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After a season of fluctuating fortunes, the curtain was rung down on senior Soccer football at the Cricket Ground on Saturday. Two matches of importance were played, but did not draw anything like an attendance. The first was be- tween Wilston, who were runners-up for the second division premiership, and Too- wong. Wilston were victorious, and they were hailed the premiers, and have the right of promotion, and if they drew they had lo play off with St. Helen's.

The second battle was the Charity Cup final between the vastly improved Latrobes and Dinmore Wanderers. The former won easily.


Wilston.-Lewis; Robertson and Shel- ton; Richardson, Cochrane, and Kennedy; J. Bentley, F. Bentley, E. Casey, W. CSsey, and M'Shcffrcry. i

Toowong.-Caracron; Wightman and Morrison; Muirhead, Moore, and Hamill; Hampton, Walker, Cumberford, Balneavcs, and Drombrosky.

Referee.-Mr. A. Chapman.

After half an hour's play, E. Casey opened the score for Wilston with a high drive, which gave Cameron no chance. Then Drombrosky was knocked out in a collision with Robertson, the latter of whom had a cut under his right eye. When the former had returned to the field, Bentley gave Cameron, a teaser, and before the custodian could get the ball away Kennedy had dashed in and scored.

Half-time scores: Wilston, 2.

Toowong, 0.

-Half way through the second half Cum berford reduced the lead with a penalty, and thereafter a great tussle ensued. Too- wong pressed without ceasing, and Wil ston's goal had many hair's breadth escapes, Once Cumberford placed the ball in the net, but the whistle had just gone for "hands." It was not an intentional in- fringement, and Wilston were exception- ally fortunate. Wilston defended with great ^determination, urged on by their few but enthusiastic supporters. It was exciting to the end. - Final scores:

Wilston, 2.

Toowong, 1.



Latrobes.-Wright; Smith and Rigby;   Thomas, Murray, and Korotcoff; Mitchell, Craig, Proud, Steele, and


Dinmore.-Coleman; L. Jeffery and Skellern; J. Brown, M. Shelton, and It. Wehner; Kruger, Jones, C. Lebotter, Stewart, and Seeney.

Referee.-Mr. J. Lang.

Latrobes went off at a great bat, and within five minutes good work by Steele, Proud, and Craig ended in the latter mak- ing for himself a position from which he beat Wright all the way with a drive into the corner of the net. Playing fine, fast, open football, and aided by the wind, Latrobes continued to dominate the situa- tion, and the defense of Dinmore had many anxious moments. When the West Moreton men did get away, the defense of Smith and Rigby was solid as a rock. Murray was also as lively as ever, and Wright had nothing to do. Steele's re- putation had evidently reached Dinmore, for whenever be got the ball he found three or four opponents devotedly at- tached to him.

The Latrobes goal had a sensational escape when Wright's kick was charged down, and all that three Dinmore men had to d0 was to tip the ball into the open goal. But somehow or other, in a desperate melee, Wright managed to re- gain possession and save the situation. Dinmore once again looked like scoring, but the ball was kicked meekly to Wright. Then Latrobes swept to the other end, where good work by Proud enabled Steele to get possession within reasonable range. He steadied himself, and Coleman picked the ball out of the back of the net. Din- more tried again, but Wright was equal to the occasion. Without unduly exert- ing themselves, Latrobes were masters of

the situation. Proud got clean through,   but ended in shooting past the post.

Half time scores:  

Latrobes, 2.  

Dinmoic, 0.

Early in the second half Brown reduced   the lead from a corner, but not long after- wards Steele had put Latrobes further ahead.    

Final scores: -

Latrobes 3, Dinmore 1.