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TWO DISTINCT PHASES. Bridge lifted From Bed.

PERTH Tuesday - the Minister for the Northwest (Mr Drew MLC) has re- ceived from the supervisor at Roebourne some details of the recent cyclone. He stated that the Point Samson jetty was destroyed beyond any hope of rebuilding   with the exception of the shore end. The tramline from Roebourne to Pope's Nose   bridge was not damaged except for one washaway. The bridge, from which not one timber was missing, had been lifted by the rush of water until one side was 2ft above the normal level, the piles, which   were embedded in concrete having been

lifted out of it.

There were four hours of terrific wind from the south until 9 p.m. and then a lull   for an hour without a breath of wind, after   which the gale came back from the north about half as strong again and lasted until


The commissioner of police has received a   report from Roebourne stating that during the cyclone Warrambie, Andover, Cooya Pooya, Shallow Well, Karrabo, Karratha   and Pyramid were considerably damaged.     Karratha to the extent of £5,000.

Mr Clarence Meares, the owner of Croydon Station, 40 miles from Roe- bourne in the North West, who was in the township when the cyclone occurred on   January 21, was interviewed on his arrival       in Perth last night. People, he said took shelter in the public brick buildings. The blow from the south wrecked many of the homes occupied by the 200 inhabitants   of the place. Verandahs that faced the   south were ripped down and coming back   from the north an hour later, the cyclone   demolished those facing the north. Wat-   son's store sustained damage to the ex-   tent of £2,000 and betweem £2,000 and         £3,000 was lost by other people, who have  

been rendered homeless.

Owing to the destruction of the telegraph lines for a great distance Roebourne was cut   off from communication with the outside world from Wednesday until Saturday, when C. Meares, G. Bishop and L. Porter, after great difficulties in boggy country,  

reached Whim Creek more than 50 miles   away and sent the first message to Perth.     On returning they found the Sherlock River, which had been dry, was running a banker. They had to abandon their motor car, swim the flooded stream, and   then walk 22 miles to Warrambie Station,   from where they were motored to Roe- bourne. At Karratha Station, which is owned by Messrs Stove Bros., about 30   windmills were blown down and buildings were wrecked. The damage is estimated at   £1000. Much damage was also done at three other stations owned by the same people.

The Roebourne people complained bitterly that the aeroplanes of Westralian Airways Limited refused to land on the northern and southern journeys after the storm, al-       though the safety signal was flown. Many people wished to make their plight known

in the north and south.  

Karratha Station, where damage to the extent of £10,000 was caused is the pro-   perty of Messrs Withnell Bros. Cooya       Cooya, Mount Welcome and Cherritta sta-       tions, which also sustained damage, belong

to Messrs Stove Bros.