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Latrobes retained the Soccer premiership, after a splendid game with Pineapple Rovers at the Cricket Ground on Saturday, win- ning by the only goal of the


The game was one of the best wit- nessed at headquarters this season, and, considering the occasion, the at- tendance was only a fair one. It was unfortunate that the goal should be a disputed one. Neither side had scored in the first session, and the second half had 'only 15 minutes to eo when a free kick was awarded to Latrobes, just outside Rovers' penalty area. Carton took the kick, which was a beautifully judged one. The ball sailed towards the net, and Taylor, rushing in from the wing, carried the leather into the net. The referee signalised a goal, while Rovers strong- ly protested, declaring that Taylor had punched the ball into the net A couple of spectators, who were seated behind the goal, also stated after the match that the ball had been handled

This regrettable incident in an otherwise splendid game, however, was counterbalanced by the referee failing to award Latrobes a penalty in the first half. May handled in the penalty area while on the "blind" side of the   referee. Rovers accepted their defeat in a splendid sporting spirit.


There is no doubt that Latrobes were slightly superior on the day, though every player on both sides lived up to the occasion, and gave of his very best. With the exception of about 10 minutes in the second half, the pace was very fast, and the ball travelled up and down the field with startling rapidity. The premiers, how- ever, showed a better understanding, and the forwards received great as- sistance from the halves, who never neglected backing up. This was a Rover weakness. While the halves tackled splendidly, and May and McWhinney distributed the ball in wonderful style, they often failed to follow up the attack, which languished from lack of support A feature of the game, however, was the defence work of each side. The opposing forwards were never allowed to get full control. The two keepers, Hamilton and Nixon, were in great form, and each effected magnificent saves and clearances, while both sets of backs were solid. Viertel took the field with him arm, which was injured in the inter-State   match, in sticking plaster, and, al- though he laboured under difficulties, he rendered a good account of him- self. Rigby was in capital form, and time and again saved the situation with his cool and clever judgment. Christie was brought into the Rover team at tile last minute, and proved a splendid partner to Andrews. At first he miskicked a lot, but he retrieved with quick recoveries. He and Andrews formed the best combination that Rovers have fielded this year. Gorring was the outstanding forward on the field Recently he had been off form, but on Saturday he plied the ball amongst his colleagues with precision and accuracy. Cox was Rovers' best forward. Both sets of halves were for- midable, Murray giving his best dis- play of the year.


New South Wales schoolboys defeat- ed Queensland by 4 goals to nil. The feature of the game was the fine ball control displayed by the youngsters. The visitors are a sturdy lot, and were far too powerful for the home players. They evidently have been well tutored, for they displayed an excellent know- ledge of combination. The visitors got two goals in each half, the scorers bein"?: Lonergan Uwo), Jenkins, and



An exciting tussle was provided in the replayed semi-final of the Stewart Shield, for junior teams, between Shafston Rovers and Redfern, who are the leaders of their respective di- visions in the combined grade. At half-time there was no score, but in the second session Hoskins netted from close range, after Male had cleared from Whallie. Redfern were superior after this, and the issue was placed beyond doubt when Co'clough deflected a long shot from Williams into his own goal. Redfern will meet their third grade team in the final of the Shield next Saturday.