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Full of years, and holding the respect of the community gonerally and Forti- tude Valley in particular, Mr. John McMaster, for very many years a prominent figure in political and civic life, died yesterday morning at the residence of his granddaughter, Kent street, New Farm.

'TTheTatë" Sir." "Minster" haft-been ii! since August last, and his condition be- came serious about a month ago. He is survived by two sons (Messrs. Colin and James Al'Master, residents of the North) and three daughters (Alosdnmes ,1. Iv. Forsyth, wife of General Forsyth, Alel bouvne, W. Hall, wife of the Rev AV. Hall, of Sydney and Aliss .1". -Al'Alnster).

The funeral will take place this morning, the cortege leaving Kent-Hi!. Now Farm, at 10.30 o'clock, for tho Mundah Cemetery

- __


The Deceased's Career.

It theio avis one mau in Bu«baiic who, at anj time dining Hit past 50 ot GD joars, was a pictuie of nigged phj icil stien¡,tli and resoluteness of mind it was John M Mästet His bioad, well net fi une was famihit in Busbane and lew thtie weio who did not 1 now bim lo t,et back to the day ot his buth out ha« to ttivel light to the rei"n ot Willum IV , foi lohn M'AIastei saw the hjil fit«t on June 20, 1S30-Hie date of the iccessiou of that moinrth-in the I«!e of l«liiy, "Vig}llshue, "jtotland Ihe piesuniption m that the child w u> boin well dev done I ind stuid} tor he lived long md strong!}

ihe lad got hi« lu«t «matt« mg" of knowledge fiom the little Joe ii Oieho school, and when be vv is eleven the sjs tim oi ippienticeslup not then having falleu into desuetude, he was dill} md formal)} appieuticed to his mick to leam to be i stonemason Ills «ia. }eai« «ti vice ovct Johu, lice lo choose 1 t lum self, etetted to become a futmei, in 1 t,oiug on the bonn) banks of Loch 1 oinond ho learned to sow, and plou"b and reip He lemnined a fillet ot ihe soil until ho was 24 jeal s ot ige, when new«, of the ¿v'den hatjict-t ot shining metal that was liting leaped in Austtalui «titled the vouiig mans fancv, ind ii was Ifev ici Hit Soutint n S is' 'J he tooti ship "Willi un Allies landed him «ifelv at Aloielon Biv in Juiiuai} 185j But it vms nur. lo gold digging but igi-cullin o Hut he tunnd his strong thews md earnest mind ind he cultivated the soil it Nundili until 18)0 w lth so much ?eal and sucets« that he vvas enabled to blossom out as i stoiekeepet

an no less -neill non n a b-u-mc-s aitcij than Ann-sheet Loititucle A?al «j- Ciieio he earned on prospeitd and extended liM



His giasp of thing« and lus attive mind did not nllow him to plod on in n luirou gioovt, mindless of the public nffaus of Hit citv of hit, adoptnn and in 1871 it the ige of 41 he decided to offer himself to the. ratepajcis it, emlidate foi the A allev Waid He was tiiuniphantl} lelurued and, with tho exception oi the }eit 1S7j < jnlimioiir-lj repie cnted the A) ai d until IS)) when, with Aldermen Bajmond an 1 Tiiistr, he le signed owmg to Hie di«po itmn of some of tho new ildcrmcn ti eui) on tho business of the council -n j waj win it Alderman MAlistci deemed illegal lia did not icturn to fie touiitil i0ain until 1905, when ho wis igam elect 1 foi Jie Valley, and continued lo sit until the new S}ßtem oi locil government cime into opoiation m Julv, 1021 S veui times he filled the m-yoi ii chin-in 1SS4 mid again in 1S0O-when be distinguished himself b} his capible nmivemeut of urgent inunicipil iffms dining He «etoie floods which canee 1 his colic vus *-o insist on hip taking Hie iciin agim in 1893, when inothet recni renee of floods took phee Dining the fin mci ii criss of 1893 "Air Al Ma tci was faced with sei iona difficult} owjpg to the muiuciml bmk closing lciwng the miniicipilitv v) ithout funds lo continue tu gmt vvoil<* His sound abilitv enabled I nu lo pi ->t the council through this dilemnn ind be evolved i scheme undei vin h Hie conn ci] was cmbled to nist -C2' 000 bv ii

bentu cs, and tims get out rf it iimncnl struts Again m 1S97 AL 5f AIa«lei nat honouio 1 with the imvoi ill) when Hi dnmoiid jubilee of the eilt wa« woilhil

tclebi tied Tn 101S md 1110 he ottupitd


\s with other men municipal hf* wis the galewav to- tbo «ubi spheie of politics and in ISS"! Ali Al Alista cariymg the Liberal coloms wis -e turned a« the second niemhoi foi the Villcv that being the fust occasion on which the populitioit peimitled of two membeis md he eontiniioush md efn eiciitly represented that roii«tituencj foi the ne\t 14 v ais bein-, deieated m 1-110 His chief motive in enleinig Piihimn-it was to suppoit the constiuclion of he railway from Roma sticet through the cit} and roitilude A allev inslead of bv wav of Vietona Balk, and he had the giitifitalioii of seeing this scheme sue ceed in the Paili imonta / session of l->Sß He was also i pume movei in the i"iri tion winch in 1197 seemed (ho Bulnnii i railway connection iftci wilds exton led lions the uvei bin! lo the sugai lefin erv AVhen he lost bis seil in Hie Tegi« lativo Asscmhlv his seuitei In Ihe Stite weic rerogni«od bj hi« ippomfment ro the Législative Council bul he onlv sat there lill 1901 when ho i c-ignod ernte tel the scat for the A illev ne,iin and wis l-ptinnod to Hie legislitive Assemblv foi the Paibament of 11)0-'4 Aftei tin« Mi

Al' stei only sei ted on veal more in the As-iembl) when he tu-, tetumed in 1907 and eeived in n Pirl iment that did not last be}omi the jeal

?VII thiougb lu lengtbv Pal llamen tirv and municipal career Afr AlAIastei' sli aiphlforwari! manner and honest deal

fugs commended the estcrm of nil elasf-es of citizens whiio in the di einige of the nnpottnnt civic functions do ohing upon him he held the hijiest imputation for in tegrili philmthmp) and «}nipnthrwith evei}-t]ung cnleuhtel to conduce to the best intcicsls of the genetal eomniumtv

\f i citizen politician md patnnt ho leaves behind lum a name which will long

he held in íesneet

The lîeveiend Dr Howe announced to the Methodist Confeience vcUoidiv the dealb of e\ Mdciman John M Ma i i mel the Confeience idopted i motion cimcs» ing deep sv mpithv with Afir» AI AI ísler and the i datives in the lo«-, the} lind sustained Hie Conference ilso e\ piessed its nppremtion nf the ling and d stiiigmsbcd semec winch ev \ldeimin M'Afaslei had lendcied to the coimnuiiitv