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ill'-fe RUBY Ü0I1LRT


\fter an absence of 11 ?tears abroid, Mh-s lîul \ Ko bett s ti (tee of the Jltc Churl«'. Mtininott ionnerh professional bil lin ni« champion oí \m trajia, iccentlx returmd to \ustraliu Spe-ikinp oí her travels usterdat, Miss Huberts, who holds the world« women a j roi ess iona I chain lloiihlilj, «nld that ehe and htr mot hu went to j'lipJui.u in HU I, anhing jibt alter the war broke out Mil had made contraéis to pin mat th es, but with the declaration of war man\ of titLBC Mere conccllcd Míe was able to at

ranje a number ot um telle*, howeui, both hi Higiund tiru! In Scotland, and she t,jne a good dun of iriMitc tuition

Uuriii(f her absente from Australia Miss Hubert« \ ¡sited the Continent of 1-uropt und ateo South Africa Mic did *ery little phulng, however on tilt Continent, for ¿nglUh bil nu reib is hurd h known there

Mi»« Kobcrts will have her first important cn gat,unrnt on lulv JJ, when she will puv ae,uiiir>t Mi Hurr> Oru> in an exhibition tuatcn at Mott h Jiote! Ydmittancc ii b> ticket ouh

ïolluulng are the results of the garni » j lund ut-Urduv m the Victorian Club tournament - I

Johnson (rec 150) btut W (Jernird (rec 15 ) l) bJ, I ¿Jendes (rec Jw) I cat \ it While tree IW) l»'l J he game lor to duv at half I iht . o Clock Ih, \ 1 Itrooku (rec bú) \ (

hceshan (ree 00) The tetón i draw will take pi ice JmmtdUtelv afterwards


In the IdttermiU n Club tournament L Ijoii' (ric 1J0) beat H Coliiimon (ne §0) bj Jo (»ames foi to da> ort -V I Sm In 0 1 \bm htmB, It Helm, \ Us Al ni hums C 1 risk. \ II J llntdta H Hollingsworth v O lugnini

The following it the draw fir the amateur billiard cliumpiotnlilp, to he )la\td it He \mttcur Sports Club, ¡swanston htreet, beginning un lueada\, Julv 14, at S o clock -

Urst Hound-Juh U, V> U Hailev v 1

Mi Cn tchum, July ia, J; Hicks- v J C John htoiie, lulv lb L Coleman \ C llukcr, Jul} 1/ \ irtrk« \ r J SltielU

Sec. nd Hound-Jill} 21, winner of second garni and winner of fourtu (.umc, Julv* 22, winner of first game and winner o third },ame

J lie \U9tiuliaii ehHinplomlifp will bo plated this veir in Melbourne short iv alter the Statt championship Onlv members oi the Vmiittur Hilliard Vssoclation can witness these burnt