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j*io June meeting ot the Toowoomba I City Council was held to-night, the Major I (Aid. J. D. Anq-xnd) piesiding. The 'financial statement showed the lollowmg bank balances; City fund, debit, £12,093/

6/3{ watei works,-«debit,- i"4à05/14/5;-'Too«< woBmba paikr account, credit, £1013/ 0/11; special loan rate, No. 1, ciedit, £15/15/9; special loan rate, No. 2, credit, £40/13/10; roadworks loan, credit, £3363/19/0;- waterwoiks loan, ml; water meters loan, ciedit, £202/11/3; seweiage loan, credit, £12,700/9/. Mr. Herbert Yeates (picsident of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce) wrote forwaidmg a detailed plan of a childicu'e playgiound apjfaratus which was gi\en to him by fhe Lord Mayor of Melbourne (Alderman Brunton). The letter was leferred to the* Parks and Baths Committee. The manager of the Cpmuionnculth Bank ad visfd that the council's application for £ï3,000^,an .the city fund account for wonting purposes has been approved. It .was also advised that the council's appli- cation for a limit of £9000 on the water- works account for working purposes had bean approved. The Toowoomba Chara bei> of Commerce wrote in refeience to the council's proposal, to remove .the fence from around Queen's Park, con- sidering it would be most unwise to take this action, Alderman Godsall said he - would give notice of motion that the

resolution, be rescinded. The British Football ^ Association, Toowoomba, wrote asking the council to oblige by making application for a public balf ioliday. in Toowoomba on June 29 for " 'the visit of the English Soccer team. It

was agieed to apply for the holiday The city surveyor reported in reference to 'the seneiage works that satisfactoiy

progress was being made at Wetalla. Time lepolt of the Water Supply and Sewer- age Committee recommended that, with .reference to a,letter from A. A. Griffiths relative to the proposed water supply loan of '£10,000, that, as the period of the,; loan had been reduced from 30 to 15 years, no further action should be taken. * It -was also recommended that the Gov-

ernment be requested to pass 3n Act oh' ' the* lines of the" Metiopolitan Water

Supply and Sewerage Acts, applicable to all »local authorities that construct sewei age^eystemB, hat more particularly to em- power such local authorities to borrow woaey for the purpose of installing house connections and fittings, the cost thereof to be paid by the owner of the premises, but spread over a period of years, bear- ing*» interest at current rate; also that such cost be made a charge upon the land, and recoverable ¡n the same man- ner, as rate^ due are recoverable undei tí" Local Authorities Acts; that the Home Secretary be requested to include the Water Authorities Act of 1891, with such amendments as may be deemed necessary in the Bill, which it is intend- ed ío submit to .Parliament during the forthcoming session, consolidating thp . laws relating to local government. The

reptfrtg "iver? .adopted.".Pr. R. Fiqshnev. medioal officer, reported that during the month a Commonwealth Royal Commis- sion on health would visit Toowoomba Tlie city inspector, in Iii«, report, drew the attention of the council to the erec- tion of wireless''aerial posts within -he city. "At prosçn£,th«f coiiqeil'has no hz\ lawB dealing with, their erection.. If no1 constructed -properly» -the poles might .prove -dangerous to pede-rtrians. The mat- ter wis aferred to the General Purpose* 'Commlttee- On the,recommendation of the Committee of the 'Whole Council. Mr. J. S. "Brown was granted an increase of £15 per annum in salary, also that he be - designated assistant city surveyor. The

sum of £17ñQ is to. bç paid,to Sirs. "Emma Allen foi*-«her property-at «wa»- disposal sito at Wetalla, on recommendation of Water' Supply, Sewerage, and Seweragp Committee. At a special "meeting 'o'f th" . council, th-ff Mavor (Alderman Annnndl

.moved that an application bo made under the provisions of the Water Authorities Acts to the Governor in Council for a*i Order in Council, authorising the council of the» city of Toowoomha to borrow, bv the sale of debentures, the sum of £10 00*1 for the" purpose ,0^, jmprovintr, and extend- ing the water" supply. Alderman F. J Paterson soeomTed the motion, which was




The Southport Council mot on Wedncs day night, "the ^Mayoi1 ' (Alderman W Waters) presiding. Thé Department Ipi Pnblie .Lands advised that they« had re- ceived >a complaint from the engineer m charge -of the new coastal road from Southport (o Burleigh to the effect thal a number of motor cans.had, been usm" thii road, despite the fact that it was not yet in »a tramcable condition. This ha caused considerable* damage* to the foun dation, and also delays in the construí

tion work. It was decided to close the portion of*the road from Meyer's Ferr} to what fsjtñowíi^as^thc Xarrow NECK It w*as,'decraea".&rf5tipt "Ave^t .13rfls ' holiday, for the Brisbane Show., . It was ' resolved to request the Lands Depaitment

to allow the council to lease a portion «?? the forcshorp adjoining the Southpor' Pier to, the Southport Golf, Recreation« Ltd., who have «secured a ..2! yea**s'-lflasí< o: the pier. The council decided to re

..jjiest the Postal-Departm'ciit*'to-put *tbo'

telephone in the shod on the main beata It was docided to accede to the request, o: the head master of the Southpoit Suhoo (Canon H. H. Dixon, M.A.) and grant a holiday on August 11 in honour of the. visit of the Governor-General for the pin pose of laying the foundation stone of the new Southport School. Advice was re- ceived from Mr, J. G. Appel, M.L.A that the Governor of Queens'and (Sn Matthew Nathan) would be visiting th" distiiet on July 10, 17, and IS, and it was decided to entertain his Excellency oh this occasion. On an application from the Q.W.1Î.L. it was decided to erect street plates in all streets in the main portion of the town. Aldermen D Beai and C. H. Steadman were appointed dele- gates to the local authorities' annual con fc-rence to be held in Brislbane dunn,: August. Accounts amounting to £429/

12/10 were pas?ed for payment, which lera vos an overdraft at the 'bank of £2432/ 4/0. The Coomera Shire Council advised that Councillor J. J:'Johns had been ap pointed to act in conj'unction with the Southport Council in a deputation to tlu Main Roads Boa-id regarding the gazctta. of a main road from Coomera to th, Soutlmort bridle. The Mayor (Alder man W. Waters) was granted throe weeks Icrve of absence, nnd Alderman W. Mn't man was appointed Deputy Mayor for this period.



The Mayor (Alderman 'Matters) presid- ed at a meeting of the Coolangatta Town Council, when the manager of the Coin monwealth Bank of Australia advised that the bank was unable to entertain the application made by the council for a loan totalling £10,000 for general town im- provement purposes. It was decided to apply to the Treasurer for the nmonnt named during-flie next financial year." Mr? | Kkclund, manager of the Hume Pipe Com-

pany, submitted plans and quotations for proposed . septic, system beach conveni- ences.- Laa recommended by the Common- wealth.Sanitary JJSngineor.'.The price" quot- ed was approximately- £000 -for each'struc ture containing "three pansteada.. It was decided'to''consider the i proposal nt a speciapmeeting. An .account f.or"£2G/4/10 in 'connection with" j'ie Jcprif liçaltb inspec- tor-was, referred, to . the Finance Commit- tee. The Point' Danger Progress Asso- ciation requested the council to discourage the use'of the nnmes Shark Bay and Dan ger 'Bay, nnd io substitute the names Rainbow Bay and Greenmount Bay,' The matter..was'referred to No.'1 »Ward mem- bers. It was decided to ascertain if the Main Roads Board would allow the corni

eil,"to ¿pptÖTiift. a connate ' "pips'* crossing over Coolangatta .Creek, on, the .mnin motor road, in lien of a bridge. The Commissioner for Public Henlth wrote Urging the early establishment of up-to date publie conveniences on Kirra Beach, nnd the matter wns referred to a special meeting. Mr. F. W. Charles was given permission1 to clear-one acre of'land at Tugun as'-h public camping ground. In connection* with th'e'Vecláimea" swhnip' area the Mavor 'reported that thevGovcrnment intended to go fully into the matter enrlv. in tire new financial year. The resigna- tion of the council ganger was accepted, and Mr. ,T, J. Cameron, of Southport, appointed to the position.


. . -, .,"" ' "WONDAI, May 20..', . At the last meeting of the Wondai Shire Council a letter -was read from the Kiligaioy Shire Council in respect to the joint appointment of a health . inspector, -and asking the council to send a repfe .souWtive-to discuss incidental details. It was decided w write to the Commissioner for Health lequcsting that a meeting jl the five shires concerned-Nanango, Kinga- roy,, Wondai, Murgon, and Kilkivan-be called to' make the final arrangement!«. The Proston L.P.A.' wrote asking that prickly pear in the district-be destroyed. If, wai! resolved, to write to the Prickly Pear 'Commissioner on the matter. The financial statement revealed a total debit balance-of £0160/1/9. The a'dverst» noi'tioi

is due to a great extent to the non-pay-^ ment-of overdue-Tratesr ----,- ^> - ?

-i .