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Good progress is being made with the block of professional chambers on Wick ham-terrnce, overlooking the Central Rail- way Station. These should bo completed early in the New Year (says the "Archi- tectural and Building Journal of Queens- land" of November 7). The building com- mands a fine position, overlooking the city, and contains six floors, mid is constructed

of brick aud reinforced concrete. The work is being carried out by Mr. Frank Corbett, from designs of Mr. Piantis R. Hall,


The same architect has just completed a fine block of model u shops and offices in Brunswick-street, Valley, adjacent to the railway station.


A commencement has been made with Griffith House, Queen-street; the old pre- mises huve been demolished, and prepara- tions are being ¿nade for the foundations of the new building. Mr. Alex. Anderson is the builder, and Messrs. .Powell and Hutton, aichitects.

The Empire Chambers, at the corner of Wharf and Queen streets, nre being rapidly pushed on, the roof being now in position. It will be remeinbeied that Messrs. Powell and Hutton nie adding four stories to the original premises; Mr. Henry Roberts is the builder.

Albert House, * next . to the Tivoli Theatre, is now well under way, one por- tion being practically finished. This ia being carried out by Mr. G. A. Baumber, from designs of Messrs. Hall and Prentice. The building 19 of brick and reinforced


The new Brisbane Arcade is being rapidly pushed forward, and should be com- pleted by Christmas. The glazing to the Queen-street shops has already been fixed, and the facade presents a most pleasing appearance. Messrs. J. and E. L. Rees are the builders, and Mr. Richard Gailey architect. The same architect is making good progress with the remodelling of the Strand Theatre into shops and offices, of which Messrs. Robertson and Corbett are the builders.

The new additions to .the Treasury Buildings appear to be progressing satis- factorily. The foundations arc now com- pleted, and the stpne work to Queen and George stiects is several feet above the pavement. The construction will .bo on' most modern lines, including nil fireproof fiartilions, and will have much bettor

ighting facilities than the present build- ing.

Messrs. Ç. T. Hall and Sons are pro- gressing with Messrs. King and King's new premises in Queen-street, front de- signs of Messrs. Atkinson and Conrad. ThU building will extend from Queen-street lo Elizabeth-street at the rear.

The new T. and G. Building ¡is rapidly nearing completion. The facade' to Queen and Albert streets is now completed with the exception of the shops on tho ground floor. Messrs. M'leod Bros. (Sydney) aro the builders, and Messrs. A. K. Hender- son, Alsop, and Martin (Melbourne) are

the architects.


Mr. E, Taylor is making good progress with the new brick premises for Messts. Hoey, Fry, Ltd.,. adjacent to Messrs. Hooper and Harrison's new building on the corner of Edwatd and Elizabeth

streets. The building will be of brick and reinforced concrete, on similar lines

'to "tffaf. of' Messrsr'Hoopor,' »ndr-Hor-tieon 4 new, building. Both these were'designed-by Messis. Atkinson ánd'Coniad, architects.

Mi. E. M. Myers, architect? has recently (nmoug other woiks) Lorapleicd..".", jj ew 'brick premises in BruniWick-street.«ior Messrs. Shaipes, Ltd. - ?.--.-~

Mr. M~ T..Stanley7 ?archi£ectns*'cóm*Blet ing extensive additions and alterations to the Bank of New South Wales, Valley.

The large brick residence known ns "Riverview," Vulture-street, South Biix bane, is being converted into eight i|n*.s by Mr. Alfred Hill, architect, of Sydney; Mr. John R. Figgis ia the builder. Eacn flat is self-contained, and consists ot private entrance hall, livmg-ioom, bed- room, bathroom, kitchenette, and break-

fast-room. The view of the Brisbane River from the latter room is .superb. Each room has eveiy convenience; fibious plaster ceil- ings are used throughout; these were manu- factured in Sydney, and many are of pleas- ing design. ,The kitchenette, besides the ordinary gas,,stove, sînk/eleçli'ic light,'¡ititi poiut for iron, 'contains. n"comb;ned fable and cupboard.. The laundry has gas copper, tubs, &c, while the-septic tank system is installed throughout.

Messra. Cheesman and Bull, contractors, are just completing a row of five brick shops, with residential flats above, at King street, East' Brisbane; front designs of Air. T. B. M. Wightman, architect, lor Messrs. Laheys, Ltd. These comprise three shop*), 23ft., 18ft. Oin., 10ft. Oin., by a depth o£ 48ft., at an approximate cost of £5000. .



Mr. Henry Roberts recently completed handsome brick premises for Messrs. Packer Bros, und Begrie, on the corner of Albert and Mary streets. The building is n two-storied one, having 77ft. frontage lo Albert-street, and the same frontage to Mary-street. The building has a total floor area of 12,890ft. The bottom story com- prises ftn iron and steel yard, fitted up with substantial iron and steel racks, papable of holding many hundred tons. The floor is of concrete, with substantial

wooden pillars, and comprises an nrca of 0400ft. A handsome maple staircase leads up to the second floor, with three-ply panels, and fibro-ecment ceilings. Tho general office is on, the second floor, and is ii cool, well ventilated, mid well lighted room, CD x l8 ft., with maple counter" and furnishings throughout, and panelled off .with three-ply. and railed partitions. Ad- joining it is the general engineering sup- plies store, S9 x 77 ft. in space, with electric hoist. The foundations were built sufficiently strong to carry additional stories wheu required later.

These are only a few of the works at present under construction in the city. Jn the suburbs work has never been moto busy. Many fine residences are being erected in each suburb, and carpenters and

skilled tradesmen ' are practical!** nnpro*


==-. '-1

As the largest existing; organisms, the ' Big Trees of California" occupy a pines unique among the living things of the world, said Dr. II. A. Glenson, Assistant Director, lecturing at the New York Botanicul Garden. While they may bo exceeded in height by some of Australia's gum trees, as they are exceeded in dia- meter by the chestnut trees of Sicily, in actual bulk, said the lecturer, they are far greater than either of these. Authen- ticated measurements show that Cali- fornia's big trees have reached a diameter of over 38 feet, height« of more than, 350 feet, and ages well over 3000 years.