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A meeting of the residents of the parish of Toombul was held in the Hamilton Pavilion last Tuesday evening, for the purpose of discussing matters connected with the division of Nundah

as proclaimed by the Government. Mr. J. R. Dickaon, M.L.A., was voted to the chair, and there were about fifty persons present, including Messrs. Rutledge, M.L.A-, J. F. Buckland, J. Cameron, D. K. Eden, W. J. F. Cooksley, J. M'Maeter, A. Nightingale, and S. Hamilton. The Chairman briefly explained the object of the meeting, and said the division of Nundah, as at present proclaimed, was a very extensive one. It commenced at Breakfast creek bridge, and was bounded by that creek downwards by the river and the shores of the bay as far as the Pine river, up that river as far as the head of Chinaman's creek, by Chinaman's creek up to the Bunya Ranges ; thence down to Kedron Brook to the Sandgate-roftd, and by that road to the point of commencement. This was no doubt a very large district, the several sections of which could not be said to have a community of interest. The administration of such au extensive division would no doubt be attended with gr-at difficulty, and the meeting would, he understood, bave submitted to them a proposition to constitute the parish of Toorobul iutj a separate division, which would be a com pact and easily-worked district. Mr. KuTLtDGK having, at the request of the meeting, given some information as to a few of the provisions of the Divisional Boards Act, a ducu6sion tuok place, in which a very general feeling waa expressed in favor of constituting the

parish of Toombul into a separate division. The speakers did not favor a subdivision, considering that, owing to the distance between what would probably be the different subdivisions, and the diversity of interests of the residents in each, such a plan would work most unsatisfactorily. The Government were also blamed for the stand which they appeared to be disposed to make against any alteration of the divisions as proclaimed, the opinion being ei pressed by some speakers that it would nave tended to make the Act much more popular had they shown more disposition to consult the wishes of the people in this respect It was ultimately agreed, upon the motion of Mr. Buckland, seconded by Mr. Fox, that a peti* tion be presented to the Government praying that the parish of Toombul be proclaimed a divi sion separate from the division of Nundah as proclaimed, and that the first board for such division be elected by the residents. A petition in accordance with this resolution was drawn up and signed by those present, the boundary of the proposed division being fixed as commencing near Breakfast creek bridge, and extending northerly therefrom along the parish boundary to the head of Nundah creek } thence by that creek down* wards to the bay, and by the shores of the bay and river and Breakfast creek back to the point of commencement. On the motion of Mr. CoOKaxir, Messrs. Came ron, Buckland, Fox, Hamilton, M'Master, Rendle, and Hack were appointed a deputation, in con* junction with the members for the district (Messrs. Dickaon and Rutledge), to present the petition to the Government Votes of thanks having been passed to Mr. Hamilton for lending the pavilion and his ende* voreto further the objects of the meeting, to the members for the district for their contrast last session, and to Mr. Dickson for presiding, the meeting separated.