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Family Notices

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I imeral advertisements will be received up to H5»ni _

Bul NNA.N -Tho Friends of Misses K^TIU

Bri IA imi Mr IltWK BlttWAN arc re HrectfuJh invited to attend the lMncral of thci dcceitcd Motin r, Mrs. Vnnie Brennan, to movo from Ina- late rrtldcnct C" VVurrj

Htrcrt Valid 1IIIS (Slturdav) ArTIJlNOOV, at 4 o clock, lo the South Brisba c Cemetery

FOI 1 \ CIU MEN Undertakers

lull NNAN -Hie lYlc-lds ~t Vf WULMUi

I100I M» and Mr and Mrt, 1* J CIIOAM Mr <»wl Mr> A M Mildil 11 and Mrs SI S VN COfOltAN ire rcspcctiull) Invited to ntlend tlK. Kui «ral of then dtcc-ised Sister omi Siiilci m law Mrs Vnnie Brennan to move

fiom 1m Lite losidono» G2 VVai-^ street Valley, IHiS (Saturdiv) AKIDRNOON lit 4 0 clock, to tile South liri bane Cemetery

_TO! n _CIU MiV undertakers.

EHrNNAV-COUIti IJtOGIll*, 7013 AOl

Officers and Merni era of the above Lodgi arc respect lilly Imite! to iitknd ¡ho lu eui of tleir deceased S sim-, Mrs Patrick Uicnnan ie ich of Mr Pan k Brennan to mov from her late residence 02 Narrj strait, Volle, T11JS (saturday) AlTERNOON at 4 o'clock, to the South llrisl me CeiULterj Hy order of Secret u v

»III rs -yrht I im ral of "tlu~ latc"lIÖ\ 1 T>

MILLS M1 O vnlä leave lus residence, Nynunblo, " 1 abba street Ascot 1 EIr, (*J itur dav) AnillMH'V, at J o clock, for the Too

weng C<n oten

JOHN H1S10P L SONS funeral Ducetors

M1UJ5-uMii i) ( mi) loncTTjp'AN'iirNñ

1 KI I AND AOCI 1TI D MASONS OP QUI I NS 1/AIsD-Officers of Grand Lodgi ore in lied to nttci d tlic 1 uneral of the I etc M \\ bio , lion r 1) Mil«, Past Oran I JIaster to Icivu his residence NyrsinbU Yabba sti cet Ascot, THIS (Saturday) VFTIJUNOON, at J O clock, for the loowong Cenitterv

OliAâ II HARU \,

Grand Secretar}

Cara leave Crand tocto» Office, Pc'trit llüJít, at 2.30 p.m

Mil 125 -Cars will be it lVrlluncut House lor

Member» who wUli to attend tlio I uuei ii of

lion 1 D Mlles M.I C_

MURCYniCnn- Hie lnends of Mr nnl Mrs

O IL MURO vTHO*i I) ore rcsnoctfullv invited In allen 1 ti e 1 unenl of their It ecwxl Infant Daughter Mai ni Jo\co to mo-.e from Messrs Otinnoi an 1 Cripps K Olfice JfW loorgo street

City flUb (Saturday) Al n RNOON at 2 o clock, to the toowong Ccincter}


STEVENS.--The Funeral of the late Hon. E. J. STEVENS, M.L.C., will leave the Southport   Railway Station, on arrival of train from Bris-   bane, THIS (Saturday) MORNING, at 00.7     o'clock for the Southport Cemetery.    

JOHN HISLOP & Sons, Funeral Directors.

STH Th«ON -The-rrlcn li of the- 1-ilô Sin.

MVRGllUIT SITMNSOV ore uspcctfully In vi ted to Itend h i Funeral to mo*e from her late rest knee "Kiibovnc Abl It street New Farm riffe (aturda}) VII RNOON al J 30 o clock to Hit Toon one; Cunelei-}

_ OVNNOV AM) CltllPS Undertaken!

VI M! MOU 111-The Irlenls of Mn, A~W

WlARMOinrr ruc renee Hull} Invite! to at Und the 1 unenl of her deceased llusban 1 Million} (\rtlur) to mo\o from hu hie rest dence 11 11 trott, Northp-ati THIS (Satur diy) Al li UNCO**,, ur, 3 o clock lor tie

Nun I di Lcmolon

Al 1 \ OOW Unde-tqkcr 4.C

VI III-1 lie 1 untral of the late Mrs TA MI

Vlllt will mo\o from hei late residence, Rons Rlrttt Hendra mis (Saturday) I OMI- NÓOS at 10 o clock for the Nundall Cerne