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AS a companion to the little girl dolls,

directions for which were given in last week's "Home Circle," the little boy doll, as illustrated, will be ap- preciated by small mothers at Christ- mas time. Ordinary artificial silk in any bright colour, with bone crochet needles size 10 and 12, are required for making the costume.

The Jumper.-With the No. 12 hook and the artificial silk make 30 eh., join into a round, and do 3 rounds of d.c, marking the first st. with coloured cot- ton.

4th Round.-1 d.c in each of 7 d.c,

6 eh., miss 3d.c, 13 d.c, 6ch., miss 3 d.c. then d.c. to end of round.

Work 16 rounds of d.c, then work another row on top of the last one to give a firm edge.

The Sleeves.-Work 14 d.c. round armhole, then 3 rounds more to com- plete.

Thread ribbon through 2 d.c. at left and cross over to right where secure with Sylko.

His Knickers.-Make 36 eh., and join round, do 15 rounds of d.c, then si. st. to the four middle st. of round to form legs. Do one row of d.c. round each leg. Make a crochet chain to thread' through top of knickers and tie.

The Cap-Make 3 ch" and join into a round, then continue working in rounds without joining, increasing in each alternate st. until there are 22 st. On these st. work rounds of d.c. until there are about 15 rounds altogether. Finish off the top of the cap witü loops of ribbon.