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Lamington Cake (from a Subscriber). The weight of two eggs in butter, sugar, and flour, two eggs, half-teaspoonful baking powder.

Beat the butter to a cream, add the sugar and yolks of eggs, one by one, then the whites beaten stiff, lastly add gradually flour and baking powder. Bake in a mode- rate oven. When cold cut the cake like a sandwich and put the white mixture be- tween, then cut into small pieces and cover on all sides with the chocolate mixture. Dip the cakes into grated cocoanut and put in a cool place. The Mixture.—2oz. butter, 6oz. icing sugar, beat to a cream, and divide equally in two basins, and to one half add one and a half teaspoonful cocoa (to be had in small tins) dissolved in three teaspoons boiling water. Beat well. To Broil the Legs of a Turkey. Take the legs from a cold roast turkey, and score them across with a sharp knife ; season them with pepper and salt and a pinch of cayenne, and squeeze a little lemon-juice over them. Place them in a Dutch oven before the fire or in a folding gridiron over a moderate fire, watch care- fully that they do not burn, turn them oc- casionally, and rub a little fresh butter   over them when they begin to smoke. When   nicely browned, serve on a hot dish with a piece of butter on the top of each. Hashed Turffey.       Remains of cold turkey and stuffing; (flour, pepper and salt, butter, some sliced onions, one pint of broth, one dessert- spoonful of mushroom ketchup, 1 dessert- spoonful of pickled walnut vinegar, a little grated nutmeg, a pinch of cayenne (if liked). Cut the remains of the cold turkey into small pieces, roll them in flour, and season with pepper and salt. Melt a little butter in a stewpan over the fire, and half fry in it the sliced onions. Add a little flour, brown it, then stir in by degrees the broth. Put in the pieces of turkey and stuffing, cover closely, and simmer gently for one hour. Arrange the meat neatly on a hot dish ; add to the sauce in the stewpan the remaining ingredients, boil, stir well, and pour over the turkey. The dish may be gar- nished with sippets of toast, slices of lemon, and, if necessary, forcemeat balls. CREAM PUFFS. ½lb. of butter, ¾lb. of prepared flour, 6 eggs, 2 cupfuls of warm water. Stir the butter into the warm water ; set over the fire, and let it gradually come to the boil, stirring all the time. Cook one minute, stirring constantly. Turn into a deep dish to cool. Beat the eggs light— yolks and whites separately—and whip them into the cooled paste, the whites last. Drop large spoonfuls of the mixture upon but- tered paper, not so near as to touch or run into each other. Bake about ten minutes in a quick oven until they are of a golden brown. FILLING (for Cream Puffs.) 4 cupfuls of milk, 2 tablespoonfuls of corn-   flour, 2 eggs, 2 cupfuls of sugar, 1 full tea- spoonful of lemon or vanilla essence.   Mix the cornflour to a smooth paste with a little of the milk, and boil the remainder. Add to the beaten eggs the sugar and corn- flour. Pour gradually upon these the hot milk ; mix well ; return to the fire, and stir the whole until thick. Let it get cold be- fore flavouring it. Pass a sharp knife care- fully round the puffs—which should also be cold—split neatly, and fill with the mixture. They are best when eaten fresh. (Cream puffs are often served with afternoon tea.)