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'(No. replies to questions -will it conveyed hy letter: Answers v will appear in this column.)

.ANXIOUS" (Maleny).-Your ticket

did not win a prize.

H.V.S. (Brisbane).-The controversy

on that subject was closed several

weeks ago.

"TAXPAYER" (Brisbane).-Copies of

the wills may be seen at the Supreme Court, on payment of a small fee.

"A TRYER" (Brisbane).-There is no

cause for any suspicion; the drawing is conducted in public on the most approved system.

G.G. (Lark Hill).-The name of the

person you mention does not appear in the London Post Office Directory C.C. (Armidale).-A copy of the

"Courier," containing the result of the art union has been posted to you. "FAIR TAX" (Ascot).-Unless the In-

come Tax Department has power to inspect books, there would be whole- sale deliberate evasions.


Coast).-You ought to consult some of your friends. Any public appeal may come against the boy in his future



eligible for the Old Age pension you, as a woman, must have reached the age of 60. You ought to apply at the Pensions' Office, Desmond Chambers, Adelaide-street, city, for you appear to be eligible.

"DLOG."-the £5 gold piece of that

date would be worth up to £8 now. It is doubtful, however, if any one in Brisbane would purchase it. An advertisement in the "Courier" would, perhaps, assist you,

"SUBURBANITE" (Brisbane).-The

statement by Mr. S. C. Baldwin was correct. Apart from the publicity of the Empire Marketing Board, Aus- tralia advertises in a. very limited way in Britain. Your friend prob- ably saw the posters of the Empire

Marketing Board.

"READER" (South Brisbane).-The

phrase is slightly misquoted. The words are: "For none can tell to what red hell his sightless soul may stray." They are from Oscar Wilde's poem, "The Ballad of Reading


'' POMMY" (Toowong).-A jackaroo

(sometimes spelt jackeroo) Is a young man learning experience on a pastoral property. (2) In the Eng- lish language "Jack" is compounded with a lot of words, and in the early pastoral days it was compounded with the "roo" in Kangaroo to indi- cate, perhaps, the aimless rushing about of the inexperienced station


"BRITISHER" (Ipswich).-Britain

proposed to the American Govern- ment that Britain would cancel debts aggregating £2,060,000,000, owing to her by the Allies, If the United States would cancel Britain's war debt of £935,000,000. The Gov- ernment of the United States re- fused. (2) Britain is paying to the United States £33,000.000 a year until 1933, and £38,000,000 a year for another fifty years.

"GRAZIER" (Amby).-The weekly

rate of wage in the Southern Divi- sion, Western District, would be £6/7/10. Tlie question of board and lodging is one of mutual agreement, but usually the sum of £1/5/ is de- ducted for this purpose.

"TOKAN" (Allora).-There is no gold

coinage in circulation in Persia. The standard coinage is silver, the unit being the kran. At par, 50 krans equal the £ sterling. The tonan is a gold coin, worth about 10 krans, but

it is not in circulation.

"ENQUIRER" (Childers).-There Is no

known successful poison for the eradication of nut grass. If the nest i« on a tennis court, it is possible to keep it in check with a strong solu- tion of butcher's brine, while arsenic will also kill the leaves. The most effective method of getting rid of the grass is to root it out, but, of course, there may be too much of it

to do this.

"INSURANCE" (Ipswich).-That com-

pany has no life department agency in Australia, but full particulars could be obtained from the Pruden- tial Assurance Co., Ltd., care More

head's, Ltd., 185 Mary-street, Bris-


- t.MA, (Lowood).-(1) Natural dis-

asters have nothing to do with the Christian faith. (2) It would be dif- ficult to ascribe the honour to any single person, because the present internal combustion engine is the result of a long series of develop- ments by different inventors. (3) One was a Queenslander, and was not recommended for Knighthood by the Government of the State; the other two are English.

" "ANXIOUS" (Ascot).-It is very diffi-

cult to give in print the correct pro- nunciation of the French words you mention, but these are the approxi- mate sounds:-Lingerie is lang zhree (not longjeree); maison is more like mezz-awng than may zong, and matin (morning) is pro- nounced matt-ang, as distinguished from matin (mastiff), which is pro- nounced mar-tang. The latter word has a circumflex accent in French type. The rule for pronouncing vowel sounds, so far as they can be represented in print, is this:-"An" takes the sound of'arng"; "en" is that of. "ong" as in song; "in" is . that of "ang" as in bang; "on" is

that of "awng"; and "un" has the sound of, "erng."

"PARENT" (Alpha).-The wages for

a typist (female) in the telephone branch of the G.P.O. grade 1 are: Under l8 years, £96 per annum; at l8, £108; at 19, £126; at £20, £150; and for adults from £172 to £208, with a yearly increment of £6. There are district allowances for Rock- hampton and Townsville, the amount of. which, of course, would depend on the salary. If the department transfers a typist, she would get a "living away" al- lowance, but not otherwise. With regard to promotion, a machinist would command higher rates of sal- ary, but a typist is eligible to sit for machinist examinations.

K.H.L. (Clayfield).-For the concrete

for a gold-fish bowl, use one part of cement, two parts clean sand, and four parts fine gravel. Tile bottom should be 41n. thick, and the side wall the same to secure a lasting job. The material required for the dimen- sions mentioned would be le cubic . yards of gravel, S-yard of sand, and

8 bushels of cement. If the inside of the tank is treated immediately after finishing with a thick wash of neat cement and water, applied with a brush, it will make the concrete - more nearly waterproof than if left

in the rough. A three-inch wall would stand if you could work a rein- forcement of wire netting into it; . but as the height is 2ft. Bin., with-

out support at the top, four niches would be a safer thickness. The narrower wall would save only about a quarter of a yard of gravel, 3i cubic feet of sand, and a little over a bushel of cement.


nerley).-(1) A printed form of con- tract Is issued to architects, and - this is accepted by builders, it only

being necessary to insert names and a few other minor particulars. (2) The contract agreement is signed by the builder and the employer, in the presence of a witness. An ordinary cash dutv stamp is then affixed, a 3d. stamp being necessary for every £100 or part thereof involved. (3) "P.C. Item" is the prime cost v^lue, and should be written prime cost, Brisbane, or whatever town at which delivery is to be made. These items allow 10 per cent, to the builder. (4) The percentage to be paid is set down in the articles of agree- ment. Generally, the builder asks for money when he wants it. (5) No. a preliminary certificate is not necessary, it being sufficient to tell the builder to go ahead with the

work. The articles of agreement set out that the work hat to be com- menced within a certain period, usually seven days.