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After the partial destruction of the Victoria Bridge, in 1893, a board, desig- nated "The Afctoria Bridge Board," was appointed by an Order in Council, issued on September 0, 1893, to control, manage, and maintain a bridge across the Brisbane River, then called the Alctoria Bridge, and the approaches to it. Also, to erect control, manage, and maintain a bridge in addition, or, in substitution, for the bridge. This board consisted of tbe then Secretary for Publie Work3 and tlirpr

other persons. After the new bridge had( been elected the board wa? dissolved by the passing of a further Act, '"The Vic- toria Bridge Act of 1897," by which other provision was i..ade for the control and management of the bridge. Tolls were abolished, and other means adopted fo* defrajing the cost of erecting and main- taining it. The board consisted of Messrs John Allworth Clark, Edward Gallagher, William Andrew Seal, and Wm. Thorne representing Brisbane; William Jones and Phillip Nott, South Brisbane; Ebenezer Thorne (chairman), Balmoral, Belmont Wj-nnum, and Yeerongpilly; Kenneth M'Lennan, AVindsor, Booroodabin, and Hamilton; Charles Patterson, Enoggera and Taringa; George A*a!cntlr,e Ilelliear, Sherwood and Stephens. The first meet of the newly constituted board was held in the Town Hall, Brisbane, on Tuosdar, February 22, 1898. Mr. \T. Henry G. Marshall was acting secretary. On the establishment of (he board in May, 1S9S. Mr. A. Farnsworth waB appointed sccre tary-to tho board. By the "City of Bris bane Enlargement Act" the division ot Booroodabin WBB abolished, so a rearrange- ment of groups was effected, and the basis of precepts was altered. Elections were held every two years, but the period was altered to three years in 1831. The

members of the present board are Alder-] men M. J. Barry (chairman), S. J . Bryan, AV. Dobinson, J. B. Sharpe. J.

Pringle, A..Watson, T. J. Donovan; Coun I cillors G. R. Marriott, AY. Arkell, and J I. Brown. The secretary is Mr. M. C Trotter, who was appointed in Januarj*.

1923. |



The Metropolitan Electricity Board emanated from a very small beginning in. 1918, when the manager of the Elee tricity Department of the Greater Bris- bane Council (Mr. J. II. Hindman) ad- dressed a public meeting in the Bulimba Scltool of Arts on the question of electric light. In January, 1920, a start was made with the Bulimba electric lighting scheme which- involved an expenditure of £15,000. This move was followed by Hamilton, Coorparoo, and Stephens. A conference, at which- representatives of the Balmoral, Coorparoo, and Stephens Shire Councils were piesent, was held in the Coorparoo Shire Council chambers, and the outcome was tne formation of the Balmoral-Coorparoo Electric Light Supply Board. In 1922 WjTinum joined the board. A scheme formulated by Mr. Hindman for the co-ordination of the whole of the local authorities ad- ministering electric light schemes in the metropolitan area was discussed at several confciences, and the result was the for- mation of the Metropolitan Electricity Board, comprising the towns of Wynnum. Sandgate, and the sbires of Balmoral, Coorparoo, Toombul, Kedron, and Enog gera. Late, the board was reconstituted and the town of Ithaca joined tbe board.

The members of the board are Aldoimen A. Harrison (chairman), J. Green, E. W. Smith, AV. R. Warmington, and W. F. Bradburj-, and Councillors T. Pratt, Marquis, and J. I. Brown. Mr. n. J. Hindman is manager.



The AVattlebrae Infectious Diseases Hospital Standing Comomittee was formed by the local authorities, and the first meeting was bold in the South Brisbane City Council Chambas on October 7, 1908, when there were present Aldermen D.. B. M'Ctillough, C. B. Buchanan, John Lunn, Robt. M'Cook, Appel, Coun Ícillors H. M'C'osker and M. B. Goggs.

The secretary was the Town Clerk of Bihbane (Mr. AV. H. G. Marshall). In 1921 plans and specifications for a now building were prepared, but no money was available to carry out the work. The

present committee comprises Aldermen M. J. Barry, J. Keogh. G. Waugh, W. R. AVarmington, E. W. Smith, F. A. Stimpson, and Councillor C. AV. Lyons. The secretary is Mr. M. C. Trottei.



An Order in Council issued on June 7. 1923, constituted the Threo Mile Scrub Road Bridge Board, The board consisted

of- Aldermen J. Tait and Finney. íepre-, senting Ithaca, W. A. Jolly and Spencer ' representing Windsor, and Councillor T. Pratt of Encggera. Mr. S. J. Lang was appointed «Teii- at the first meeting of the board, and Mr. J. AA'ilson was ap- pointed engineer. Plans, specifications, and .estimates for a leinforecd concrete bridge were prepated. but so far the work has not been begun, as no money was available. The members of the pre 6ent board are Aldermen W. R. AVarm- ington, Spinks, II. Bond, and Lanham,

and Councillor Pratt.


The Brisbane and South Coast Hospi tais' Board was constituted on May 14 1924, when the Mayor of Brisbane (Alder man M. J. Barry) was appointed to le present Brisbane and Alderman AAr. A Jolly .the northern councils. The Govern 'ment, local authorities, and the subscrib ore aie each represented by threo mern bers. Only two members will be affected by the Greater Brisbane Council assuming office, end ns> thev icprescnt the locai authorities to be absorbed' no doubt the new council will appoint two others.



Both the.Brisbane arid District Crow« and Flying Foxes Destruction Board anil the South Coast Grows and Flying Foxes Destruction Board will be partially affected by the change. The former wa« ratabhahed on April 1. 1916, and the latter on October 5, 1912. A number of the ^councils to be absorbed aro repre sented on the boards, and after to-morrow their representation will cease. The Homr Depaitment is giving the matter considera- tion, .and has asked the'.Greater Brisbane Council for it«, view*. The queition of

whether the remnant of the two board.* should be formed into one is being in- vestigated.


The site of the Botanic Gai dons, which also will bo taken over by the council, was selected-in 1828 by Mr. Fraser (Gov- ernment Botanist, New South Wales), who was accompanied bj* Allan Cunning- ham. They were used 1-^ the milltarv authorities for growing foodstuffs until 1S85. The first director was Mr. Waltei Hill, who also was Government Botanist Ho was followed by Messrs. James Spink Alexander Cowan, Philip M'Mahon, and J. F. Bailey. The latter is now in charge of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The area of the land is 57 acres and three roods, and it was duly constituted a re servo for Botanic Gardens by an Ordei 'n Council published on July 1, 1910. The Botanic Museum will not be absorbed by the council, air. E. AV. Bick is the pre sent director, and he will continue in that office under the new regime.