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Family Notices

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[Iii order to guard agalm.1 imposition, nolicea ot

Hirth« Marriage» ami Dcatlis mud be aufbeut!

raled bv sonic reputable jurara in muire their

innrtion J"

Hirth Warrul,?, Heath Bcreaxmcul, In alcaro

rum, and runcnl Notice up to u IÍDW, 3/,

eura lines at bd


AITKEN (nee N. Bond) -On the ¡Jjlli Oetober. to

Hr «nd Mrs I) V, Mtkcn. Calroailc, Berrigan -a daughter (Belly urteile)

ARCHBOLD -On the 24 th October, at Wenona

private hospital, Kyneton, to Mr and Mrs Stanley Archbold, Redesdale- a son (Raymond,

died seven days)

BRUMBY (nee Beryl Dawson). -On the 8th Octo-

ber, at Nurse Brown's private hospital, Carng- ham, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brumby, Coniston Park - a daughter (Patricia Joyce).

HALL. —On the 10th October, at Sister Bigg's  

hospital, Moreland road, to Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Hall, Brunswick - a daughter.

KERR (nee Olive Rutherford). —On the 11th

October, at 36 Kareela road, Cremorne, the wife of W. Aitken Kerr —a son.

O'BRYAN. —On the 22nd October, at Londa pri-

vate hospital, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman O'Bryan, of Hanzinelle, McCallum   street, Brighton —a daughter (Bernadette Dora).


DAVEY-GRAY. —[Ruby Wedding.] —On 31st  

October, 1885, at Bendigo, by the late Rev. Pattinson, Sampson, eldest son of the late S. and E. Davey, Honeysuckle street, Bendigo, to Emma, eldest daughter of the late S. and F. Gray, Lily street, Bendigo. (Present address, Highclare, Warrick street, Ascotvale East,


DUMARESQ-DENT. —[Golden Wedding.] —On the

3rd November, 1875, at All Saints' Church, Bendigo, by the Rev. Amos Brazier, Alfred W. Dumaresq, youngest son of Capt. E. Dumaresq (surveyor-general of Tasmania in 1835), to    

Harriette Ellen, second daughter of the late R.B.   Dent, of Ballarat and Leicestershire, England.


ASHWORTH. —On Ihe 1st November, Henry  

George. U»c loving husband of Kate \shuorth of r2 Carpenter street, Brighton, and beloved taihrr of Harry Ada and '?»ti (Privately in tcrmi in tJc Bnghton Ceinct* ry on tile 2nd

Noierabt r )

BLACKWOOD. —On the "list October at tile

Mtred Hospital Martha, late of Convoy, Ire land (IS-ivatelv interred )

FAWCETT. —.On the ."1st October at hu residence  

Tenham Oi, John, drurli loved hnsnand of Agnes yawoelt losing father of lohn (Quamba

ti«l) ?»nimm (deceased), Alice Mary (Mrs. rmbeilnn Sandhill Lake), Thomas (lunthlne), Oordan O arrawatta) Millicent, and Agnes (Mm. Walmslcv, Kenshiglnn) aged 8Ti ytjr«

Sadly missed.

FLEMING. —On tiie 2Slh October 1125, at Wi rJieproof Jane, vidow of Hie late 1 liornas V. iliiam Mi ming, and loi ing mother of 1- ileeii (Mn. Chenu), am! Pearl, aged lu years. (West Australian papers please copy.)  

FOLEY. —On 1st November, at Horaoopathic IIOH.

rnta] "> errmica Josephine, dearly beloved young rt>t daughter of the late John and Margaret Pnlrr, and loving suter of Mona, Ted Tress, rrank, and Mcvr, aged 24 yearn. RIP

HATFIELD. —On the 2nd November, at a private  

hospital Henry Hawkins, beloved husband   of Emma Hatfield, and loved father of Ernest, Edward, Alfred, Charles (deceased), Leslie, Herbert, Francis, Lucy (deceased), and Emma   aged 81 years.

HEALY. —On the list Oelopi r. Janies Joseph,

eldest ton of the lute Daniel and Margaret Heal», lanniston, awl loved brother of Michael I Heali, Jve\i flnternnml h^neton, TTienda>, No

veniber 2.)

Requiescat in pace.

HERRING. —On tin 1st ».ovembcr at Vary  

borough Kdinund svlwyn Herring, eldest sou of the lale \eri ^r(lldencou T Y Herring, and dearh loved hunliand of Otrtrudc SltlU Herring, aged 63 years.

LEHAN. —On the 2nd November 1925, at Mel    

bourne, Honorah Mary, the dearly beloved and only daughter of Martin Michael and the late Laureen Fances Lehan, formerly of Bendigo

LOOKER. —Pass« U away on the 1st hoi ember,  

1925 mabel b leaker, beloved wife of N R.

1/ioker K 1 1'

MANDERS. —On the Ililli «cplcmbcr, 1125 at

Cheltenham (1-ngland) after n long and |tilnlul illi^re. rrancci nirjheth wido» oi Albert Stained Mandi n» aged C6 yean.

McDONALD. —On the mt OLtolier (suddenly) at      

Singaron Captain Murdoch Mtlloiuld, bolmcd liuhbond of Etirais th, and loiing falhtr (iraliam Mnlii liiiuoan, Ilhubeth (Mrs Atetraekin), and (.«lin, agid OS years.

McDONOUGH. —On the Jud \n\enlber, 102.1. at 13

Clide »treil, fcurrei Hills Fditli Ma}, the be loud daughter of Albert Kdivard and the late I Hen MiUtimugli (nee Sedon) late of 24 Bond ?trent, AblKitsfurd, and lining sinter of Richard Sednn Mci» mougli, agi d 25 i ears

MORGAN. —On the lClli Octol-er, at prli-ate hos

pital, id.laide Ho euee Irene, the beloinl witi of Wilfrid Charlea Hcnrj Morgan, and oolv daughter "f Fmlly SopliU Certrude and the late t.eorgc AVasliliigton Orai late oí Mhite Hart Hob I Adelaide, aged 25 nan

PERROW. —On Hie 2nd JNoicmber at Balnarring,

P/iward Pi rroi*, late of Bendigo and Broken Hill, J» S W , aged kJ \tjri 10 nionlhf

PICKLES. —On tin 10th Oetober, at Piramid prl

\UU hiM-i Hal William Malthuu l]cct.or inungest »n if Hllliain und ilargaret 1 1'ieklis "" Arnold Rtrttt, Bendigo lined brotlier of J

KA,) W Daisy (Mrs J J Jlercusl), and Mary, aged 29 years.

PICKLES. —On the OOlh October, at Pyramid pri

isle hospital William Matthew Hector, dearly lui ed husband of Mary Aliec, aged ~9 }ears

PROFITT. —On the 31st October, 1925 at private

hospital, East Melbourne, Dorothy Profitt (Dolly), the beloved wife of Laurence Profitt, of 7 Mayfield street,Abbotsford, fond mother   of Victor Laurence, loving daughter of W J and M U Robinsonson of Collingwood, and sister of Lilly (Mrs Weston), William, and Percy, aged 20 years Remains at John Alliston's par- lours, 94 Victoria street, Richmond.  

Peace, perfect peace.

SMITH. —On the iSlh October at Bni.baue, John

\ugUBta dearii loied mu of tin late K and \ smith, of Itiiniuod lining brother of Alban lltumood) luuiii (Deniliquin) Hieliard (Mil lennie) Ue» (Irafalgar) Mr« lolunloii (KI

?linmnk) Mn. Quintrel] (Maluni), Mrs. Jlil'lnrsiin (S| hilda) Mrs Chapman (Camber

At rest.

SMITH. —On (he .nil Sovembir at Queen Mctoria

Hospital Ulina Marv Ueloied Mile of Unis L. ^uiitli of 4 Bruce street, Keiudliglon loving mother of Arthur, 1 Hen. Ixirua, and Leuis, aged 41 years lill'

WALSH. —On the 2nd liuieinber (result of ace!

dent), at Collie, luhn Joseph, dearly beloved son of Ellen and the late lames Walsh formerly of Swan Marsh, fund brother ot Mary (Mm. bmlUi), Janies, Dai id, Annie, Robert, Michael, ind Lilen, agid 2t> years

May his soul rest in peace.

WILLIAMS. —Ou tbc 1st November, at Iii pal nu        

lion Hospital, Cuullield Henrv Iraiuir (late lieutenant, 2nth BatL, A 1 K ), duirly bcloied husband of Mary 1) William» of M Car-Hule ireicciit. Oakleigh, ui d helmed father of Cllf ford and Keith, aged 31 years.

IN MEMORIAM. On Active Service.

MOGER. —In loving memory oí our dearly loved

son Sidney Albert Horace Moger who died at Plymouth England November2 1918 (Ins       erted by his mother, father and brother )  

PEART. —In loving remembrance of our dear son

and brother Major William Andrew Reginald Peart, graduate Royal Military College, Dun- troon, who died on November 3, 1917, from wounds received in France. (Inserted by his     loving parents sisters and brothers Byron street Moonee Ponds )

PEART. —In loving remembrance of my dearly      

loved nephew Major William Andrew Reginald     Peart, 4th Battery 2nd FA Brigade, 1st Divi-     sion A.IF graduate Roya Military College

Duntroon who died on November 3 1917 from   wounds received in France (MB)  

PETERS. —In loving memory of Lieut Kenneth      

Gartrelle Connelly, beloved elder son of Mr and     Mrs H W Peters killed in action at Passchen- daele, November 3 1917

ROYLE. —In Ioving memory of Robert Royle killed in action, in France 3rd November 1916  

Lest we forget  

-(Inserted by his mother sisters, and brothers )     SIMMONS. —In ever loving memory of our loved

and beloved only son Lieut Aubrey W A Simmons RFA BIF died of wounds in   France November 3 1918 after 4 years' active service aged 24 years

Sweet to remember those who once were here     And who, though absent still are just as dear

-(Mother and father 34 Beaconsfield road,     Upper Hawthorn.)  

SIMMONS. —In lovng memory of our dear    

brother Aubrey who died of wounds in France,     3rd November 1918 after 4 years' active service -(Louie and Irene.)  

BODY. —In lonnc; memory <i mother «b* patocd I

i»ay 'rd Nmenibtr 1*0«

It flin in) i ird

-(loflLrtf-d by her losing- daughter al d BOU law Maj and Kari )

BODY. —In loving raemor> oï mr dut' mother '

Klijabctb Uody who paired .iw-iy at Halt un November 3 11*20

] v» r rrweroben 1

-(lüBertrd by her lonou d.uu.bUr l>jii»y )

BRICE. —In lovine; inrmon (f our diar *ee babe, |

Maurice GowHt who HUH til n bud to 1KM%UI un the "rd November jy24 d^ed 7 H-nn

\notbtr wee uii£il wai i et di d jn 1 airn

-(Inserted bj Lil ind Ii rt linee larragon )

CARTER. —In loWtifr immon <f Ceorfce Carter

wbo died ut liroüklvti Howitt rojd Caulfield , tid ?November 1*'J4 biloied hubboud of Uarv

If Carter |

T7meen be moven jb tear IIK as -we will

Ut» *pJnt UMV Hie faint at d love« m .-hil

CARTER. —In Joniii rein tnbram. (f (jLOrcc

firter -wbo died at JlrooMuu Howitt road Caulfield Jrd No\(mler 1424 loved fallu r of Bellt (Mr* W. li 1 waddell) Ceome Hilda, ȧd Toni,

COULTER. —In lo\in? memorr of our dear EJSICT

Kuli}, who died 2nd \o\inibir 3V24

¿A cr nrnembirt J

f Innerted H \-\nie und In« \ortb Hnpbton > ' DAVIDSON. —A tribut to (hi ineinorv of a kind  

fnend 1) S Davidson who lout hin life white defcndfi g our home t n the ¿nd Nt vnnlicr 1920

A hf<. made bnautiful b> k'ndlv deede

A eenervKiR ireart and lund for otl*eri need*. ~4t J I) And J F I) )


DOUGLAS. —In loving memorv of tn> dear friend,

Hertha, who passed aw*.* Und NovcmU'r, K*24.

INIT pnt-cnt in memory Jtirt love, -(Inserted bj J.D )

GARRATT. —In lawns memory of my d^ar nephew,  

l.mrgp* Jewel, whet pavrd uwu* Noveud»er ÏÎ,

PÜ4. (Inserted In Ii. Tatham ) I HAMPSON. —In loving mi morv of our rW  

mother, who pj^ed away 3rd November, 3'K2. -(In*ertcd by her loving daughters)

KELLETT. —In lovimr nu morj of our dar lather, I

Charle« Kellett, who died on November ?,, PCI, at H. Kilda, aged lw wars.

One of the t**l that Cod «fluid Mild. I A loving father and a faithful friend.

-(Incited by T. i\ and V. 1). KclletL) , KELLETT. —In loving racroorv of our dearest

fnenJr, Charle* Kellett, who «Bed suddenly on* November 3, and Kva, his dear Awfe, who died

on November 2S, ISSU,

Tirafctired memories. -(liwcrlrd by F. and .1. H.)

LONG-COLLINS. —In loving memory of my dearly

loved nutter, Ada 1'. Collis, who died .Ird Novem- ber, 3914, alto our darli np mother, «race. Wal loee Ixinir, »ho died Ist February, 19*22. (In herted by hir loved one«, Gracedale, 551 Punt

road, South Yarra,.)

MACDONALS. —In loving memory of our dear

;;ttle nephew, laslte. who passed avay at Fitz- roy, .Ird November, 1924, aged one year and c


We miss Uiow soft and <-Iingii,ff arm«, Tliot* loving little waj-s,

ThoN* happy smile», thone bright blue eye«,

That little uiigrd'a far«.

We mh>s his little foobttrpf.

Ks wc misa him, BO we loved bin

Time ran ne* er sever

Those memones of dava gone by.

-{Inserted by his loving aunt and uncle, Brix

ton Kiac, OleuirK)

MARTIN. —In sad and loving memory of my dear

wife and mother, who passed away on the 3rd November, 1921, at 117 Cole street, Gardenvale. (Inserted by her loving husband and daughter,


Deeply mourned.

MAYSTON. —In loving memory of our dearly  

loved non and brother, Rnliert Fydney Mayston (Late 29fh Itatialion, A.I.F.), who pareil to the higher life on November 3, 132*.

ItleMved are the dead which die in the Lord.

MAYSTON. —In proud and loving memory of onr

dear brother, Svd, who passed to a higher life on 3rd Novcntlter. li*23, at Malvern.

liver remembered.

-(George and Jda.)

MAYSTON. —In fond and losing memory of onr

dear brother. Pj*d,-uho passed away on the Uni November, 1923.

A cherished memorj. I -(Inserted by Lily and l^en.) 1 McCARTHY-GOSSELL. —In revered memory of

my dear son, Lieut, P. F. N. McCarthy, R.A.E.,

Australian Permanent Forces, who with his com- panion, Lieut. W. Godsell, was accidentally

drowned in Swan Bay, November 1, 1921.  

Sunset and evening star,  

And one clear rall to me;   May there be no moaning at the bar  

When I put out to sea.

—(Inserted by his sorrowing mother.)

NEWLING. —A tribute of love to the memory of

mv dearly loved husband, Perce, wiro passed to a higher life at the Itcpatriation HohpiUl, Caul- field, on the 3rd November, 1923.

Loved and mourned.

If T could know bcyoud to-da*,

As God doth know,   Why dearest treasures para awaj,

And tea» must flow,

1 would fee that darkness leads io light,

'J hat dreary path» will Boon grow bright, That all life's wrongs will be made right,

Faith leila me so.

-(M. Newling, 15 Balmoral avenue, Brunswick.) O'DONNELL. —In fond and loving memory of

our dear father, who passed away on let Novem- ber, 1920

Father, in Thj gracious keeping

Leave we now our loved one tdeeping.

Dearh* loved, sjdlj- missed. -(Willis O'Donnell.)

PAYNE (nee Goulding). —In loving memory of our

dmr daughter and surfer, who passed away at Hampton »u 3rd November, 1934.

There are dava of pain and sadness,

When our bca.rU arc strangely sore With a Mlent hopeless longing

For the daughter we'll see no more.

Hut in our heart's mont secret shrine,

Where love shines clear and blue, There'* a lamp that ever bums

In fond memory of you.

-(Inserted by her loving father, mother, and


PAYNE. —In loving memory of my dear wife and

our dear mother, who'paused away at Hampton on 3rd November, 3924.

Sweet ia the word remembrance,

And these few lines will show

«111 not be forgotten

PIERSON. —In loving memory of my dear hus-

bund, John Flanders, who parsed away at 55     De Carle street, Brunswick, on November 4, 1924.

At rest.  

- (Inserted by his wife and daughter, Shirley.)

PRAETZ. —In loving incraoryof mv loving father,

died November 3,-at Ballarat Hospital.

At rest.

-(Inserted by hw loving daughter Vera )

PRIDHAM. —In fond and loving memorv of my

dearlv beloved husband, Kdward W. Prldhum, who dir-d 2nd N'o*einl»cr. HU9.

Father, before Thv throne of light

Tlic guardian angeln bend,

And iver in Thy presence bright

' Their realms adoring blend;

Ami rasting down each golden crown

Beside the crjstal nea,

With voir« and ljre in happy choir,

Hvmn glor*, Lord, to Tliee.

And as Oie rainbow lustre falls

Athwart their glowing wine«.

While piraph unlo seraph calif.

And each Tb* goodiiesi binga.

-(Iiiberted by his loving wife and children, and

grandchildren, Alberton.)


and daughter-in-law, Clive   and Lizzie.)

WESTON. —In loving remembrance of dear father,

who passed to a higher life on November 3, 1923. (Inserted by Marjorie and Adam.)

WRIGHT. —In loving memory of our dear mother,

who passed away on the 3rd November, 1919.

Her memory so sweet and dear,

We treasure still with love sincere.

—(Inserted by her loving daughters, Rosie and



FOLEY. —The Friends of Ile Uti M lu VERONICA JOSEPHINE FOLEY are invited     to follow her remains to the place of interment, the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from the reu! di nee of her brother, Mr 1' I roley, 21 Ha» thorn road, Caulfield, lilli D4Y (Tuesday ¿rd November) at 3 p m

W C API'S \NO SONS Vt\ I-TD Funeral Directors Home street klaterumck Iel \IM

HATFIELD)-The Friends of the late HENRY

HAWKINS HATFIELD are respectfully in formed that his remains will be interred in the Box Hill Cemetery

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resi dence Middleborough, road. Blackburn, on Wed nesday (November 4), at 3p.m.    

* W PADBURY and Co, Funeral Directors Kew (Auburn and Box Hill 'Phones Haw 311551

Box Hill 146_  

LbllAN - 111» Friend* of Mr UMHIN

MICH \I Ii LUI« are respeetfuly notilled that the furn nil of his úeJsiy beloved only daughter ilonorall Mary Mill leave the private chapel of Chas P Irilay, 48 Blyth street, Bruutwlel, To morrow Morning ( W educada i, tile 4th Nul ember UM) in route bv the (1 40 min to Hcndiro, leal ilig the railway st ilion on arrlial for the Ben digo O lillico

(HA.S P HIHAY 1 uner-il Director city ofllce 201 I ousdale street (opiiuslte Melbourne llonpl tal) and Brum« lik otllce 48 Blyth strut

MeDONOCCH - Hie Friends of Mr ALBFKT

ID» tllll WcDONOUOH arc rcs|i«ctfully In formed that Hie ii mains of his biloied daughttr Milli Mai nil) be interred in the Box Hill Cen


Hie funeral Mill leaie bul residfiicc 15 Clvde street Surrei Hills Io morrow aflernoon (Wed nesda3 4thy\ovember, 1925) at 2 o clock

10H«i AU ISON Undertaker Hi ad office ltiehnioud. fels J1001 and 1Ü1J Bniuih tele pilonen Brun««Ilk 5Ü2 Cintra! 20.18 and F70J2

\rLllI¡Al - Hie Friends of the late AVIT 11».M -?"- 1 LI 101 MOKKA Y are informed that lil» film ral uill arrive at Hie Brighton ( emeieri rlHS (luesday Ird Noilmber) MOHMNt,, at II o iluck pin ctualli

4 A SfFimil 11) MU lil ( 410 (>

PROFITT - The Friends of Mr. LAWRENCE'

PROFITT are respectfully informed that the remains of his beloved wife, Dorothy Louise, will   be interred in the New Melbourne Cemetery,  


The funeral will leave the residence of her         parents, 173 Victoria parade, Collingwood, THIS     MORNING (Tuesday, 3rd November 1925) at 11


JOHN ALLISON, Undertaker, Head Office     Richmond. Tels J1003 and J3418. Branch tele     phones: Brunswick 592, Central 2038 and F7022.

«-¿MU U - Hie rrieul. .1 Mr I I W Is 1 SMI ill ¡3 ir inforroil that the n n allis of lim d arli beloved ivifi Uelna Man mil be inlirri I in the r anuru ten« ten Oeeloi g

Hie lum ral will move ftow the ( eelong Rail

u-n Staliou ou arrivil of the 11 a m tram from Melbourln fa-morrow (Wcdnithiv)

HHIB1 itr KIMI and MAS I n lerl iki n. 1/n nirslrct ill hut ml MC HINI-Sl II KIM i ndertakir Moirabool wtreet f ulong jil 1L£,

OIUtRS-Jli Inenls of Mr IRH1IR1CK ?J spAllhS ai mvllcd lo follón the remain* of bin belovid Mile SUMII li M to the J laie of mtenncut the Brighton Cumien

fl e fut erul i appointed 11 ni ive from hi« rrtudinct 7 I Ibborne slrei t I IsternwH k on Jhurwiai 5Ui Noiembir nt .. \ m

WALSH - The Friends of the late Mr I0HN

JOSI PH W 4.1 SH arc requested lo no1 Hut his remains will IK laid to rest in the Roman Catholic portion of the Colac Cemeteri

Hie funeral will move from PL Marrs Church

Colai, 1II1S AMUINOON (lucsdai, ard Novcm


CTOBCL-JAMES, I nderlalrer, Coite. Tei^U.


Wilvil ROS.-.- Hu- rrirntls >t the late Mr

TT 4NI)III!W W11 Y Ti ROSS <f 1 Imhiirit, are n l rtlully invited to follow lils niñato* to tin jHee of ¡ulerniint. Hie Cape Clear Ixmeun

Hie fourrai n app< inted to leuie tli mu lence Cunningham) Cipe I lear lo morrow (Wednesdni) at -pin

MLSON lilias Undertakir. WIllniostnMn Tel 14 <olnn, I onlseny an I linton

\\7ilIIAMS.-The Frend« of Hie lil" III NRY '» TRA1H1IÎ WILIUMs (late 1 li ii 2311 Batt , All) arc informel that hi (uni ral Mill lean the Repatriation Hospital hoi vong rood. Caul Ilild THIS MOHMNt. (lllesdai) it li ocloik for interment m the Itr e,hbin C mctm amving at 11 30 (Uililarv honours )

RAYBOULDS. rumral DíñeloT 2ÍII «len huntly road, Kaslernniik '1 bone \4b0i