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" ' Municipal Band.-At a meeting of the Coolangatta Municipal Band, at which the Mayor (Aid. Matters) pre-iidod, Mr -Percy Wilson resigned his position as bandmaster, after five years' service. Com- plimentary refeionce' was made to tho splendid service rendered by Mr. Wilson, and it was decided lo place on le-oid in the minutes the members' appieciation. Mr. W. B. Bruce was unanimously ap- pointed to the- vacancy.

1 Kirra Post Office.-Adv ice has been re- ceived that plans and specifications havo been adopted for the pioposed new post office ut Kirra, tho estimated cost being .¿bout £3000.

';. Motor Collision.-A collision between a motor car mid a cab occuncd at Tweed .Heads on Monday afternoon, but was -happily unattended by any serious re ¿nits. A cab, driven by James Law .renee, and containing five passengers. ithrce of whom vveie ladies was piot-cod Jng along Bay-street in Hie direction of ithe railway station, when a motor cal. \vhich emerged from Beryl-lane, violently ¡collided with it. The cn was owned and

¿riven by C. Garner, and tho impact 'turned the cab almost completely lound, Joroke off both shafts, and knocked the horse down, temporarily stunning it. The horse's leg got jammed between tho car bumper and the rear mudgnaid, and was ¿extricated, with difficulty. The car hood Was penetrated by one of the shafts, but 'fortunately there 'were no passengers. Tho five passengers in the cab escipcd

'?without a scratch.

; Prooress Association.-At the monthly meeting of the Point Danger Progress Association advice was received that the Postal Department was unable to con- sider the appointment of a letter carrier ,at Coolangatta until the completion of

the new post ofliec. It wos decided to ¡co-operate with the Tweed Heads Chain ,bcr of Commerce and other public bodies'

in entertaining members of the Lnpcriai Press delegation during their visit to Coolangatta and Tweed Heads next month. Several donations were received íor the election of a public shelter shel at the Point Danger end of the town, nnd it was decided to lecruest the council to have signs erected to direct the way to Rainbow and Greenmount Bays.

Coolannatta Ambulance.--It wa« previ

ously announced that, through xlack oi pub- lic support, the Coolangatta centre of tue Q.A.T.B. would have to bo closed "or a period of six weeks while the superintend- ent was on leave. v At a mooting held on .Sunday last the Tecently-appointed com mittce decidid to reverse this derision ' and havo arranged for the centre to re- main open in charge of honorary bearer

H. Mayes. |