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I -»


(1 loin O ir Special lapiewcntutive )

, , vwl_\0,M.K.\, Jjue is

i iii« ivxi'c'lleticy the Governor aci/!ed Ihc

| 'jji'fiuitmtity during his vi.«ii io ihc umbei | e< util- eil ('allungra lu make ii stiotii;

plea lor Hie udoption ul an i i.lii|u.ilt im estr} polie} in Queensland.

. .N.iliinill.v," saul Ins JiMcllency m a lipicih nu .balinda} night, "oat ! is-ntlined Canuligia willi luiest (tLç|

iissuciatioii is ilaikened to-day b.\ .1 forest .ilandoiii-il .uni a sawmill closed). J'hosi Hint have spuken liefurc me have dwelt

j oil lins «Iouinn-1 aspect ul Laniiugiiis jl'ie'-iiii, ¡uni I e.minn but. n-giet the m

lines tlie uliiiuiluuniciil ¡mci the elua i.ig have done in the loialit}. Uni I um confident the- Health embiaeed ill

| the- loie-sl, and the capital sunk ni the

.-mil, cunnii long lie- neglected The groiv

ilg town population ul A islialiu must i.jiisliinlly be lcipiiiiiig ne-vv house equip

I i.i'iut mid liiiaiitinc, and theic is no

bettei .maleiiiil lui them . t!?,... ii., i»'

. ...... ..?".?e-iUM Kir mein ' than« the deli-

cately marked mid beautifully coloured itsewood, yellou HIIIIII, cedai, and other »ronds ol Queensland, and p.irlieuluily oí this district. I have jiiít as little doubt Klidt thiingh deals iioin the other side of

;ne Pacific may, lor Hie moment, oust our commoner soft »loods dom the market, the population mi that side will presently so pie.-,« on m it» sources of timber supply that there will be no sai plus for us, um! «t« »hall then lequirc for Aiisliuliiin use all the hoop pine that may be left. 1 have no fear that either competition " ftoin abroad, or the« Mnporary closing of a Government forest and mill," »viil permanently injure the foi est iiiiliistiy in Queensland. What 1 do leur is Unit injury may result from the absence of forest preservation, and of re .iforeatation. Hveiy old re.-ident of ,i jungle or scrub shakes hi« heud when hu recalls lo mimi the cedar trees and logs he has'teen destroyed or allowed to rot. In the Xorth the maple is follow- ing the cedar in becoming ii rarity, and, generally, the' consumption and destruc- tion of both soft and hard woods arc to- gether exceeding their growth. Leaving the forests alone »»«¡Hi over mature trees, decaying and occttp.» iiig the ground in

'.vliich growing timber .-liotild be making ? wealth, is of no '.i«e, and only vitiulcs by keeping from cultivation lund which would grow other ciops than forest tiecs. What we »vant is to setlle on the forests '.vliich should be reserved for future re o,i::'remenls, and work them by the most .scientific method, so m to get the greatest permanent yield, and, ¡is regards the other forest nreas', clear them by degrees ns agriculturalists cm make use of them, and in such a way as to . get the maximum advantage from the timbéis gro«\'ng in them. The determination of the forest «rea which ought to be reserved in Australia, and in Queensland, is, of course, diffi- cult. It lins been temporarily settled by forestry experts nt lil.OOO.OCO acres for Australia, and (1,000,000 acres for Queens-

land. " But in this State the reservation) . is incompleto, and it is also largely in- effective m that, »vilh a fc»v exception-, tile foresls are not worked. What .we lack here is a public opinion to support Hie Goi-ernment .in u real forestry policy, which will make the timber of the Slut j; n pcmianont source of wealth instead of n wasting asset. Reforestation and forest regeneration are too slow, as re- gards the ultimate commercial advantage they offer, to attract private enterprise

to n Sufficient extent to have nu appro- - rinble result, or even to arouse en-

thusiasm, in Governments naturally desir "iiiglo offer immediate advantage» to the« public who can retoin or place thenv in mower. Tt seems - to me that an en ?lightciteij publie opinion in this muller

will como most naturally from forest centres such us Cuniingra. 1 have there- fore taken the opportunity of specking hore, and in the prc-cnec of two member* of Parliament of recognised influence and nbility, to ask for such II sludv of this forestry question as may lead lo the matter being tirait willi ultimately bv the legis- lature nf the Stale in an effective and thorough manner."


His Excellency, attended hy Colonel Parsons (private secretary), left' Brisbane

on his tour of tim South Coast district on Friday. Al Locan Village he was met by Mr. P. M. ICir-". M.L.A., Coun- cillors A. J. L. Pope, ViT. Storey, and a number of residents, and waa-driven to the State school, where Councillor Popes

presented him willi an addicts of welcome. ' The Governor returned than les. and spoke

lo the children on the ne»d for them to ,

preñare themselves to become worthy ' , citizps of II great Commonwealth. After-

wards he was entertained to morning ten. . Al Tambourine his Excellency was wel- comed by Mr. Eine und the' Chairman fConni-llIor Ed. Franklin) read an address

of welcome.


In returning thanks hi« 'Excellency re- marked that they had said truly that the)

loynlty of the shite was well attested' ,. by the large proportion of its i}oung men who went forth to help the Empire In jts long and eventually victorious st-vugglo

lu the cause of liberty, truth, und justice. Ile grioved io lieai' ihm so niiiny of them, more than une in si.\. gave their lives in the great cause. Puivver in . their eats would re-echo the " l-uist Post," sounded

in their honour, but louder still should '. they hear the " Pevellle " culling the living to arise and finish the work they ilmd set out ito du-the making of n better ivoi-.d. It ivus -worth their while lo live and ¡work worthily for Australia and the Empire for which they fought ¡mel died. 'He, who lind neun more of Queensland, which waa ii ebie! part «>f Australia, than most o£ his hearers, could tell itheni (hat it was indeed a splendid country.

Cheers were given for the Governor. .At luncheon the onVy . loah'fc honoured (vus that of " The King." Subsequently u visit was paid to the small Tambourine school, irlicie the Governor addressed the children and granted them ii holiday on Monday. 'Later the visitoT were the guests of CM.I-. J. H. Delpiutt and.Mr. and Mrs. LYIprutt at Tambourine House.

Lute In the afternoon his Excellency arrived ut Canungra, where he ivas met by ii Sarge number' of resident«) and waa motored to lîollisiinii. i


Early on Saturday morning the Vice- regal party left Caiiiingiu by the loariuir

tram for n visit of inspection of the valley

| of the Upper Coomeia. A halt mau

called at the Witheren State School, »Vhere ti number of setllcts lind uougre guled, and ihe Governor briefly addressed the childi en. There »».m a similar -pro- cedure at the Flying r-'ox School. Xear the terminus the Governor was escorted by Mr. Romeo' Lahey lo a, prominence irom »»-hieb lie was shown a large pine soiuib pr.ietici'11 y untouched. Mr. Lahey stated that this »vas one of the ¡uea-S liure-htifeil .BJ" the l«'edei»i'l Govcinmenl, mid was estimated to contain 2S,uO0,OUI) feet of pine. Returning from the high ground the Vice-legal party thoioughly, enjoyed " billy tea " and sandwiches. 'Phcn oinvaids lo the fringe of the pine surub the train proceeded.


Uncle again to Withcieu, und the tram .»».as left, and motor cars UVCTO lioanled for Beeehniont. Giudually aseending tins well constructt'd thoioiigh/.iie, the «parly gazed dotvn into deep goige-s lined with serub, and .higher np a mignliieent pano- rama of moiinlniii, ¡iï.'l, und dale »vas ini lolded, »»-itli .1 glimpse of some of the seulement on Boeehmoiint. Later cou lil lie seen glimpses of the -nhite flicked Puclfc Ocean, doun wards the ever channing Kerang v.ille», nnd to the right the mountains and the îocky i-aiupairts of Springbrook Philciti,


At Beechiuont school the party was welcomed by Concillor M. Sharp, und4 u

number of residents, and the Governor de- . livcrcd a thoughtful speech to the cliil«

dfen.' Liincheon was provided at the residence of'Mr.-and Mrs. G. Rankin, mid before 'departing Mr. Appel proposed a ' hearty "vote of» thanks to the host and

hpstess.' Mr.'Rankin, in reply, said his* father had been a pioneer on Hie Mary .' River, and lie had done Ins pioneering, too,

willie now he was surrounded by his chil- dren, who were on the land. Reluming b^'thesame road the Governor motored lo Hue'/Canungra sports ground, where a *' sports gathering was in progress. Subse-

quently his Excellency visited the Camin- era ¡ambtilanco centre, being shown over the building by the Superintendant (Mr. Ski. Bradcn).


During a concert held in the Canungra School of Arts at night, his Excellency unveiled the honour board, and also a ca'v tiired gun. Mr. R. Lahcy, sj>eaking 011 behalf of the local brunch of ttie R.S.S.I.L.A., said it was hoped to secure ii piece of land and erect a memorial hall, on which these treasures would be stored. ' t In performing the ceremony, Ins Excel-

lently hoped and believed that the lime would never come when tile people ?sof Canungra would leave the honour

boarçl uncared for when they would allow the.memory of their heroes to pass away, when they would cease themselves tu have the courage, the readiness for self sacrifice, ' und love of country winch they, now ad-

mired in these heroes. Por I hese virtues would always be required in Queensland courage to face, und to overcome all the ¡liiifd problems with which the country was beset, readiness to sacrifice pleasure and «sise in the struggle, love to bridge over, ? * . íor'the common weal, all the difficulties

ivhich necessarily exisicd owing to natural causes, and, unnecessarily, owing to the Unnatural ways of men.


, Several addresses of welcome to his ¡Excellency were delivered, Mr. Appel ; said he regretted that there was a cloud

over the townslup, but he hoped it would lioon pass away, and that Canungra would Boon be again a large commercial and économie centre. ,

His Excellcnc.v. who was greeled with rounds of applause, said that since arriv- ing in Canungra, he had received a letter Nfrom the private sercctary to the King,

an which was ex-pt cased his Maesty's in- tense interest in the welfare of his

Queensland people. i

During the evening bongs were rendered by Misses Land, Hammond, M'Pnnald, ¡Mrs. M'Alister, Slessrs. M'Alister, Twecdale, and Wishart. Miss Gladys ' ¡Frost, acted us accompanist.


The Aicciegil put) was entertained to suppoi at Bplihsnni, iften»aids lea»

ung by lad motoi foi Uiomfleet fiom -Hinch the» weio motoied to 111111)01111110 House Hib L\cellenc) sjient Sund iv as the guest of the Delpntt fnnil) Dining the logMne. ti am joinmj md the lour of Reeehnioie, the Vice legil part» «is nccomp nutd b\ Vtsdames D Lihey A«ppel, .1 1 inklin Visses L1I10» II um iii ¡King ml Mtssis f C Vppcl, R M

mg Vs L V I 1 lanklm, R Lake» | rVinhhinp Goslling P Labe» A U Chi» iliolin md Dr reithei-stoiiehaiifeh Hie whole of tbo oiginising vvoik 1» is in tlio lidiids of Mi D I alie)