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Complaints of Bad Behaviour.

With the idea of punishing a club which plaj

poreon which it is not entitled lo play, whether it wins or loi.cs the match In which the offence is committed, the Metropolitan Amateur football Association at its meeting jeaterday altered its rule covering this offence to read as follows: "Any club playing a plajer ot any other club or associât Ion without having llrat legally obtained his permit, htialt loso the match in which such plajer played, and any club which plajs a plajer who Ima forfeited hin amateur plutus for thi> time helng shall lfLewi&e Inna tlic m itch in which Mich player played. Matches so forfeited shall ty awarded tu the oiipoein« club, and any club m

oifendlng shall lie fined not less.than X1, and... . shall lose the polnU gained in tho match.*' / V, I This last clause provides that if any position has ' II to be decided on percentages, the offending club . lloEcfl all advantage which ft would bave gained

r from tin» match in question.

1 A complaint was received from the Old Caulfield » I Grammarians Club in regard to the behaviour of

barrack«« and ottidala of the Caulfield club at the match between the two clubs on the Caulfield 1 Grammar School grounds on Saturday. In the

complaint It was alleged that in the last quar- ter the language ol «une of the supporters was very objectionable, and at one ftagc a barrack er rushed on the field, intending to tight with the Old Grammarians* captain. One boy, on calling out a remark in support of lhc Grammarian team, f j received a punch behind the ear from one of the

3 I porters rushed up to bim, and he was punched ou

s the -jaw.

The association decided U, allow Iwtb clulw to | bring forward their evidence; it would call special meeting for next Monday evening»