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ETHEL.—When calling, hand your card to the ser- vant, who will take it to her mistress. When leaving, you will probably see a card tray in the hall in which you can leave other cards, one

for your hostess, and one for each of her grown up daughters, if they are "out" in society. If   the lady is a widow, do not leave your husband's or your son's card. Try to call upon an "at home" day. MRS. X.—Cheques received and goods forwarded to your address. Had better send measurements for the boy's military dress to Messrs. Finney, Isles, and Co. Letter posted to your address; giving particulars of expenditure. MRS L.—The lilac print has been posted to your address. You have evidently misunderstood the price. The eight yards made a full dress, and at 3d. per yard, cost 2s. Have sent to your address eighteen yards of the print at 2s. 11d. per dozen ; postage 6d. Please acknowledge. MRS. W.—All Butterick's patterns can be had direct from Mrs. Bennett, Queen-street, who is forwarding you the patterns of the safety riding habit. ALICE T.—The large portrait of Lord and Lady Lamington and their children, which was specially taken for the " Queenslander," can be had only from the Tosca Studio. Your suggestion that it would sell well in raising funds for the Lady Lamington Hospital is worth noting. T. D.—Excuse delay. Have been South for two weeks. Have sent address of a bushwoman who will be ever so glad of that nice book, "Scholar's Own," which you propose to send as a Christmas present. (2) The old gentleman you mention   is still here, and you will no doubt recognise his portrait in our illustrations this week of "the   seven ages of man." The other person mentioned is still active, and as fine a man as he used to be in the days now long ago. Thank you for kind letter ; Delphia likes to be remembered by bush friends.   TRUST.—Have received the letter written in Swed- ish, so nicely written. Have forwarded it to a member of the W.C.T.U., who has kindly promised to interest herself in getting some Swedish papers for the writer.   EDITH.—Music sent to your address, also songs ; sorry for delay. NATIVE BORN.—Have not heard of a recipe for   "Lamington cake." Can you give some clue     to the appearance and ingredients of the cake?   AUNTIE.—The lady mentioned is still in business   in Adelaide-street, and has a number of young   ladies in her employ. It would be best to write to her direct. Your daughter will have to board outside, and I may help you in that matter. The terms at the Governesses' Home are very moder- ate. F. C. T.—Write to Mr. H. F. Smith, Jeweller, Queen-street, or you may dispose of your jewel- lery privately by advertising.