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Family Notices

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(Nptlcc« ot CNO'OEMIÎM'S UAltJtlAUiiS. »IPrilS DLVrl!» SH-JlOKlxM ROLL "F HONOUR and RLTURN VIANKS (not exceed

liai, »I* Un«, exclusive Qt rwtry or quotation*} ,' 1/ per '"«ortfop, prepaid, each additional line ' Od. Hooking rates, 1/ extra KMHUFM! VI r^OllCLS must bo. el0iied bv both "putricting pirtloi witnessed by a olergvman, JP 01 rome rçspo-i.tbU person and all otljor ,NOTICLS lay wran responsible persons, before they car

be Inserted I


COOPER-Oat \n«ombfr 22 ad it . «.urella '

I ri« ito Hospltlil. >>« Faint (Nurse M I «.listín), to Mi -mil Mrs J. L (Ion ) Cionei (aaee Jrci|c Rydca)-a alaai^lttcr (Fav Dcaaisc)

MARTIN-On October 20tb it I rivale Hos

lltAl Challe« lile to Va mai Mrs (.enge S Miitlti Ualieda Yugathella--j-tt son

MEYER-On Noiombor 24 at Hie Micilonnld

1 ri«aie Ho"pi(u! HI¿hg3le Hill to Mr and Mi«. Clunes Mover (nee Queenie lacey)-i


SHILLETO - M '-Rushton noonah ' on the

£3nil Noilmbei¡ to Mr and Mt* h ti Slullelo, tiiclieuflovver Brisbane»-a son

TINNING-On Vvoaiher 30th, at Nurse

«.upline., ' Vu if) ¡a New Faaan to Mr ajad Mrs. Ii J nuning, pt Mt Mellum Land« loiou"h-i aluuL,htcr (Olive Marlo») I)r

«.«cr« In attendance

WARBURTON-On August 25th, at her resi  

dence "Cairnhill" Vardon St Wilston, the       wife of Thomas Warburton -a son (Thomas


WOOLLEY - S.I Nurio M Mis s hospital on No

«piaiber 22ml to Mt and Mrs \ 1

Aloollc« Ix)j,an load- a dan,liter (Leah

Waa "ht)


ROBERTS-SPICER-TI e eaiea"eanNit a, »an

nonius>t of Caaollaic, eilest lauUiter tf Mr ia I"Mrs S Rilcrts '.tallon tu t. Olav fiel I

te» James 1 rua els elder *,m o' «'r xiiau 1 aid Ih late Mi «i S[l<>ir late of Mirto»


I CLARKE-NOTT-On th lath October al

la"!e Hutte M lleiaac Hat Vii r-rta tal a li lltaaaii brev Jrcdvviy, «on of Fredway Salea ham Uir« i sei to I aolet Mara Oordoaa eldtst tlaauhler f the Rev aid «li* Pece« llcidell Neale Nit, of Hura laaaai \ learage, llueks (Ry cable >


STEGMAN-LEGGATT.-On September 30th,

at St. Augustine's, Ascot, by the Rev. J. B. Armstrong, William Lewis, youngest son   of Mr. and Mrs. W. Stegman, Banyo, to Sheila Nellie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Leggatt, Crow's Nest.


SMITH-ORGAN.-On .No« a naher 24 Hi, 167.1,

lit .Sydney, Samuel Smith'(& Smith- k Son, . llrlahnuc) to l.élltia Organ, of Wollongong, ' N.S.W.


CHAPMAN.-On 10th November. 102.",, after a

short ¡llna-ss, at "Whiteside," Prlmrose-et., Wilston, Marah, the dearly loved wife of Ebenezer Chapmaaa, aged 70, ¡mil oaaly tlaugh ? tea- of the late. Caplaiaa W. li. S. Orifllaa aaaaa! ' Ma-». Orlllln, of llilshane, formerly of White-

side Station, Queensland.

Ho giveth Ills beloved sleep.

COLEMAN.-On October 21th, at the General

Hospital, after a short illness. Maiy Coleman, tle-arlv-lovcd sister of Jits. O. England anal Mis.-'A. Sullivan. ,

COSGROVE.-On November 2011), at Rand-

wick, Sydney, John R. Cosgrove, -son of the late J. K'. und of Mas. Cosgrove, South Yarra, Melbourne.' .

DENNIS.-On the 12th November, 1025, 'at

Yeerongpilly, Margaret Jane, Hie belored wile of Fred Dennis,-aged 05 years.

LUCAS.-Herbert Burton Lucas, nt Charleville,

18th November, ; husband of Cicely, and father of Vivian. ' .

PAPL-On the 21st Nnvombpr.- 1025, at tho

Comroa-iclol Hank lesldctice. Dalby, Josephine, , w Idow of tho late 1\ O. Papl.

ROBINSON.-On November 22, Alfred, eldest

son of the late Captain W. W. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson, of Morris-street, Highgate


RUNDLE.-Tillen Marla, on October 30th, at

her resilience, Fairview, Hemmant, ivlfc ol John Charles Rundle, aged 01 years.

TUBMAN.--At Broadway-street, on 22nd No-

vember,, 102,1, Ablgal Emily (Bina), ilearly beloved youngest daughter of K. mid R. Tubman, and sister of Will, Clss, and Ella.


WARBURTON.-On November 16th, 1925, at his late residence, "Cairnhill," Vardon-st.,  

Wilston, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Charlotte M. Warburton, and son of the late James Warburton, civil engineer, Barrow-ln Furness, Lancashire, England.


BELLAMY.-In loving memory of. my dear

«vite and our mother, who departed this life on 'November ,28lli, 1020.

BURROW.-In loving memory of our dear

daughter mid sister, Nellie May, «vho de- parted this life 2Sth November, 1922; -niso . aaur little darling, Vean, 1021.

done ' nre the faces «ve lovcal so dear,

And so are the voices «ve loved to hear, 'Tis ead, but true; «ve «vonder why

The best nie nlivaya the first to die. No one knows the silent heartache.

None but those can tell,

Who have lost their best and dearest

Without a last and long farewell.

No more xvlll your «velcome footsteps

Tread o'er our dwelling floor,

Anti aao more will we «vatch you coming,

As vvo did in days of yore.

Inserleal by hor mother, father, sisters, and brothers, and only little daughter, Hache'., Villeneuve. .'.

DOUGLAS.-In loving memory of our alear

fatiaci-, James Douglas, «vho departed from this life,'November 28, 1021.

Sadly missed oaad in silence mourned.

-.Inserted by lils loving son and daugliter-in law, Tom and Imogrnc.

DOUGLAS.-In loving memory of our dear

father anti grandfather (James Douglas), who departed this'life on November 28th, 1021 We think of you iai tile silence,

No e.ves may see us xveep, - lint ' deep within, our heart

. - Your loving memory we will keep.

Inserted by lils loving son omi daughter-in law,-and grnndchlialreaa, Dick and Lucy, Stan, and Colin (Auchenflower).

DOUGLAS.-In loving memory of our dear

father, father-in-law, apd grandpa, who pass- ed away November 28, 1024.

Olio year ago a message come.

From Coal, who 1 bought It best,

To take him fa'oaai this weary xvorld,

Tia dwell naalong the blessed.

Inserted by Alice, Trank, Phyllis, and Frankie. DOUGLAS.-In loving meanory of my dear

father, James Douglas, who died ZStle Nov.,


' It's Just 12 months ago to-day

Since my dear father passed away.

The blow was haul, the shock severe, . Parting xvlth one I loved io dear. . . With.aching heart.anti tearful eyes

? ' I -linger where my dear father liés.

I Illicit«! by his loving daughter, Grace.

DOUGLAS.-In loving meiuoi"v of our, dour '" father anti father-ln-lavv. Janies Douglas, who

died 2Stlt November, 1021.- .

'' " ' "May (loti rest his soul."

.".'Insetted' hyi 'his loving 'son vnnd 'daughtcr-In

^lnw, ,\rtljur<riinll^l]ce¡i. ",,,, ,|1fM,; n.., ,(, ,

DOUGLAS.-In «ad but loving memory of our

dear father, fatlicr-ln-law, und grandpa, Janies' Douglas, «vho departed this life November 28th, 1021. . "

Theie aro two things death cannot sever, Lovo aaaal remembrance last for ever*

Inserted by his lo«hag daughter, son-in-law, mid graiadehililren, 'May, ¡.George, and family.

¥00T.-In loving memory of Erle, and dear

daddy, who passed away. 20th November,


GEORGE.-In loving memory, of Annie, «vite

passed »way November 28th, 102 I.

"We miss her moat xvho loved her best."

laasci-tcd hy her sorrowing mother, brothers, sisters, nephews, and niecos,

KLUMPP.-In loving memory of our dear little

son, Freddie, who died November 29th.   1923.    

One sweet flower, drooped and faded,

One little voice hias fled,

Our hearts are filled with sadness,

Our darling babe is dead. We miss his merry prattle,

As around the house he'd roam.     But, oh, a brighter home than ours In Heaven is now his own.  

Inserted by his loving Mummy and Daddy. McCALLUM.-In loving memory of dear little

Lex, «vho departed this, life, November 20,


Inserted by father, mother, and brother.

RAMO.-Victor, kllleal Messine*. August, 1015;

Jlcair.v, died of wounds, Belgium, October, 10.1,-,;. Conlon, krtled, Gallipoli, November, 1915; Vied, died »Sth November, 1023.

Von «vero strong, like the reeds upon the Nile, Which no storm can break,

But eut tlowia Uko the flo«vers In the field By tile- Cod of War (.Mars).

Loving bauds laid yotar remains Within, a resting place,'

Which will, be» a guide for the unthinking, To .save the lives of many, \

For the honour ami glory and. benefit of man»

" kind.

Inserted by their rathe/-.

SCHLEUSENER.-In living memory of W. E.

Schlcusener, «vho departed this life Novem- ber 2Sth, 1024.

Inset ted by hh vvifo and children.

WEBE).-In loving memory of our dear mother,

Caioltno Webb, who passed away November 2811t, 1922.

At Rest.

Inserted by her loving sons and daughters In-ls««-. '


Mr. li. ANDREWS and Family desire to THANK Dr. Ellice Dart, Mrs. H. Carseldine, and tall kind friends and neighbours for their kludliess nnal expression of sympathy In theil lecent vail berenvomeiat. '

Mr. M. CONNORS nnd Fnmllv- desire to THANK all kind lelaiives anal friends for theil

expression* of symiu-.thy, letters, cards, tele- grams, niul lloial .tributes .iii their recent sad

and siiddcaa bereava'aaietat.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. DELVE, of Alderley- avenue, Alderley, tender their sincere and heart- felt THANKS to little pals, relations, and all

friends for practical assistance, letters of sym- pathy, and floral tokens extended to them in their sad bereavement.  

Mrs. J. DICKIE anti Fnmllv, Hamilton, desire tn'iaiANK. Dr. Power and the stall of the Maler Private Hospital for their kind atten- tion, also all iliosc who fent kittel lette!« of sympathy and floral tributes ¡ia their lecent sad bereavement.

Mis. <B. DOWNEY and Family desire to THANK tho doctors an.l nurses of Ward No, 13! Brisbane Hospital, directors and employees Taylors and Elliot'rs Ltd.. and Mowbray Paaafc Picturexs Ltd.. Rev. Father Uorman, and lil o.lbct kind i ulai Ives, friends, and neighbours for telegram-, let tem, and floral tilbutcs re- ceived during their recent sad bereavement.

Mrs. CORIN« and family sincerely THANK friends and neighbours for kind expressions of sympathy, and floial tribute's in their lecent

'sad' bereavement.

Mrs: E. LANE ami Family, of Kobble, wishes to express .her heartfelt THANKS to all rela tl«-es and friends for floral tributes and messages of condolence in their recelât sad bereavement; also Doctors.and Nurses and Staff of No. 8 Ward, General Hospital, for their untirlug attention to their husband and father.

Mr. xaind Mrs. R. TUBMAN and Family wish lo THANK all relatives, Menais, neighbours, and alliectors aaid eaaaployces of Bloomer's Cona

Jaaoaawoalth-Challa Produclaag Co. for kind ex- pressions, letters, anal telegrams of sympathy anil floral tributes an their recent sad and suddeia bereavement,

Mr. OKO. WIlimiT aaad Family sinrerely THANK doctors ami nur-es of No. 7 Pa« Ilion, (louera! Hospital; alio relativos, friends, awl nt'lïhboaars for kindness, Iette»r>, and curds lu their le-c-ent sad and Midden lureavemeut.