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Melbourne Age.

The annual general meeting of the Brisbane Football Club was held at Lenneberg's Café, on May 28, Mr. D. Watterston in the chair. The following report of the committee was read

and adopted: —" Your committee, in presenting this the third annual report of the olub, feel that they have cause to congratulate the mem bers on the continued interest manifested in the game during the past season, as will be seen from the large attendance at all the practices. As was the case during the last two seasons great difficulty has been experienced in arranging matches of sufficient interest to ensure the at tendance of members. Three first-class matches have, however, been played —two with the Police, one of which was won by the police, and the other by the club, and one with the 50th Regiment (Queen's Own), in which the club proved victorious. Notwithstanding the exciting nature of the game, it is pleasing to notice the universal good feeling which exists among the members. Appended is the trea surer's report, by which it will be seen that after paying the current expenses of the club, and the prizes for the athletic sports, there remains in hand the sum of £2 16s. Your committee would submit that, in order to sustain a lively interest in the game during the approaching season, a series of matches likely to prove attractive to the spectators and also the members, be arranged to take place on each alternate Saturday afternoon (and if pos sible advertised), allowing one occasionally for practice. By this means it is believed that the club would secure good attendance, in asmuch as members would receive timely notice of such matches. It is to be regretted that hitherto all matches played, with the exception of those with the police and the military, have been confined solely to con tests among the members, no other clubs having as yet been formed in either Brisbane or the suburbs. But it is earnestly to be hoped that before the ensuing season is far advanced, efforts will be made to establish a rival club, when contests of a superior nature may be anticipated. Owing chiefly to the inclemency of the weather, the athletic sports which were appointed to take place at the close of the season proved a partial failure. In future, or during the season at hand, it is thought that arrangements should be made so that an earlier celebration of those sports might take place, as towards the close of the football season the weather becomes too warm for exer cise of this nature. Besides, it is remarked that then the spirit of the game itself is rather lan- guid than otherwise, and to make the sport more attractive it is considered that the time to be selected for these contests should be when the interest of the game is at the highest— viz., about the middle of the season."—Mr. J. P. Bell, M.L A., was re-elected president of the club, and P. H. Hart, Esq., vice-president. Mr. R. Davidson was elected secretary, and Mr. J. B. Carver re-elected treasurer. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr. T. A. Board, for his services as secretary since the club commenced. The following committee were appointed for the ensuing year : —Messrs. J. O. Bourne, J. A. Boyce, S. G. Hill, D. Watterston, C. Miles, J. French, C. Wallen, and J. Heylan. Four new   members were admitted.

There was a very fair attendanoe at the Oxley Greek races, which came off on May SI, on the old course. The Tisitors from Bris bane were Tery numerous. The weather was all that could be desired, and the horses were all in excellent fettle. The first raoe—the Maidea Plate—which was well contested, brought eight horses to the scratch. After a capital start, and a very exciting run, the race was decided in favor of Johnny Wilson's horse. The next on the list was the Cup. This was won by Mr. Grenier's horse Logan. The third race, for a prize of £10, obtained seven entrances. Mr. Daveney's horse Chanoe was declared the winner. The Consolation .Stakes were not contested, but fell an easy gift to Flannery's horse Bendigo, with a walk over. The sports wound up with a ball and supper, which was largely patronised, and which, we are informed, gave considerable enjoyment to all those who were present. Fbom South Australia we have files to May 18. A curious conflict of capacities is referred to by the Register, our contemporary having been informed " that a bailiff who has recently been appointed to a seaport town not many miles from Adelaide, had the embarrassing duty thrust upon him of Berving the first writ issued during his bailiwick upon himself." A trial was made last week of the speed with which a velocipede can bo made to travel. A gentleman started from Buninyong in one of those vehicles, and reached the post-office, Bal larat, in three-quarters of an hour, thus sho-v -ing that they can be made to run at the rate of

nine miles an hour. —