundred people entered , the grounds, the gate money amounting to £67, or about £7 more than last year. This in face of the trying season Is con sidered more than satisfactory by the committee, who have had uphill work of late years, many of whom, by-the-bye, , express, their gratitude to the " Courier" for the way their efforts have been appre ciated.