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&&&&&&*£& -coBtA-*- ~



ü It >fS»U good idea of) the irart or Tattersall^ dub -to introduce a Cup .vint t£Kï winter prograrrimé, for the Importance of the event will un doBbtedly reflect generally on the club's anntnf winter'flxture, and ¡n'alew years ,th« Cup will be looked forward to with the greatest Interest by all.assoclvted with the sport. Saturday's meeting turned out a great success, and the~tilg event was won by a three year-old who promises to play an Important part In the coniîng'season's classical races. The raco looked the best of good things on paper for Serolot, bttt he only won by a head from Deween.T

The racing throughout was of a high order, and the form displayed left little«to cavil at, in faot, the stewards had a comparatively easy day The totáfisator returns fell below those of the previous year's meeting, but on'Satorday the small fold In theMast race^ militatod- -against a good

"UU." *

Wien heavy rain fell about noon on Saturday, f things looked blue for tho nièerting; bjUt;- fortunately for the'club, the w<iaithor''fin'éíI up, and the fitst lace was .started in beautiful sunshine. The at

' tendance was very good, and the racing

turned out-to-bo most enjoyable, albeit backers wçris not as successful in tho finest for-'winners as they, .would luve lilted. With1 the exception' of the Club HandicapT tliS fieldB'wcre big-throughout, anil the wideness of the piiceiin several éventa gives an idea of tho openness of the Téjeos. Midnight Frolic and Sei dot weat out. favourites in theil* respective rabee, and Alabama ivas an equal favourite, ?while . of'"the other winnot s Alitiguard waa" S; second favourite. The failure of the- electric, current during (lie latter pant of the- afternoon made thing*. awkward, for' backers and bookniaUcis, as there'WO8..110 way_of iignalling that the raoee '-ímd sgtaHett;. and in one event betting'.was going-'on iu the ring until the hotèes' lind _ reaéhcd' the five-furlong poleî .1_"",. " % "

;_; ; - TI_IE RACING.

On, "the prëvioiib Saiiii.leiy's riiuiiiny, Midnight Frolic looked a good thing for the'First Division of the Maiden Handi- cap, but the b.icking wau to solid for Side Show and Van -Diemen thal only half points sepamtod the Unce, with 4 lo 1 on offer about the field. Van Diemen was bad. at the b.irrici*, and when the wotd Was given he hvvervrd .iM'.i.v, and was last to get going. Side Show fiom i bad marble was very qiiakly in front, but Van Diemen ran round the field in remarkable fashion, and was pacing it

with Side Show before the half-mile waa

reached, ^a'n Diemen was in full chai go at the distance, with Midnight'Frolic m pursuit,' - and Tucker's vigorous riding landed .the favourite a winner *by a-short . head. Backers of Van Diemen were uu

questromibly unlucky, .is the King's >Scholar geidiljtgj only had-to jump* away .tell and he wpoild have blöken "lö." Aran Diemen is orny a three-year-old, and .comes fiom a galljo'Jriiig-clan, being a '! bl other to Freshman and Scbolarlv, and he is bound to be prominent in the coming season. Midnight Frolic is a hoi se that was im

Poi'Çéa; u3* Mr. 33. Steeltr fiom Ktigland,

and<wjth a hit of luck would have been a Winner before Saturday, His, win was undoHStedly due to the vigorous riding

of Tucker.

"ZZ&LÀBAM A^FEOBT; " ," :?"r

-PWtlf^P.á''dolph^ÍWV-s¡Btei', -'Alábanla, wenfe-íout sin. cquaTf domatidl'with Golden Edge'-for ttrc Second Division,- but threw hei JMS}'.' ajjd galloped round to the Gap, andsjthoiû-iwWj'jnfçie '.ohjiiii;,WCTÇ noF'Joo,

. pleast ii "'ir<'ciV^th'<!*-'flH»Ks*" -escapade. Toor/

bul,'3to'?^f.%sr^1äS^.mrn^tr.Hp; ?was'solidiys backed,. ancV; the bro'fhèf to'Bribie arid Glenacre got- to the fiont early, and as he wastell clear into the straight the race looked.-all .oyér. .Irish Settlement was tbtrrfirst? to' look- like catching, the' gelding',_'.'ànUL~ theït "AlttbaTha puf*iu her claim, andf.finishbd vcïy fast. .A. featuro of the' bertiUg* v/as'the support-for-Golden Edge, who'toil'p'arrived'back from*'Sydneys during the v*ítapl?,,^Slío'',"1ffilÍslié'I'üp cqufll favourite. §he.,waíí. second approaching" the straight, aii'd finished' up fouith. Joan G. was actually second into the straight, but she1 could not find any dash' in the run io the post.. .---.s.


Despite the failure of Fair JCsclfarigc' at Albion-Park-ou "Five-Hundied" day, there-was very "solid backing for lum in 'the.Flying Handicap, and he finished up within a point of Clan vaux and Welcome

Dar).,. Fair Exchange ran one of his good

races. He was soon in front, and a fur- long from home looked all o\er a winner, biit'Linwraith, Who was last al the half- mile, put iu an long, sustained rim, and got'up in time to win by a, short head. Welc'omc Dan' ran much below expecta tioiis. ' T . " C_ " "


The of Carolus Magnus fro'm the' Cup was the surprising thing to racegoers. Serelot was always favourite, and' in view of the fact that he was so faYqurably handicapped it was a wonder "th'at he was not at an altogether pro- hibitive price. At barrier rise he had ea'serl to 2 to 1, With Deween at 7 to 1, and. Ship and Aïdglen at 10 to 1. As much, as 12 to 1 was laid about Ship, and as short as 8 to 1 was taken. Ship was squeezed out at the start, and Sycea waa slowest to move. Ardglen, Albius, and Kendall Dad were smartest out, and Ken- dall'Dad went to the front at once, and beat Popular Prince for pace throughout. Kendall Dad ran a great race, and even after' being' collared by the favourite nearly two furlongs from home, he hung on like a-leech, and was ¡ess than half a

length awa¡S* at the finish. At the end of trio first; half-mile Serelot was lying in tenth pla'ce, but at the six furlongs ho cbirlmenced .a foïward move, arid at the half-mile he cloïcd on the leading division With -a fast run. At the home turn there wire only three horses in front of Sere- lot, but the . three-year-old carne lound the turn off the track, and it cost him a fair bit of 'ground*. Deween put in a great finishing effort, and got within a head of the winner. Serelot pulled np in great style, and would hardly have blown out a candle.

The cup and trophies were piesonted to Serelot's 'owner-tiainer, Mr. C. C. M'Growdie, by Mr. 1'. Ransom (president Tattorsall'K Club), and in handing over the cup Mr. Ransome complimented Mr. M'Growdie olf" owning such a good three year-old, and in turning him out in such good condition. ITc also expressed the hop« that Serelot would win tho, A.J.C. Derby. The A.<T.C. Derby, it may be mentioned, is to be run on October 4, in Tullich case it will be seen that Serelot will have to make tracks for Sydney very soon if be is to take his place in flic A.J.C. classic.


Dave Brown, who was one of the bc-et two-year-old of his Jeir, icturned to the winning list on Saturday. Dave Brown Was previously raced by Mr. Jack All- man, of Warwick, but last October the gelding broke down at the Warwick Club's Carnival meeting, and in March Dave Brown Was sold to Trainer **BiU" Prosser for 6ö guineas. Portlight was the favourite in Saturday's race, with Port Glass backed from 10 to 1 to 4 to 1. Dave Brown was well backed at 10 tosl,-and ho went out at that price. Portlight was 1.1st to leave the barrier. Pasquín took up the running and led until well in the straight, when Le vento' rooked a winner, but over the lu-t half furlong Dave Brown wore the oppo- sition down, and won. Portlight ran a gfeat raep. De was again ridden by the amateur "¡der, Mr. Lyne, and racegoers ate bpghiring to ask why olhcr amateurs do not Compete against the professionals in open races. An interesting position Would, «rlso- if.-«l$ht--or -ten amateurs asked (or permission to ride certain hbrtH iii oJ)ih -<**«.). ' The Q.T.C com


iiiittce eau- lest assured -that lacegoeis would accept the view that what is good for one' is good for all.

PROMISING WINNER. I Coin Xut ian such .1 good race in the thrcc-year-old race, won by Serelot, that backer« .sorfed lum' out as tho likely winner of "the Novice Handicap, but the colt was never' dangerous. Damsoti Nut

showed ti- lot of pace"; and led 'to, the', straight, where Hie - secoud favourite, Armguard, closed on her, and in the run to the post the Shepherd King' golding .laÊtod'long enough to boat Hiilpcré, 'With So Black close up, Armguard was origin- ally taken to New Zealand by Air. G. D. Greenwood, the owner of Gloaming, but the gelding was subsequently returned to Queensland, and is raced in now Mrs. li. G. lilume's. name. Armguard' has won at his last two starts, and looks liku imp-roving. Kitty Gordon was' last to leave; and she ran fourth.

- -- «MALL FtEfcD;-^ --Wtli-oiily. four-horse», leit-.iu-J.li6- CluU Handicap, and- with Grotesque drawing' the .i.ails, backers sent tho.New Zealand bred horse out favourite. Grotesque, King' Apple, and Part Up raced level lo the (rip of the straight, willi l'art Up on tho oulsidi. Golden Opinions was about three lengths- behind the others until the hotite turn, wlieio she c-josed on the leaders. At the two-{ur)ong pole l'art Up was in charge, bul Golden Opinions quickly put the issue beyond' doubt, and blip won by five length*..

Details of the'racing are as follows: - MAIDEN" HANDICAP, 100-si>vs.; ti"


.t'Y.'St Dnihion.

(940) lu. StwJcs cn.1t. Midnight Frolic-;"'

"?".MS'.J by' Great Sport-'Within'. ' the"

'Ma««, ».0 . ... (M G Tucker) '1. (978) G. JJ. lagan's br.g. Van Die- '.,,

men, 7.12 ... . (Snddaby) 2 (GOI) A. Hogg's br.c. Brown licrnard. ",'

7.4, inc. 31b. ali.(Gorman) 3. " Other stnitcreV '(832)' Sieie-' Show, S.-l' (O'Connor);,(238) Cliippa, Shoon, 7.13. inc. 2)b. all. (Neilson); (50) St. Colwyne)

7.7, inc. lib. nil. (-Brennan); (07) JJaiiilJ Hope, 7.10, inc- 31b. over (Britncll) ; (270) * High Notion*, 7.5 (Lappan); (20) NancVi Tell, 0.12, inc. Tib. - ali. (Carney); (31)1 J'atsplay, 7.5 (Jioseii); (51) Colibri, 0.12, I inc. 51b. al!.'{Holt); (250) Coochic Mud-, low, 7.0 (Murphy); (170) . Lil wal, 6.12 (Webb); (114) Fyrish Blue, 7.11. inc. 51b.-over (Milburn);'(27) LMianfelF, 0.10r (Northover); (.1001 Polanara," ö.]0 (Con»" quest); (50) "Quantum,, 7.3, ~inc. 71b.

over (Sharpe); (34) Sircnai 7.3, inc. Tlb.v. over (Walker); i33)'Wednesday, .7.5, inc.'

,91b. .over (Curran'). Totaliaalorr, Tickets'

.at-.¿/,'..51D3; dividends a£.W, W¡1> XSL ?and 13/;. at 5/, 13/0, 5^.aad,'.a7Gl."Qtt toe. Flat,- £197; dividends, 14/0, 5/fl, and. 8/0. Bookmakers' prices: 4 to. 1 v. Midnight Frolic, 9 to 2 Side. Show, 5 to 1. Van Diemen, 6'- to 1 ?Biwwi Bernard,- It) .to 1. ?Polanal-n.-20 te>---l '-.the . others. - -?-- - ;' VSW^'Dremdn' ^S>"s1ov«!!t "to -îeuve 'the

machine^," Ariia">5j3ë'\S.lîèAv."*"v7tfs ","fn "fföbi j in-a few strides«. Bassiiig.llú¿Ualï-'infle -Van' -Diemen? "who -van-, round- tho-Jield Very 'fa1;t;-nas-Wltlt-S;de~8how;- ancMhey Jèd" tVs'.':IcrîglTÇf"íl^rh '"?CJJecTVie'"" Mtldlow. with .Quantum, nOa¿d.^OPs,ra'nd,W¡dniglit Frolic next; and ,<then- Brown Bern'i'"t. .with Colibri, Polnirarâ. and' Fyrish Blue next, and'Wednesday last".'"Yan Diemen was-just-¡n-froirUoE Sida"'Show into the straight, -with Midnight Frolic in pur shit. "At ther'distancc Van Diemen was In "cJiai-gc/'biit in the run to the poit, Midnight Frolic got up and won by a short licsd. with four lengths between second and third. Quantum was fourth, followed"by, Band, Hope. Serena. Coochio. Mudlow, Side Show. High "Notion?, ind Colibri, with Wednesday last. Time,


Second Division.

(903) "R. L. de Percy's" blk.f. Alabama,

4 yoars, by Bardolph (imp.)-La.

Mosca, 7.13 .. .. r. '(J."Tilbury) 1 (85S)-J..H. S. Barnes' $S. IrjsH Spltle

meut, 8.5.(Hill) 2 (920) Jas Clark's br.g. Toorbul, 7-3

inc. 51b. all. (Holt) 3 Other ¡Ttartcrs:" (732)"Joan. G., 8.2 (D. O'Connor); (60S) Golden Edge, 7.0 (Britncll)-; ' (89), Mostee, 7-.7> (W. Croc- kett); (321) Charleviil, 7.5 (Lappnn); (137) Palcvan, 7.5 (A. Walker); (28) Revo du Monde, 7.5 (Snddaby); (190) Bayi Moreton. 7.0 (A. Sharpe); (98) Lanefield Miss, 0.10 (P. Smith); (52) Minimise, 6.10

(B. Rosen); (150) - Polyzoa, 6.10- - (J, . Conquest); (103), Toe, 0.10 (W. Murphy); (243) Wheat Lady,. 0.10 (J." Gorman).' Totalisator tickets at 5/, 5370; dividends at 10/, £1/8/, 14/, and 10/; at 5/, 14/, 7/ and 5/. Flat, £205/10/, dividends 14/, 6/. and 5/0. Bookmakeis' prices: 4 to 1 v. Alabama and Golden Edge, 5 to 1 Toor- bul, 6 to 1 Joan G., 7 to 1 Irish Settle- ment, 20 to 1 the others.

Heve du Monde was last away, with Irish Settlement, Golden-Edge,, and Toe first to show out. Toorbul ran to the front quickly, and led past the five fu' longs. and at the half mile he was two lengths out from Golden Edge', with Irish Settlement, Joan G.. and Toe at ;TJ head of the others. Toorbul led into the?

straight two lengths from Joan G.y wi-.h Golden Edge and Irish Settlement next, and then Toe and Alabama. In the nu to the pos£, Alabama put in a great run, and won by 25 lengths, with a neck ae tween second and third. Golden Edce was fourth, followed "by Joan G., "Poly- zoa, Toe. Wheat Lady, Bay-Moreton,- and Charloval, with Keve du Monde U»t.

Time, .1.13.

FLYING HANDICAP; ' 2.70 sovs.; . 0 furlongs.

(700) T. J. Brosnans blk.f.-linin.tttli,

ôyrs.. by M'llwraith-Linda!», 7.2.

inc. 41b. over.(II. Lappan) 1 (O'iS) A. G. Anderson's b.g. Pair Ex

Change, 7.12."Bennett) 2 (994) J Blaiklock's ch.g. Welcome

Dan, 7.9.(Murphy) 3 Other starters: (542) King Seremoud, 8.5, inc. 71b. all. (Douglas); (1003) Clair- vaux, 7.9 (Conquest) ; (010) Cirrus, 7.3, inc. 51b. all. (Uolt); (271) Glory Box, 6.13, inc. 51b. nil. 'Mees) Totalisator: Tickets at 5/, 4754 Dividend» at 10/, £2/3/ and 10/. At J/. £1/1/0 and S/. On the nat, .-C3U/10A Dividend.*, £1/0/0 and S/. Hookina ker»' pi-ices: 4 to 1 v. Clairvaux and Welcome Dan, C to ! Fair Exchange mid Cirrus, 6 to 1 Linwraith, T to 1 King Seietnond, 20 to 1 Glory Box.

Clairvaux was first, out, but Fair Ex- change took up the running from Glory Box and Cirrus, with Linwraith last. Passing the half-mile, Fair" Exchange was four lengths clear of Glory Box, then two lengths away came Welcome Dan aud Clairvaux, followed a length further back by Cirrus and King .Seremond, with Linwraith still last. Fair Exchange WAS Still ¡H front at the distance from Clair- vaux' and Welcome Dan, but Linwraith finished best, and won' by a short head. Welcome Dan was a length away third, followed by Clairvaux, 'who was three lengths olear of King Seremond, with Glory Box lagt. .. Tittie,. 1.14. , ' . .' . TATTEKSALL'S CUP, 750-WY».; li miles. " " i , - .. ''

(1»5) ' C-C.' -M'Grtwdié'» -b'.g. êfrelot, --.

3ynfr, rjy'8s«raonti-(i*iV.)*-3>>tcht>iíV H

~.«je8L~ ."-. :.(J. Conquest) \ 1' '(1117) T. Wilson's br.h. Deween, 7.0'?

.(O'Connor) 2' (709) J. O'Callaghan and V. Berg

-strom'a blk«. Kendall' Lad, 6.11,

- -inc. 51b. all.(Smith) 3 . .Other starters : (832) Ardglen, 9.8

(Tucker); (4S7) Sycec, 8.9 (Hill); (145)

Polardèe, 8.1, ine. 31b. all. (Aynhford);* (597) Albiufe, 8.7'(Northover); (816)I Ship; 7.12 (Tilbury); (204) Best Dan, 7.5 (Murphy); (148) Cheque Book, 7.4 (Crockett); (304) Ray Rivers, 7.4 (Lap pan); (523) Popular 'Pince, 0.9, inc. »lb. .all. (Holt); (87)Eosilla, 6.7' (Thurocht); (426) Ulubad, 7.0, inc. 71h. or« (Rosen); (ffl) <. JJossbrook; 6.12, inc. 51b. OVÜT (Sharpe). Totalisator : Tickets at 5/, 8187; dividends at 10/, £1/7/, 12/, and 10/; at 5/, 13/0, 6/, and 9/6. On the flat, '£300/10/; dividends, 14/, 6/, aud 10/. Bookmakers' prices : 2 to 1 v. Serelot, 7 to 1 DeWeen, 10 to 1 Ardglen and Ship, 12 to 1 Popular Prince, 14-to 1 Kendall Lad-<and Ali>iies.«20 to 1 Sycee and'Best Darr,-25 to 1 Ray Rivers, 33 to 1 the oíheíí.

.',AlbiiiS Ardglen, and Kondall Lad: were .smartest away, with Ship and Svcce last away. Down the side Kondall Lad was just in front of Popular Prince, with Best Dan and Ulubad next, and then pewecn, Ardglen, Rossbrook, and .Ubius, with Urilla, Polardee, and Sere

lot next, and Ship and Syceo last; At' tile seven furlongs Kendfiill Lad was out half a length from Popular Prince; with Best Dan three lengths away. Then cune Ardglen, Ulubad, and Dewecn, with Ross brook, AlBius, and Cliequo Book next, und then - Serelot and Polardcc, with Sycee still last. After leaving the six" furlongs ' Seiclot moved round tha field at A sniart pace At the half-mile'Ken- dall Lad was out a length from Popu- lar Prince, with Best Dan and Ardglen tiro lengths away, and they were followed by 5-crelot. Deween, and Albius, with Ross brook and Cheque Book next. At the tin co-furlong pole Kendall Lad wai a length in front of Ardglen mid Ulubad, with Serelot next. Kendall Lad was the first into the straight, but wns quickly joined by Serelot. and a great race to the post ensued. Dewcpn joined in the struggle, hut was beaten by Serelot by a short head. Dewecn was a length in front of Kendall" Rav Rivers wns fourth, and then followed Rossbrook. Ardglen, Ship, Ulu- bad, Albiits, Populnr Prince, Syccc, Polar dee, and Cheque Book, with Rosilla last. Time, 2.6',.

WELTER HANDICAP, 150 sovs. ; 0 fin longs.

(410) W. Prowser's bl*.«. D.uo Brown,

.Ivis., by Highfield (imp.)-Alabaster

ÍU. (L. Tilbury) 1 t206)-]i7 L. Ramsay's b.f. Levcnto, 7.7

(Continued on next page-)

., ....*.. ... (Walker) 2 (790) A Cook's brg Pisquin, 9 0

. (Boosbaud) á Otuei stailcts (1293) Potllight 9 13 (Hjne) , (.MO) lair "Vestal, 0 1, mci 71b nil (Milton), (64) Deceit Gun 8 0 mci 7ib all (J K>in) , (691) l\oi ti Goon 10 (1 & Jucket) , (o2) Puttee Popin j-n S 6 mci 71b all (S A\ illianis), (.) >4) Poit Glan, 8 8 (0 ( oinior) , (SOS; tooth inbi, 7 11 mel 'iib nil (Holt! (201) Uie Minim Ism 7 10 (Giotkelt)

OB) "Moline Knight 7 0 (Lapp m), flSl) Htlcai, 7 0 (1 Noitlmici) , (81) Oipliui 1 il\ 7 7 (!s Kennett) loUlisitor t kets it V 6123 DiMtlends it 10/ i.o/17/ X2/1I/ ititi 13/ ti ,/ £1/18/(1 £1/ i/b tiid fi/d On the fht X2o8/>/ DIMCICIKII £1/18/ 10/6 uni ,' 11 >ok niakets' prices 0 to 4 v J'oi tliplil 4 to 1 Pott Gliss T to 1 Coothnaba, 8 to 1 Pi«qmn 10 to 1 Di\e Jil OH n inil Hojal ( cou, 20 to 1 Letentn ind the olheis

Pa«|Utn lan \ est ii mil ])i\r> Blown moicd iwi\ best «till Poilbfjit Jut

ii\ \t the si ftiilotif,!, Pis |iiin « t-. I a ling fioin 1 ni ^psttl Milli DIM HI own Lévenlo inri Ililiir ne\t uni then Pott Gilts in I Poitli(Jil with Hojal ( ton list Pisquin Iel into the stmsrhl lum 1 in A es1 ii lévenlo mil I lie Mighty 1st» with Uno Blown nil Porl

"ht ne\t In the i uri lo the post Daic Iii own M't up nnd non by a lui I nilli the s uno between se omi ind thud \ftcr the pliccd horses cune The "Miglitj T>m Fort Glass, lut A estai Portltght and Dcsctt Gun, nth Ililcni fito lcngtl s iwn ind Oiphan

Iih list Time 1 l>t

\0"UCÇ HVNDICUP, loO sovs, 7 fill nigs

(8>0) Mrs > & Binnies big Vrm

guard, IMS In Shepherd King

J idy VMIUI-C 7 J (D 0 ( onttor) 1 (>h4) E h l-nmsiij s bl f Hülfen

S3 (G \roitho\cr) 2 (Sid J Booths blkin ^o Bli k 7 9

mt 71b ni (Webb) ¿ Other stn Ici s (1G5) Modestcc H n lib ill (A\slifotd), (12S) luiicdM., S 8 (Biitnell), (04) ],adv ¡seiomond 8 7 (Sit dibj), (606) Kitti Goidon, 8 0 (kobci) (73) Piedmotuil 7 0 mc o\\> ill

(Smith) (148) \ccelciate 7 12 (Crockett) (2bS) 1 ntstdiic 7 7 (Bin ncft) (48) Behidete 7 4 (Hatton) ( l)im«on ?>ut. 7 4 (Muiphj), (a9) Lib on d12, mc ¡ni all (Moos), (607) Lohod "Jj inc 31b o\ei (Lappini) (1080) Cm Nut HU (Golman) (51) H-ilsim 0 7(1 \.oitho\ci) lotilisitoi J ni ets, at ) JOOS dividend» it 10/ Cl/17/, X1

ml 12/ al V, 18/0 H/6 and 0/ On the fht, L247 diudonil« £1/2/0 10 0 ind 6/ Bookm ikers pt ices ¿ to 1 \

Loin Nut 5 to 1 -Unumaid li lo 1 ^o Uhck 7 lo 1 Kitty Goidon, 10 to 1 Hul lcte 20 to 1 Hie otheis

1 eland and Kitty Conlon woie ln«t i« IJ with Hullcio and -\impii uti ftiot nit Damson Nut quickly opLticd up a lead mil led priât the si\ fullonas» ttoni llultete Vutiguud ind 1 unedel witn I'lclmounl, lucstitie and Aiceleiutc nc\t ind Modestee list \t the hull

tuile Damson Nut w is loin lengths out fioin Vinigtnid and Hmfcie with lieh iden, md Picdnioutit m\t and thin I lb^on with H tlsini 1 u>t iimguiud ind Dinuon Nut weic flint into the st i iignt fioni Hnlfere mil BcKtdeti with I'lctlmoimt mil Coin Nut nc\t In th<¡ tin to the post lilliginni wa« MILUSS lui by u neik with ti lit id bitwcen >eiond md thud Kitty Goidon w is [ninth lollowed bl Loin Nut Lelatid rlilsim mid 1 licstiiue, with Xuiicdtt uni 1 ídv beiciiiond next and Jlodeslee hbt 1 tmc 1 29

CLLB H-üwJlG-VP, 200 so\s , 1 mile ("a> I J Mooies bl m Golden

Upmionb, ÖM-S, bj Reputation-Lady

MostMi 7 12 (ii lilbuij) ] (242) L L Kamsaj's bl g Patt Up

7 0 ( Rosen) 2 (310) Tis Glail and G Gienlle

Smith s eli g Grotesque, 9 0

(Multahj) 3 Other starteis (220) King Apple 712 nu 71b al! (Doughs) Lotilisitoi

ltekct-, it o/ 997, duldend ifc 10/ £1/18/ at 5/, 19/ 1 lat, ¿37/10/, diudcnd tl/0/6 Bookmikeis prices

2 to 1 v Gtote«que 5 lo 2 Put Up 3 lo 1 Golden Opinions ind King <Vpplc

Ciotc-quc ins fust twav and ilong the F In k Giotesque Pait Up md Kirip

\pplo weic togethet two lengths f i oin tolden Opinons The ordei mt the 'tmc to the h ill mile except tint Golden Opinions w is tinco lengths itvviv Pa t Up took ¿huge into the stiaight, bu' Golden Opinions put in t fist util and ton by ft\c lengths uitn thteo lcngthb between second ind thud King A.ppie

is three quaiteis of i length awi j Time 1 40