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The conference convened by Mr. Justice Powers between representatives of the em-   ployers and employees in the manufacturing grocery trade, and the Storemen and Pack- ers' union, was concluded yesterday. An agreement was drawn up, which provided that the strikers should return to work under the conditions that existed when the   trouble arose. The strike, therefore, after nine weeks, has failed, and from Tuesday next the embargo on the distribution of oatmeal, soap, and other groceries will be lifted. In addition, work will be resumed at the various manufacturing establishments on Tuesday next. The terms of the settle- ment of the dispute give no advantage to the men which could not have been achieved   without a strike. If the Arbitration Court decides that an interstate dispute exists, and awards increased wages to manufacturing grocers, three store- men at Parsons Brothers' are to par- ticipate in any increases. The union was obliged to give an undertaking that no further strike would be ordered until after October 1 next if the Court made no award, and, in addition, that in the future no cessa- tion of work would take place without due notice to prevent materials being destroyed.   Originally the unions laid it down that work would not be resumed in any circum-  

stances until the demands contained in the Federal log were all granted.

The terms of settlement are as follow:-  

"Subject to the right of the organisation   to continue to proceed before the Com- monwealth Arbitration Court for a Settle- ment of the dispute referred to that Court, under that reference, or by a plaint, or to obtain better wages and conditions through wages boards in the meantime. Conditional upon all the members of all organisations involved in the present alleged dispute re- turning to work, pending any action before the Court, it was agreed:-That the em-   ployers will take back all employees upon the wages conditions operating at the time of cessation from work as soon as working conditions in factories resuming operations admit. That work shall be resumed at the factories on Tuesday next. The three mem- bers of the Storemen and Packers' Union employed at Parsons Brothers' Proprietary Ltd.'s shall be paid whatever rate is allowed   to members of the Manufacturing Grocers Employees' Federation doing similar work,   under an award of this Court, if it over- rides the present award of the wages board. That the members of the organisation, pend- ing an award of this Court-or if there be no award, until October 1 next-agree not to strike, and the officers of the or- ganisation agree not to call out their mem- bers until after sufficient time has been given to prevent the material in process of manufacture from being destroyed. That no victimisation shall take place, and that no proceedings shall be taken for any action taken by any member of the organisation before or during the strike. That all em- bargoes placed upon the handling or sale of the goods of any company by the unions concerned in the recent industrial trouble shall by 3 o'clock today (Friday), be can- celled, in order that any firm on whose goods such embargoes have been placed shall   be able after that hour to get their goods without further delay carted to or from their respective premises. That the em- ployers will facilitate the calling of the wages boards, if requested to do so, and the hearing of claims.

Mr. Justice Powers fixed Tuesday next as the date of hearing of evidence in Ade- laide as to the existence of a two-State   dispute.

About 650 employees were thrown idle as the result of the trouble, but it will not be possible for some of them to recom- mence work for about five weeks owing to the fact that it will be necessary at nearly the whole of the factories to begin with the raw material, and there are many employees   who handle the goods only in the last stages

of manufacture.