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MANY MORE PERMITS.   Two Disqualifications Stand.

The permit and umpire committee of the Vic- torian Football League met at the League rooms

last night, the chairman (Mr. R. Hunt) presiding.   Permits were granted as follows:—G. Goodrick,     Carlton to Northcote; W A Blackman, Carlton   to Brunswick; J. Jenkins, St. Kilda to Coburg;   J. Fitt, Collingwood to North Melbourne; A. E.

Merton, Footscray to Williamstown; J. Dentith,   Tasmania to South Melbourne; W. H. Morden,  

Footscray to Prahran; L. May, Fitzroy to St.   Kilda; R. C. Watt, South Bendigo to Essendon;

H. Lenne, St. Kilda to Fitzroy; J. Price, Carlton   to Hawthorn; J. J. Croft, Ringwood to Footscray;     J. Lynch, Geelong to North Melbourne; J. Scan-   lon, Footscray to Romsey; G. Rowen, North Mel- bourne to Albury; F. Pringle, Carlton to Tas-

mania; J. H. Anderson, Maffra to New South   Wales; W. Christie, Collingwood to New South     Wales; T. M. Walsh, Mildura to New South     Wales; E. Edols, Rutherglen to New South     Wales; D. A. Makin, Ivanhoe to New South   Wales; A. A. Nette, Fitzroy to Boomerangers  

F.C. (Wonthaggi); M. Davidson, Edithvale to   New South Wales; M. McIntosh, Richmond to Rupanyup; W. Billett, Collingwood to Yea; K.

A. Leahy, Western Australia to Geelong; J. V.

O'Brien, Fitzroy second eighteen to New South       Wales; L. J. Bertram, Essendon to St. Kilda;   A. Charles, St. Kilda to New South Wales.

L. Stanley, of Narrandera, New South Wales,    

who who applied for a permit to play with Colling-

wood, and S. V. James, formerly a South Melbourne player, who applied for a transfer from

Tasmania to Hawthorn, were informed that they  

had not completed the necessary interstate resi-   dential qualifications. It is probable that both these permits will be granted before Saturday.

Maxfield Case.

The case of J. Maxfield who last year was disqualified from playing League football during   the pleasure of the committee, was re-opened by the Richmond delegate (Mr. P. Page). When he appeared before the committee to make the   application Maxfield omitted to say that he had played for Northcote Association team, and when the fact was discovered he was again brought before the committee, and his explana- tion of his action not being considered satisfac-   tory, he was disqualified.

Mr. Page said that Maxfield had now missed 15   matches, and it was considered by the Richmond   club that he had been adequately punished. Ac-

cording to Maxfield his omission had been   brought about owing to his ignorance of the League rules He would have had everything to gain and nothing to lose by telling the connit- tee that he had played for an Association club.  

After the matter had been considered in pri-

vate, the chairman announced that the disquali-

fication would stand.

McIsaac's Disqualification

A letter was received from the Goulburn Valley   League asklng the Commiittee to reconsider its decision to disqualify during its pleasure, A.

McIsaacs of Richmond. McIsaacs played with Mooroopna football team last year against the advice of the committee. It was decided to take

no action.

Umpires Appointed

I mt re« lor nuteli « on i«tinlaj were appointed

us f. t ows -

C niton i lliwthorn-I leid Howe bo vlan, llhlr »ml Dalle« l,ojI (radtmk and William«

ti l'Ingwood \ fie long-1 le d Scott boondari, Naismith nnil Nichol«T goal Hooper ami lleti

St Midi % lltzim - hlclfl McMilrrnv ImunJuri, KcniifO flin) Miller goal linn i i and I ox

Rlilnnond i So i!n Melhnurnc-I leid O Hen hnundin, strcckfusa find Waircn, goal, 1 ober and


Norh Melbnn-ne i I «ern lnn-1 tcld frimley I hourírh.ri, Herrn a~d loice goal, PhillipB and

I Hough

Footscray* iMbnurt c-I leid Mutch boundan, I Tampoon and Minston, goal Thomas and Jen


1 merpeicy-,1 Clarke

Uiillamt (J) Dryjilale, llvland Petrie South Ilendlor; v candüjr4l hain. C'a t emaine r hf hue»

lone« Kaglehawk \ Rochester I ewi» Rupanyup v .Nhill, Tl»hler, Stiwell v »Inibool« \ Maguire Minyip \ Murtoa, Ion Ytarncknabeal \ Ho «bain Netherton St Patrlik« \ Rutherglen llelllv, ( orowa v Wangiratli Cain ilcnalln \ Hume Weir Osborne, Meechworth i Vlhuri Wick ham Davlesfor I \ I oumlrl AfUlu« Vlahlon \ Wootlriul Kent Trentham \ Kindon Cllnnlik Struthnierlon \ Muckatah hnrnle» Nathalia i Coburn Illriningluni Wunghuii N iniurkuh R C Staulei VVIIIn > llrnullu llmer» nt lunga mah Kann larnuongi i Donnish ( (luke Mulwala, l St lainii- binithwlikffl llurramirc 1 Tuiucun iib nt 1 elford I Vlil.ulre Mnffrn \

lialrnHdnle lletnple Sale \ Stratford Ilrnnlon I Iniriigon \ Rosedale llhkfonl

Camperdown Orclianl t obden Primrose Mort lake Vile« Terang 1 limit Hrwdlord I Nagambie Line Iel i Vienel Kewell fie> ntour \ luroa Snillli 7tom»e\ \ SSmbiir. Palter on Ijineelleld v lllddill Miller Matedil i Clahoin' "MachinHe 1 illourn II r Coal Mini

r. Hier Morwill i 1 lunar Harrison Hoolan-, i Mirboo Norlh Mussel loot gabble i (.orman dile Hunting Cowwarr i Clrngarrv Dunning Pi iralgon I reek « traralgon (»econd IS) (. V Murphi Ileerie « ( reien Brewster Col le \ Cororooke I 1 Collin« liol« lale > Neun Currie Somenlllr Meklnnoi. Naeal Depot I MrOuirc Sorrenlo 1 'V Collin« Ijng lang \ Korumburra W A Srlnlr. Rallen I Koo wee rup Wraith l/-ongjtlu % M an I S United, lliifon Orbost > llrntheli lenkln«

Hill Wf-DNI-Smi MW 37-liingala «

Mooroopna Wickham Kiabram % sliepparto i, Miltfh Runhworth I Murelllson fnmlei St. Armud \ Cope (x>pe Kain Donal I > I ¡tchtleld, lone« W a f hem % lllrrhlp «> les 1 dlow Cal» \ Railway« (at ( irllon) lew!« Ure Hrlgadc r iki VUtrretue Worker» (at Ulam.) MeMurrai