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SYDNEY, July 15.

The return match between New Zealand and New South Wales was played at the Sydney Cricket Ground this afternoon in perfect weather. The attendance was

about 20,000. The teams were as fol lows :— New Zealand.—Full back, G. Gillett; three-quarters, W. J. Wallace, G. Smith, E. E. Smith ; five-eighths, D. iM'Gregor, H. J. Mynott ; half, F. Roberts ; forwards, F. Glasgow, S. Casey, A. McDonald, W. Nidhokon, A. Seeling, W. Johnston, W. 6. Glenn, and F. Newton. New South Wales.—Full back A. P. Penman ; three-quartere, W. Burleigb, U. Russell, P. Ruthven, L. M. Smith ; five eight, G. Anlezark ; half, F. Wood ; for wards, C. Murnin, B. 1. SwannelL W. Hirschberg, 11. A. Judd, P. Burge, F. K. Lamb, J. darken, A. Burden. Referee, W. 1 J. Ilowe. New Zealand won the toss, and defended the northern goal, having the advantage of a alight breeze, darken kicked off for New Soutih Wales. Smith returned into touch at centre, where Zealand were twice penalised ; but nothing resulted. ■Hirsc-hberg broke away, and put in a strong run a3ong the line to the 25 Hag. In subsequent ecrura New Zealand were again penalised, and Mynott marked and kicked to Woods, TvJiose return was taken by M'Gregor and cleverly marked.- His response was erroneously allowed by Rrrechberg to go into touch at the cen tre. The lig'hit blue, instead of marking, coolly allowed the bail to paw over has head over the boundary line. A throw in by Wood was succeeded by. gassing from Anlezark to Ruthven, to mith, and the 25 was reached. Then Woods passed to Anlezark, to Burleigh, who came across in the opposite direction, the ball going out inside the visitors' 25. These beautiful aeries of passes were fol lowed by a great dash ia the visitors' cor ner, a Unock-on by a light blue resulting in a scrum close to the corner goal line, and out of this the visitors were enabled to save. The game was remark ably, fast, the borne forwards playing with great dash, and the backs showing form that was a jrreat improvement on the first match. Woods was phying a ripping game behind the scrum, and Murnin and Judd were generally prominent In the forward rushes. A really fine succession of passes by the N.Z. closed with a throw forward by Smith at the home 25, and, using the line, the visitors gained ground from » throw-in in the home quarters. The Zea land forwards came along with a splendid drash, and Mynott bad an unsuccessful drop - kick for goal, though he might 'have marked, and taken things easily. Presently another New Zenlander hod a- drop kick, but it was bQocked. The visitors -were now at tacking, Burleigh saving on one- occasion by intercepting a pass and slipping into touch. Coming again, a pass from Mynott to Booth was knocked on when a score appeared certain. Penman, however, saved ably, and presently took a clever mark though a good ohance to relieve the pres sure was not availed of, the ba3l going into touch inside the NJS.W. 25. From the throw in Woods kicked, and Roberts marked near the centre, and Gillett kicked for goal without success. Anlezark return ed to the line amidst much cheering. A visiting forward rush was saved for the moment by Smith, and right on the line N.Z. were penalised. Though nothing be yooid a aliifting of the scene from goal to the touch-line occurred, very willing work ensued in the N.S.W. comer, the tackling being severe and sometimes unnecessarily so. At length, in the course of a scramWa the ball crossed the home line, and M'Don ald scored—forty minutes after play open ed. Gillett kicked unsuccessfully for goal- New Zealand, 1 try (3 points^; New South Wales, nil. ; The visitors were now playing with bet ter combination, and were again attacking. Murnio, howerer, broke away at the head of the forwards, and got to the centre, but the black forwards were soon back again to the blue 25. Here Woods put in a serviceable pimt to' the centre touch line. A knock on by Penman spelled danger for the borne team, a scrum being formed tea yards from the goal line, and the ball go ing out just at the corner. An off-side pass by New Zealand cut short an attack tem porarily. Penman came to the rescue, kicked, and, following up, spoiled Gilletl'a return from Woods to Anlezark, who kicked to Gillett, ana saw the bail returned to the New South Wales half. From the throw in the visiting forwards got a hatd roth in, and in the scramble over the goal line Woods forced to Anle zark, who kicked to Gillebt, who punted solidly to Penman, and the New South Wales full-back got in an excellent line kick. Smith, Ruthven. and Woods figured in some passing, which was clever, without much result. Gradually gaining ground along the line, New South Wales got to the visitors' 25. A scrum was formed, and the visitors were penalised amidst much excitement. The ball was placed for

Smith, who made a good though unsuc cessful effort at goal. This brought the game to half-time, the score being : New Zealand, 1 try (3 points) ; New South Wales, nil. Shortly alter resuming, Russell (N.S.W.) cleverly marked, und L. M. Smitih kicked! a capital goal from centre. N.S.W., 4 ; N.Z ; , 3. Loiter, the ball sLruck a spike oa the barbed wire fence, and was .punctured. N.Z. kicked out witou a new ball, and gpleiKhd play followed after an impetuous dash by the N«w Zeaiamdera. Finally, the ■ball being in New Zealand territory, Swan nell passed out of the ruck to Burleigh, •wiho took a left-foot drop kick at goal, nnd waa successful. N.S.W., 8 ; N.Z., 3. The d'eat was greeted by tremendous cheering. The visitors buckled gamely to the task, showing more dash than ever. During a s^rum Anlezark ■was hurt, and had to be carried off. A quick recovery saw liim again in the struggle. The game waa very fast and willing, brilliant play being seen on both sides. At last, after the ball had been handled by Iralf^vdozen of the visitor?, M'Gregor scored a try, and Wallace, with a splendid effort, kicked the goal, and made the sooreg equal—N.Z., 8 points ; N.S.W., 8 points. Two minutes later full time waa sounded. It was perhaps the finest game ever seen in Sydney.