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The report of the Royal Commission on Public. Works (Messrs. J. Stopford, J. Payne, H. J. Ryan, J. T. Gilday, and C. Collins), in regard to the proposed- rail- way extension from Belmont, Sunnybank, or Cleveland to Redland Bay was laid on the table of the Legislative Assembly yes- terday. The commission recommends the route from Cleveland to Redland Bay,


The report states: "After carefully in- vestigating the proposals advanced in favour of the rival routes from every point of view, we unanimously came to the fol- lowing decision : 'That the commission re- commend the extension of the railway from Cleveland to Redland Bay. a dis- tance of 7i miles, at a cost of £45,000, oi £6000 per mile.' From the information supplied by railway experts we learned that the length of the line to construct, and the through distances from Brisbane, would be .approximately as follows :-Bris- bane to Redland Bay, via Cleveland, 7J miles to construct, 30 miles to travel; Bris- bane to Redland Bay, via Runcorn, l8 and 28J; . Brisbane to Redland Bay, via Bel- mont. l8 und 26L Mr. Amos, the Inspect- ing Surveyor of the Railway Department, reported that it was scarcely practicable to leave the South Coast railway at Sunny- bank (9 miles), and so selected-Runcorn (11 miles) as a better place for a junction. The bulk of the evidence placed before the

commission favoured a connection between Cleveland and Redland Bay, and this is also supported by the report of the Rail- way Surveyor."


In further remarks the commissioners ?tate that if the Belmont tramway were extended to Redland Bay considerable ex- penditure would be necessary in widening formation, improving the grades, strength- ening the road and bridges to carry heavier rolling stock, and fencing, the line. Owing to tho indifferent nature» of most of the country (with the exception of the fertile areas at Mount Cotton) it ' would cost £7000 per mile to connect Bel- mont with Redland Bay, thus entailing an expense of £120.000 for the IS miles. The route from Runcorn to Redland Bay woulel also serVc the excellent ureas adjaennt to Mount Cotton, but mainly tho route ia similar to the Belmont country. More bridging would be required, which woulil bring the cost to £7000 per mile, or, ap- proximately £126.000 for the 18 miles to Redland Bay. The fine fruit and agricul- tural lands at Rochedale and Eight-Mile Plains wore already served hy the South Coast railway. The route from Cleveland to Redland Bay traversed fine laud throughout. The rich fertile red lands were famous for the heavy crops of-fruit they produced, while vegetables of all kindH grew In abundance. This routes would- also serve the beautiful agricultural areas at Thornlands and Victoria PoinL. both of which had a fine appearance and were being well cultivated. The 71 miles to connect Cleveland with Redland Bay wa.s estimated to cost £6000 per mile, or £45,0uC altogether. The route from Cleveland had the advantage in the excellent pro- spects it offered for future expansion, and as it had a lesser mileage to construct, the commissioners favoured it over the other two proposals.