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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against Imposition, notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their

insertion.] BIRTHS.

BEGGS- on the 2nd May, at Manwanda, Beaufort the wife of Balcombe Beggs -a son.  

COOKE- On the10th May, at "Clodlagh", Stanmore,

England, the wife of J. Douglas Cooke, FRCS-a daughter

(by Cable)  

GARROW-On the 8th May, at "Bon-Accord," 17 Victoria St.,

Moonee Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Garrow- a daughter

HEMMERDE- On the 19th May, the wife

of K.J. Hemmerde, London Bank, Talbot- a daughter

McCOWAN (nee Winnifred Kirkpatrick).- On the      

14th April at Nurse Baird's the wife of Norman McCowan, AIF.-a son. ORRELL.-On the 14th May at Nurse Webb's private hospital, Albert grove, Oakleigh, the wife of R.B. Orrell, Cranbourne - a son. WILLIAMS (nee Clarice Jones). - On the 2nd May, at Belgravia private hospital, Brighton, the wife of Mr H.C. Williams - a son.


ASIRE-CORBUS [Goldcn Wedding.]-On the

17th May 1866 at Millersburg, Ohio, U.S.A.,

Leonaard Asire, M.D., to Marian Corbus. Present

address, "Ohio", Melbourne road, Dandenong.

MITCHELL-CRAWFORD -[Golden Wedding.] - On 17th May 1866 at Royal Terrace, Nicholson

street, Carlton, by the Rev. Robert Hamilton, Presbyterian minister, David Mitchell, to Cath-

rine Crawford. Present address, '"Murtle."

Napier street, Footscray.


ANDERSON - On 21 August, 1915, killed in

action (previously reported missing), W. W Anderson, dearly loved husband of Elsie, and father of Gladys, of 21 Commercial road, Footscray. ANDERSON -Killed in action on the 21st August, 1915 (previously reported missing), Corporal     William Walter Anderson, dearly beloved son of Thomas Fredk. and Gertrude Harriette Ander-  

son, 18 Crimea street, Caulfield, and beloved

brother of Sergt. F. K. (on active service), Alex.,  

and Clarrie; beloved grandson of Thomas and the late Isabel Anderson, Curran street, North Melbourne, and the late Kaye and Elizabeth

Wright, aged 24 years.    

Sadly missed.

BYERLEY.- On the 27th August, 1915, at Gallipoli,

Arthur Leslie, third loved son of Mr. and Mrs J. R.

Byerley, also loved brother of Mrs. H. J. Slater,  

Fitzroy, Robert Percy, on active service, George,  

and Daisy, aged 23 years and 9 months. (Pre-

viously reported missing.)

At rest.

COFFEY -Killed in action at Chocolate Hills, Gallipoli, on the 8th August, 1915, Ernest Ivey Robisson Coffey (private 15th Battalion, 4th Re-   inforcements, Queensland), youngest dearly loved

son of the late Thomas and Mary Coffey, of Bal-  

larat, dearly loved brother of Mrs. T. H. Tren- grove (Stawell), George, the late Daisy, and Tom  

(Depot, Victoria Barracks, Melbourne), aged 23

years. Previously reported missing.  

ELSO -Killed in action 2nd May, 1915 (previously     reported missing and wounded), Sergeant L. C. T.       Elso, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Elso,  

No 6 Aston street, Yarraville.    

Sadly missed.

HOPE -Killed in action at Gallipoli, on the 8th   August 1915, Corporal Thomas Frank Hope, 14th   Battalion, A.I.F., beloved eldest son of Thomas     and Elizabeth Hope, of Queenscliff, aged 33 years   (previously reported missing).  

LAURANCE -Killed in action May 2, Herbert

Richey, eldest surviving son of T. A. and Alice Laurance, 97 Sydney road, Brunswick.   "For King and country."  

TWYFORD - Killed in action at Gallipoli on the 8th August, 1915 (previously reported missing),

Private Harrie Raymond, 14th Battalion A.I.F., dearly loved second son of John and Jean Twy- ford, of Somerville; beloved brother of Jack (on active service), Frank, Ruby, Hazel, and Teddy; aged 22 years.

Till we meet at Jesu's feet.


BAKER - On the 6th May (suddenly), at Glen

Wills. Mervyn, the dearly beloved son of William   and Evelyn Baker; also loved grandson of Tudor   Chaffey, Brighton, and Mr. and Mrs. Baker,   Condah, aged four years. (Interred at Omeo.)  

BEATON (nee Benson).-On the 14May, passed  

peacefully away at her residence. Yarra Junction. Elizabeth Marshall, beloved wife of .George   Beaton, and sister of Mrs. Gordon Coutts.   "Loved by all who knew her."   (Home papers please copy.)  

BEATON.- On the 27th August, killed in action at Gallipoli, Private William John, the dearly be-  

loved eldest son of Peter and Catherine Beaton, Euroa, aged 38 years; previously reported miss-   ing  

One of the best.  

Sadly missed, and deeply mourned,  

Somewhere in scattered trench or shell-swept plain, Or riven fields, that shrink as if with pain;

Where not a tear or prayer can trace his nameless


Is lost and lain, my darling boy, who fell some-



BOWEN.-On the 16th May, at Eglington street,

Kew, Annie, the eldest daughter of Henrietta and the late Charles Blane Bowen, and sister of Mrs F. W, Howard, Mrs. H. Burton, and Mrs

F. Patey.

BRINCKMANN.-On the 10th January, 1916, at

Zurich, after prolonged suffering, borne with great fortitude, Eileen, the dearly beloved elder twin daughter of the late Lawrence Munro and Mrs. Munro, and beloved wife of Major K. Brinck- mann Great General Staff, Berlin, and late military attache at Brussels and the Hague.  

CHAPMAN.-On the 9th May, at Nurse West's pri-

vate hospital, Minyip, Cornelius, the beloved hus- band of Ann Chapman, Rupanyup, and loving father of George, James, John, Fred, Ali, and Mary, aged 61 years.      

CLARKE.—On the 15th May, 1916, at his resi- dence, Sawyer's Arms Hotel, Noble street, New-  

town, Geelong, Spencer, the dearly loved hus- band of Mary Ann Clarke, aged 53 years.

CLARKE.—On the 15th May, at "Makenham,"

Gregory street, Ballarat (accidentally), John Booth, youngest beloved son of C. A. and S. Clarke, aged one year and ten months.

DOLLOFFSKY. —On the 16th May, at her residence,

No. 45 O'Shannessy street, North Melbourne, Annie Margaret, the dearly loved wife of John Dolloffsky, loving mother of John, Eileen, Nancy, Gracie, and Mary; loving daughter of Bridget   and the late Jeremiah Sheehy, and dearly loved sister of Thomas Sheehy (Ascotvale), and Mrs. H. Benbow (West Melbourne), aged 41 years. R.I.P.

DYSON.-On the 16th May at his residence, West- minster road, Surrey Hills, Albert Hector, the beloved husband of Ellen Maud Dyson, and fifth son of John Francis and Anna Dyson, Barker's road Auburn, aged 32 years. (Private interment.

No flowers.)

GRAY.-On the 10th April, at Mauriceville, New Zealand. Ann Meek, late of Barry, Forfarshire,  

Scotland, wife of William Gray, county clerk, Mauriceville, New Zealand; son of 'Andrew Gray, late of Dewar place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

HUXLEY -0n the 13th May, 1916 at Portland, Thomas Elder, son of the late John Huxley.    

MACARTNEY.- On the 16th May, at his residence,

"Elmira," 18 Cromwell road, Hawksburn, John   Tibcaude Macartney, aged 73 years.

MOUNTAIN. -On the 13th May, at the residence of her son, "Glen Elvie," Cassell's road, North Brunswick, Mary Ann, relict of the late John S. Mountain, and beloved mother of W. T., I. J., and the late J.I., F.W., and A.T. Mountain,       aged 89 (Interred privately on 15th inst.)

MOWAT.- On the 16th May, at his residence, 163

Bay street, Port Melbourne, John, the dearly beloved husband of Mary, beloved father of Mary and David Mowat and step-father of Ebene2er C. McClelland, aged 55 years. (No flowers, by spe  

cial request.)

RICHARDSON.—On the 14th May, at private hos- pital, Caulfield, Henry F. F. Tracy Richardson, dearly loved husband of Louisa Richardson,   "Hazelhurst," 670 Malvern road, Toorak, eldest   son of the late Henry Richardson, England.

ROBERTS.—On the 14th May, at Heidelberg,

Charles, third son of the late Abraham Roberts, of Bendigo, aged 69 years. STEVENS.—On the 15th? May, at "Gladstone Villa," Derby street, Camberwell, Horace, late of Ascot-vale, dearly beloved husband of Fanny Stevens, father of Mrs. W. F. G. Steele and Lieutenant Horace E. Stevens; eldest son of the late Alfred Stevens of Reading, England; brother of Fred-

rick, Alfred, Mrs. L. Fulton (W.A.), the late   Mrs. J. D. Dobson, Mrs. John Curtis, and Mrs.

J. T. Alexander, aged 66 years. (Privately interred 16th inst.)

VIALL.—On the 15th May at Wangaratta, Vic- toria, Allan James, beloved third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Viall, of Dookie, aged 26 years.   (South Australian papers please copy.)


BOCKENDORFF.—In loving memory of my dear wife and our dear mother, who passed away at Wangaratta on May 17, 1915.    

She is always in our thoughts

It is sweet to speak her name; In life we loved her dearly,

In death ee do the same.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and children,

G.E., I.M., and S.)

BROCKENDORFF - In loving memory of our dear

sister Frances, who died at Wangaratta on May

17, 1915. (Inserted by her loving brother and sister-in-law, L. and M. Mason.) ELDER.- To the cherished memory of our dear son anad brother, Lieutenant H.T.Elder, H.Q. signalling officer, 5th Battalion, 1st A.I.F , who died of wounds received at Cape Helles on May 11, 1915.

Duty nobly done.

The strife is o'er, the battle done, The victory of life is won.

-(inserted by his mother and sister)  

GRAY.-In sad and loving memory of my dear

mother, Frances Gertrude Gray, who passed peacefully away on the 17th May 1915 at 1029 Drummond Street, North Carlton. R.I.P.

Your voice is now silent, your heart is now cold, the smile anad the welcome that me of old;

we miss you, and mourn you, in silence unseen, and dwell on the memory of days that have been Sadly missed.    

-(inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Bert and Ruby.)

GRAY.-In loving memory of my darling auntie Frances Gertrude, who died May 17 1915

Sweet to remember she who once was near, and who though absent still is just as dear. -(Inserted by Harold.)

KIDD.-In loving remembrance of our dear mother,

Euphemia Kidd, who died at Yea, on 17th May,

1914, aged 51 years .

Kidd- In loving memory of my dear wife and mother Euphemia, who died at Yea, on

17th May 1914, aged 51 years

Sleep on dearest wife and mother, We would not wake thee;

For sorrow and trouble to darken thy brow, How sweet is thy rest, with birds singing o'er thee; No pain, or sorrow can come to thee now.

Inserted by her loving husband and children, ?? and Rob - on active service-and Linnie.)


MACDONALD.-In loving memory of a beloved  

wife and mother, who passed away May 16, 1915,

at Drouin,

Forget you? No, dear mother;

For memory's loving chain   Will alwavs link our heart in one  

Until we meet again.     -(Inserted by her loving husband and children.)

MAHONEY.- In loving memory of my dear brother

Jim, killed on the 17th May, 1915 at Gallipoli.|  

A soldier and a brother.  

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted by his loving sister Peg )   MAHONEY.-In loving memory of our dear, brave  

son, Sgt. J. A, Mahoney, killed in action 17th

May, 1915. R.I.P.  

You are always in our thoughts, dear son,  

It is sweet to speak your name;   In life we loved you dearly,  

In death we do the same.

-(Inserted by his mother and father.)  

MAHONEY.-In loving memory of my dear  

brother, Sergt. James Anthony Mahoney, 14th Battalion, killed in action on the 17th of May,



So kind and true, loved; so sadly missed.

A gallant hero, true and brave,

Peacefully sleeps in a soldier's grave.

Great is our sorrow, but God knows best, He took our dear Jim home to rest.  

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in law, L,. and R. J. Keily, Burnley.)

MAHONEY.-To the loving memory of our dear  

Jim, who was killed in action.

You are not forgotten, dear Jim,

Or never will you be,

As long as life and memory last

We will remember thee.  

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-   law, H. and B. Murton.)

NEWHAM.-To the lasting remembrance of our "pal" Lieutenant Jack Newham, of F Company,  

5th Battalion, who fell at Gallipoli, on 17th May, 1915.    

Et puis -bonsoir!

-(Inserted by his pals, E.D. and N.A.)  

ROBINSON.-In lovlng memory of my dear wife

Alice, who died on the 17th May, 1915. (A.R.)

ROBINSON.-In loving memory of our dear mother,  

who died on the 17th May, 1915. (Raymond and Elmo.)

ROBINSON.-In loving remembrance of our dear

sister, Mary Alice, who died 17th May, 1915, at Nurse White's private hospital, "Crathie House,"

East Melbourne.  

So dearly loved, so sadly missed.

-(Inserted hv her loving sister and brother-in law, A. A. Chapple.)

WATTS.-In memorv of Lieutenant Raymond Thomas Watts, died on hospital ship of wounds received at Gallipoli, 10th May, 1915. (Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, L and E. A. Cust, Hopetoun.)    

WIGG. —In loving memory of my dear daughter Ethel, who passed away at Colac, on 16th May,


If the grave could only open,

Many changes would she sec;

But we think it is far better     She is resting peacefully.    

Could our eyes but pierce the gloom,  

And see our darling's face;  

Perhaps those aching hearts of ours,   Would find a resting place.

Not gone from memory, not gone from love, But gone to the Father's home above; Rest in the Saviour, sweetly rest,

We miss you most who loved you best.  

—(Inserted by her loving mother, Mrs. Hall, sister, and brothers.)  

WILSON. —In loving memory of our dear sister,

Christina Wilton, and devoted mother of Donald and Andrew, who died at Sunbury, on the 10th May, 1915.

"At rest."

—(Inserted by E. M. Shanahan.)


BATE. —The Friends of Mr. RICHARD BATE are

respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late beloved daughter, Stella Irene, to the place   of interment, the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from his resi-

dence, 38 Andrews street, Windsor, To-morrow   (Thursday, May 18), at 11 o'clock.

W G APPS and SONS. Undertakers, High street, St. Kilda. 'Phone 71 Wind. Ex.

DOLLOFFSKY. —The Friends of Mr. JOHN DOL-

LOFFSKY are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late dearly loved wife to the   place of interment in the Melbourne General Ceme-


The funeral is appointed to move (from his resi- dence, No. 45 O'Shannessy street, North Melbourne, THIS DAY (Wednesday), 17th inst.), at 3 o'clock


ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director. Head office, 211 Victoria street West Melbourne (near William street). 'Phone Central 980 MACARTNEY,-The Friends of the late Mr.

JOHN TIBEAUDO MACARTNEY are respect- fully invited to follow his remains to the place of

interment at the Heidelberg Cemetery. The funeral will leave his late residence, "El-  

mira," Cromwell road, Hawksburn THIS DAY (Wednesday, 17th May, 1916), at 2.30 o'clock p.m. (motor service), proceeding to St. Martin's Church, where a short service will he held.  

JOHN ALLISON, Embalmer and Funeral Direc- tor. Head Office, 94 Victoria street, Richmond   North. Telephones-Central 1003 and 2033, Bruns-

wick 392

MOWAT. —The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN

WATT MOWAT are respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, Ne- cropolis, Springvale (vice mortuary train).

The funeral is appointed to leave his residence, No. 163 Bay street, Port Melbourne, To-morrow (Thursday, the 18th inst.), at 12.30 p.m.

R. McKENZIE, Undertaker, Port and South Mel-  

bourne. Tel. 1929