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A Seller's Rights.

The light of a seller to impose a condition as to price of an article on resale by the pur- chaser is nn interesting (joint, involved in n-case pending bcfoie (Tie High Comt, which came before Mr. Justice Rich in chambers yestoid.iv on an ox-partc ap- plication by the plaintiffs foi an interim in- junction pending the healing. "The pl.ih liff, - Thomas A. Edlion Limited, tv.i

grunted an interim injunction against Alfred Thomas Blcnkiron, ti.»ling as the Richmond Importing Company, Bridge load, Richmond, to restrain lum fiom selling Kdi son phonograph goods of plaintiff company's manufacture at less limn tile list price.

A Racecourse Incident.

One of the stipendiary stewards nt Ascot reslenluv noticed a linn conversing with .1 jockey through 11 broken pane of glass 111 a window of the jockeys' room. The stew- ard followed the man lo the betting ring ¡mel saw him make a, couple of substantial wagers which were not on the hor.sp to be rislden by the jockey hç lud been conv cit- ing with. A meeting of the stewards was promptly called, and nfter.hearing the state- ment of their brother stewards they in- structed the jockey to remove the colours and hand them' to another rider, who rode the horse loi victory. The absence after the last race was run of the perron who spoke'to the jockey thiongh tho window prevented the Stewart's from holding and concluding an inquiry on the course.

"Mental Tolepathist" Imprisoned.

Edward Notley, 30 years of agc, was at Stawell < yesterday sentenced to three months' imprisonment on a charge of vagrancy. In giving evidence on his own behalf, uccuscd said he was a mental telc pathist, and was travelling about doing ttork in connection" wit h the general health of persons whose circumstances forced them into guilty surroundings. The proper inter- pretation of that was that be was like a guard to children in immoral surroundings. He had been treated as a "scab" m.placcn, but nil he required was the same chance to work as other men. gotley presented a wild appearance, his bair and wln'sken. being long and unkempt. i

Lost Dogs' Home.

The fear lins arisen nmongst membeis of the society which controls the temporary home for lost and starving dogs in Langford street, North Melbourne, that the City Council contemplates the destruction of all dogs in itH lethal chamber. If this Bhould happen, the society vi ill be prevented-from carrying out one of the most humane ob- jects for which it vins formed-a,merciful and painless death for those dogs.'wliich, owing to old age, injury and disease, the committee deems it advisable _to destroy. Tbc tociely has undergone considerable ex- pense in electing u new lethal chamber, which is regarded by experts as a great suc- cess. Professor Osborne, in a report to the committee, states:-"I have no hesitation'in describing the method of producing death

ns one oF'thc'_most merciful1 that, could be devised." \ * t J ' .*' '' "''"

Extension of Tree-Planting.' ''.

? .According to the afforestation policy an- nounced recently by the Minister for Forests (Mr.' Livingston), 7,000,000 trees will be" planted next year, and 10.000,000, in- 1,918. Of late large areas of land have been trans- ferred from the Lands depnitment to the Forests,department,' and'it is understood that these have been made in connection with the new pi oposals.

Rain and Cold , Weather,.

Overcoats and furs will be needed for some davs, according to a statement made by Mr. II. A. Hunt, the Commonwealth me- teorologist, yesteidny. The 'cold J snap vyhjch followed on S.ituiduv's shoivtrs is likely to last for the rcmninder of the week. Beyond a few coastal showers, due within the next 24 hours, there is'no immediate prospect of rain. "At the same time," paid Mr. Hunt, "the S'tnte bus just.lind the benefit of some very useful downpours. To- day's records show that a ¡in. the Mallee, 2in. m Gippsland, up to lin".'in the Nortli-East, and 4in. in the Riverina, New South Wales has also benefited."' '

Solicitor Struck off Rolls.

In the Sttnrcme Comt in Sydney yester- day Peter Macpherson, . of Gosford, was ordered lo be struck off the roll ,of solicitors on the application of. the Law .Institute. There was no appearance _pf Macpherson. A medical "certificate was hnnderl-in stating that he was ill. It was alleged _tli,at Mac- pherson, 'in the cases of - two clients," -had niisapprpnriatcd-the sums-of £37 anti £21 paid to liim in connection with "the'pur- chases of land. The Chief JuBtfcc (Sir William Cullen),' in announcing tlie Court's decision, said that Macphcison lind not seen fit to answer communications ad- dressed tp bim by the Laiv_;nstit__£or'tTr furnish any information or affidavit re- garding the allegations against lum.

Worker's Compensation Claim.

Peter Barry, of Parlier street, Williams- town, fireman and trimmer, employed by the Australian Steamships Limited on the steamer Age, on April 8 of last year was proceeding along the deck towards the forecastle when he slipped and fell into the hold, and was seveiely injured. Ile applied for damages under the Workers' Compensation Act against the owneis of the ship. , Respondents denied liability, par- ticularly on the ground that the acculent was due lo the fact that Barry vvus intoxi- cated. It was argued on behalf of appli- cant, however, that he was not intoxicated; and that, even though he weie, this fact did not preclude bim from recovering com- pensation. In the Second Civil Court yes terdny Judge Moule found that the causo of the accident was the drunken condition ofAthe applicant, but since lie was allowed to.,return without protest to the "place" of'his employment, he was "within the ambit of his employment," and was en- titled lo recover. An oidor was made for the payment by respondents of £l/p/ weekly as compensation for personal in- jury, such payments to continue during his total or partial incapacity; also for the payment of £71/5/, the amount calculated from April 8 of last year until Mnv 13 last. A stay of proceedings was granted for. one reek.' "

., Young Men's Spiritual Welfare.

With a view to discussing methods by which young men of the' Church of England might be brought into closer association with the church, a conference of those in- terested in the subject was held at St. Paul's Cathedral Buildings last night. Tlie Rev. C. W. T. Rogers presideel, and in open- ing Hie conference said that the influence exercised upon young folk who had just left school was the determining factor in shaping their future lives. The church was sensi- tive of the fact that manv of her young men who up to ,the age of 15 had been pro- minent members of Sumlny-ilchools were drifting away. Consequently it behoved ibosc interested in icclaiming them and those desirous of preventing further lapses to make suggestions calculated to achieve that object. The Rev. Flemming Orr spoke on the beneficial lesults of scout corlis. Mr. Don-ling suegested thal Hie Church of Eng- land Boys' Society should be promulgated m the vat tous suburbs, tyith a view to bring- ing joung men of the church into contact with each other, both socially and spiritu iilly. The chairman recommended those pre- sent to advocate the'formation of scout corps und branche» of the C.E.B.S. in their respective parishes, as they were calculated to produce the desired effect.

Boy of Twelve Sows Crop.

A settler of Morven, named W. Jones, in- jured his back some time ago, and has been incapacitated ever since. His son, barely 12 years of ago, has just completed plough- ing and sowing his father's crop of 200


Fair Rents Court.

The Fair Kents Court sat again in Syd- ney yesterday, and dealt with three ap- plications by tenants of dwellings for a re- duction of rent. In one case the rent was lowered from 25/ to 22/6 per week for

period of twelve montliB. In another case the rent was reduced from 12/ lo 10/ per

week for twelve months. In the'third case the present rental was allowed to stand for a year.

Technical Schools.

Proposals for an extension of technical education will probably be submitted to the State Cabinet this week by the Minister for education (Mr. Lawson). It is understood that the scheme is merely preliminary to a more eoniprehensive one. An extension of the picscnt bystom is proposeel now, and it is thought that this can be carried out to a satisfactory extent without incurring .1 great deal of expenditure. One proposal is to keep the technical schools open during the day and evening.

"If the Huns Came to Melbourne."

A private view of an unusually interesting moving picture entitled "If the Huns Came to Melbourne" was given yesterday after-

noon at Hoyt's Olympia. Among those pre- sent were the Minister for Defence (Sena- tor Pearce) and a number of military men, who expressed approval of the pictures. The film is locally produced by the Advance Films, and was cinematographed by Higgins


Cable Messages.

Cible messages addressed to an indicator should show in brackets the name of the firm for whom the message is intended. This information is required by the censor. Messages containing only one word will not be .ulmitted by the censor.

Wreck Due to Captain's Negligence. '" The inqimy into the 11 reck of the steamer Toroa on April 12, off Flinders Island, was concluded at Launceston (Tnsmnnia) yester- day, ¿the Court found that the wreck waa due to theiicgli_ent5e of Captain G. H. Cart

wright, who was the master of the vessel, ind recommended that his certificate should be suspended for Un et months It wns fuit her recommended Hint he he 01 dereel lo Jiaj the costs of the inquiix

Six Killed by Explosion

Bv in explosion in the JVublic Works (¡nun it Ohakum» (New /ml aid), six. uieu

vire killed, mel two in lined 'Hie naines

ni the di ui ne -Mclsopp, lxirlting, Dixies,|

Mit'inv, rotrens and MtCux, and the jured Mieehx -nîd Morgan

V Ii clure entitled "Plant life in the Tropics, lill illustrated lix lintern slides will be Rixi hy Vii-« Viel eiinjii II Se (lecturer in botany i

tie Melbourne University), ni Hu Alistrallon lliiinh tomorrow cienini, The public arc -