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Tho Church of England's contribu

I tlon to tho memorials erected to

commemorate the memory of the ' nation's gallant dead-St. Martin's Hospital-was declared open yester- day afternoon by his Excellency the Governor-General (Lord Forster), In the presence of moro than 1000 per- sons. . The building, which is a triumph of modern architecture, has cost £45,000, and the furniture, fittings, and land an . additional £40,000. It has been designed In such a way that comfort and elegance go

hand in hand.



The service held in St. John's Cuthe


.-King Arnold photo.

dial foi the dedication of the hospital was lar gelv attended Those present mci ided then Excellencies the Govei noi Genei-il (Lord Forster) and the Gov

ernor of Queensland (Sir "Matthew Nithan), the Premier (Mr E G Theo- dore I, the Mavor }f Brisbane (Alder m m JT T DidduinB), and the Muyoi of South ^Brisbane (\Ideimaii A Faulkner) ADDRHSS BY BISHOP LE TANÜ

'Hie address was delivered by the Co adjutoi Bishop (Bishop Le Tunu), who took for his subject, Psalm xi v 12 'We have heard with our ems, O God, oui fathers have told us what 1 bon hast done ni the r time of old, how Thou host diiveu out the heathen with Thine hand, and planted them in, how 'Ihou hast destrojed the nations and cast them out" In the long stretches of histoij

saul Bishop Le Panu, the purpose of Gotl sbowed itself plainly enough, but when tlie purpose was actually being wrought out in each generation it was m ugonj and bloody sweat The long process ot creation seemed to dny like the triumphal procession of some magnificent purpose woikiw itself out through the ages, but really, day by dav, it had been th« bitter stiuggle of tbe survival of the fittest, the cruel passing out of tile unfit-war to the death foi space to live So again with human civilisation, we foi got the horror of the piocess m the '.calm secuntj of the lesult So again with the Christian faith, oin fathcis seemed to hav seen so clearly It was all plain to them, then faith in God so serene, their cotiüdence so .sure, their philosophy so clear cut and complete But to each generation in its turn, clouds and dnrkneis were round about nun


"To our children," said the Coadjutor Bishop, "the wir we bave been through will be only one episode in human his tory-ii great turning point for manj countries, for Gerinanj,*for Ireland for Russia, for the Balkans, perhaps, foi our own country too Time will simplify its results Men looking baek a hundred years hence will bee here and there the providence of God But for us it has been a time of horror and dismay, of pride and vam glory, of straining anxiety and heartbreaking sorrow, m which it seemod sometimes that all the worst pas sione of man were let loose and the scoffer

might lightly jeer Wheie is now Ihy



'"But one thing the war gavo us-one thing that while we live we shall not forget Once m our time, on a grand scale, there came into the life of each of us the vision of a great cause for which thousands of our fellows were prepared to give then- bves even unto death A great cry rang out "Tom the «nils of tim eartn, and our brothers flocked in answer Aud, we in Australia, being far from the centr" of the Empire, had one great advantage Australia's answpr was not for bereelf alone-the call was not onlj patriotism, it wiis something leeper, more unselfish In Prance, in Belgium, even in I ngland men weio figbtmg foi their homes for their very bves, but when the fust ci 11 came we in australia did not feel it so The quick response of those iii st thousands was not given because tliey feared for Australia It was for faith and honom, it was for the love of the fathel s that begat us It wis bo cause m their hearts they knew tint they wen bens to a great tradition, and to a

good]} heritage "



Oulv this week m Queensland, said Bishop Le Tanu, a recent immigrant, who spoke .is if he longed to be an alien, had been evbortmg young Australia to put Australia iiist linnk God that was e\actl> what our dead brotheis did not do It was eosj to belittle tile r devotion, to show poor motives, to underline the senti mental appeal, but none knew better than he how easy was the cvmc acid of the bitter tongue, the scorn which paralysed the nobility of life and deadened the bv ing breath of inspiration It was easy to pour scorn, but th-y knew better tbmgs than that Those men lit again for us the undying fire which purified the earth They brought bick into a luxurious and self seeking world the greatness of failh and love Nevci while we lived should men say that life had nothing inspiring in


"We are here to day," he added, "to do honour to their high courage, and to set apart for ever the memorial that our gratitude has budt " Here in n sol did age when many a man's temptation was to look for a soft job, when the chance

priíe that meant no honest toil was so often the thing sought for, they had set in the closest connertion with the wondit

ful Cathediul Chuieh a lasting monument of the heioic Sieulice of then genei.ition It had been cosllv , it was beautiful, it would enduio, and they who had helped to build it hoped that it would tell m time to come of ide ils of blessing, and of service without which the world would be pooi indeed


It was common, it was casv, to put up a dead memorial to the dead But the past was mci ely a museum of interesting relics unless it showed its living power in the present "We have trictl to build a monument," he emphasised, "winch will be not dead, but living Wo have rhoscn for our motto the words of St "Martin "We do not refuse the toil ' The woild will ahvajs have its soi rows, and ils pun Our hope is tint the spirit of saenfice which our brothers showed will be hert»

enshnncd not only in beauty of stone, but in gallant service, willingly given, for the love of God and man. In ever giate ful memory of the brave men who will

nigly offered themselves, and died that we might live, and lest the spnit ol saenfire they kindled should perish from among us, this hospital, with those who serve there, is bet for a living witness und appeal "


Tho procession, headed by the Arch- bishop 'of Brisbane (Dr. Sharp), the Governor Gent ral (Lord Foistei), the Coadjutor-Bishop (Bishop Le Fanu), the Governor nf Queensland (Sir "Matthew Natban), and followed by Captain Forster and Captain Hammond, Bishop Halford, the sub dean, residentnry ewens, honorai y eanons, .ind verger, then left the Cathedr ii and proceedetl to the main doer if the hospital, where the Governor General was handed a small gold key bj the lion secretary (Mis Bruce Nit ol), and dcclired the institution oflicially open Hie pro


cession then went to the eastern whig, where the Governor-General delivered cn address.


"I have received a telegram from the Prince of Wales, who is patron of St. Martin's Hospital," said his Excellency. "In it he tells me that he is glad lo bear that 1 am opening the hospital, and expresses the wish that he could be present himself. (Applause.) That is a wish that will find an echo in every heart, and I am sure we all feel deeply touched that the Prince of Wales, in his busy life, should follow the fortunes of the memorial hospital, of which bo is patron.


"1 am here to-day as Governor General to open a magnificent war memorial. I ara proud to come, and proud to be associated witb its opening.

There is no State Church in Australia, and it is the privilege of tbe Governor General to support and * enrourage as far as in him lies every effort towards the service of God and mankind without dis- tinction of church or creed. It has been my proud honour to take part in cere-, monies connected, with many . war memorials in Australia. They are all inspired by the spirit of thankfulness to God for the victory, won and pride in the service anti the sacrifice of those who went to serve ' King and country from each particular neighbourhood. I rejoice to think that as years roll into decades, and decades into centuries, there will stand these memorials as constant re- minders of duty bravely done by brave men, inspiring successive generations with their spirit of unselfish service..



"But this memorial offering, splendid alike in the thought which underlies its inception, splendid in its- design, splendid in its execution, splendid in its purpose, stands by itself. (Applause.) It is the offering of the Church in the diocese of Brisbane, the expression of humble but heartfelt thankfulness to God, the ex- pression of admiration of brave men and brave deeds, the expression of gratitude for deliverance from great peril- For we owe to them our freedom to fashion the destiny of Australia in accordance with British ideals of freedom. We acknow- ledge what we owe to the men who fought for us, we commemorate their service, and their sacrifice for us, by the offer of our sacrifice and service for others -truly a fitting and a beautiful ex- pression of true gratitude.



"And I am here to-day not only as



Governor Coùeral but also as ni member of the Cliureh, rejoicing that the Chinch bliows herself alive to the cull for human &\ rut alij uid sueeour .Vnd in choos mg this fonn of its memorial the Church lui aspued to follow in L-hriuts train 1 be glorious story of His sojo irn upon eaith is i >,toiy of love and sympathy with the sick and suffering How could no hettoi follow His example' What nobler way than by brinung our love and sympathy to help to fill the needs of eveijday life9 We laymen are too ipt I think, to regard the service of C od and the sphere of the Cliureh m its fulfilment as a matter for ceremonial sei

vice within the buildings of the Church, out Euicl> our datv does not finish there loi the service of God is incomolete uu Icsh we carn it into our every day life ( Vnplause ) Therefore it is that 1 speciallv value the pnvüeee of takintt cart in to thv s ceiemonj *vs Governor f enei ii I am -proud to open tlus spion did « ar memori ii as churchman I am

pi oud to or tn this inspiring gilt of the Church And I play that Gods blessing may be uDon this hospital unon thoso who eontnbated to or worked in its buildjng upon thooe who enter it and those who serve within it " (Ap plause)


The Archbishop of Brisbane (Dr Sharp) theu dedicated the building in these words - lu the faith of lesus Christ I dedicate this building .p U> glory of God in the name of the I athtr und of the """on and of the Holy Ghost '

Three cheers were given for the Govern or-C cn ci ii and the Governor of Qucensl uid anti tbe Gathering dis- persed

During the afternoon a cablegram was received fiom the Bishop of Salisbury (Dr Donildbon) as follows -'Congratu latloPs on vom suporb achievement '

The colleetion realteed £9S9