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A3 was anticipated, Mr- A. L. PetTie. the veteran member for Toombul, carried the United Party banner in that elec-

torate to an easy victory. He'decisively - defeated the Independent candidate (Mr.' C M. Jenkinson) in «very centre. Mr. Jenkinson was expected by his supporters to poll better in Hamilton than Mr Petrie, but the final figures- OB- Satur- day evening showed that Mr. Petrie was ahead of hire in this centre by 87 votes. Mr. Petrie received his jargesf majority at St. Colojnbja polling iboctb, where lie led by 868. At theJtea4quArtfr« ior Toombul (the Hamilton Town flallli the returning officer (Mr.-- P»trick Hughes)-had arrangements nellinlraner, and voting proceeded, smoothly'through- out the day. The ' voting war of the quietest possible character; political ex. citement was entirely absent. Counting

was concluded at 9 o'clock, the last re- turns to come in-being-from Breakfast Creek. The postal votes,,'numbering, 51; itíd the abseot'.votes, rmmbering .33,"will be allotted dorins; the coming week. Shortly after 9 o'clock, the- following de loila were, made available:

>. .- ^..., .... ., ^eákinseái .Petrie.

. (I.) (Ü.P.)

Pinkenba .... ..:....-. ,5 8 Eagle Farm .. .. ..V. -43 77 .Ascot,.,,.,;... ?«.,»...., 147 28? St- Colemb'i ..,.,...;.".,^232.,. ¡.^--.-1100 Breakfast-Creek ?<?.- i.;'.¿:--80* - -»31B Hamilton ......-....;. 822 85» Brisbane. ..'.. ..".. ..'..' 53 ' ?'»' 180 j.\ibicn.iva¿.,.;*.ÍÍ;;¿,¿"M; -53? ?: ?,;.V)";Ä " 'Totai8rwi-iT'.rv.r*-'''ví''..i' iteà-'-'ir - ..'.'."Wis" " Informal, 229, incfudfti¿* 60 ^ at BreakT fast Creek, 49 at Hamilton, and 82, at.' Albion-road. "Present majority for Petrie,' 1877. Complete; except, for 51 postal »rotea (32 received sod W to come) . and 33 absent vote» . . ','-.."?....'....'.".'?'.