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Players Considered Blameless.  

The expulsion from the Metropolitan Amateur Football Association of the Caulfield club was decided upon at a special meeting of the associa-  

tion held at Wesley College last night.

The particular case dealt with was that the Old Caulfield Grammarians club had complained about the conduct of the barrackers and club officials at the match played on the Caulfield   Grammar School ground on August 8 between   Caulfield and the Old Caulfield Grammarians, added to which was a complaint from Mr. W. M. Buntine, head master of the Caulfield Grammar School, who said that unless such incidents were stopped the school ground would not be available

for association matches.

After dealing with the evidence the association decided that the only definite points which were proved were that a Caulfield supporter ran on to the playing area with the intention of hitting the Old Caulfield Grammarians' captain, Howell, and that he did strike him after the match; also that the conduct and language of the barrackers in support of Caulfield was objectionable, and contributed to the extreme roughness of the game. This last fact was borne out by the statement of the field umpire, Mr. Stubbley.

This was the fourth complaint lodged about the conduct of the Caulfield club, and Mr. Stewart (vice-president) said that it was detrimental to the association to have such conduct at its matches. Warnings had been sent out, and all other clubs which had shown such tendencies had cured them, and Caulfield was the only club that had not succeeded in doing so. Mr. Stewart moved that the Caulfield club be expelled from the assocation, and this motion was agreed to. Discussion on the point showed that the opinion of the association was that this was the only course open, as the club as a whole had behaved in a manner with which the association did not wish to be associated, but that the players them- selves were not to blame. A further motion, that the expulsion did not reflect on the status or con- duct of thc players, was agreed to unanimously.

The secretary of the association (Mr. M. Stephen) said that this expulsion would not hinder the club from applying for readmittance in any future season, but the association would need guarantees that this conduct would be sup- pressed before it would give any consideration

to the application.

Expulsion Decides Four.

This action of the association has finally decided thc B section final four, as Elsternwick B and Caulfield were fighting for the last place, and with two more matches to play Elsternwick had a lead of two points, being 34i to Caulfield's 32,

and now Elsternwick will be definitely playing in the semi-finals.    

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