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South Sydney Defeats Merthyr.

Before a rcoo-d attendance, numbering about 7000, al the Undaanc CriekeJ, Ground on faatur du}, the Rugby Loa¿uc Team Ctoampiomaiip of

Australia i>ot»een tbe loalin¿ prcmur&ajp team in Ac» South Walt» (bouui ftjdnej) ami the leading team in t/ueen¡>.jnd llkrtajr) »as decided, üouth Splint} Minmi j by JS points to 10. At fc*4 Unte lae «cor«, «as H to 7 ia favour of tho lisTois Merthyr prosw.d lor some tuno, and SouUi t>}dniy i«u foiccd to sate Proai *bo drop out, at tho "-I)" tho ball ivas kicked out rear the centre, whore from a serum tie back IJIO of the -3011111(211 pack t,ct off

lfordcr received on tile mrs, outpaced a 1 opposition, and seortd under t ie J>o to, Otford «HH cried South sy&ic} J, Merthyr nil south t>}dney was perahsed for tot uJo»uig pal} ol the ba'l, aid limn bent the ball tarong 1 rho upnghts ¡suth »ydacy 6 Mert'or 2. ¡»nth bydmy broke away fro*n tiw « >trc Mair gather1!-!:, raced atong and l»«ieJ to Sheehan, vita crashed over in the corne- Oxford falle, at goal South Sv-incj * Mi t'itr . C llordir secured frcrn a scrum a.ii weed to the "- ' where he sent ta Site ian u 10 MXirei Oviord fainrj at goal South S lue} 11, Merthyr . Afar hard ruy Gough intercepted and moved to the "Hi, »here lo beat lladott badh and sent to treen, to Koo? 1 to Hurp iy, the going over «t the side rf the post* Oreen hid no d fiiculty in gosling iKJith '.Mlmy li, MertlOT 7 Pro 11 a fcrum ¡u t before lulf time Blair kecurcd and kent to herinck »ho scored II Hordcr failed it goal sont 1 Srduc} 1«, slerthjr 7 Larly in the fcconl hall Kcog-i gathered and sei t to Kcllcbcr «lo tuircJ in the corner Flynn a difficult kiel at goal fal

Ing South S)dncy It, Merthyr 10 II Ho der was next to «ore but lie tailel to coniert his try Then Blair «ont, 01 cr in the corner Holder landhur., the ettrae. Io loose plaj her» ck pieked up and score«! II llorder f ulh j lo goal Junt before fail tin o C Harder »cored, but H Hortlbrs kick failed

In the earlu-T nutetu* Marth lxat the South Side Rollivuy teams bv -3 points lo nil, and Carlton* beat Western Suburbs ty 10 points to nil A goal kicking con fiel îtlon resulted In C Thorognod, of Coorparoo Club, being adjudged

the »Inner


Tile league selectors nu Sitiirday night c lose the following ¿I pla}crs to tmin during thLs »otk sxumnenring at 4 4o tins afternoon to represent Queensland ag-iinst South Si Ines at the Brls nane Cricket Cround next Saturday afternoon The fmal select on »dil be mode next Tburedav night -Backs 1 Sweeney (Western Suburb»), .1 Sweenev (Western Suburbs). W Piten (Ips- wich) I I Ivn 1 I u "iirh fMerthiTs) W . Smith (Toonomila), U Brereton N Brraidfoot

(Westerns) C 1 horarood (Coonaroo) W W M Kiniion It Corney (Vallei) M Garvey (Rock hampton) fo »ard«, S Kreutzer. S Kwwh, S Hamilton (Mirtlnr) W l\»okcr (Western',), h Putter VI Richard« (Wes.ti.rri 'toHurba) h M Grath (\ alley) V dohiiMii I Ire» eli)


Rover» v Towong Moleta (miscellaneous) - Hon bj the fornur bv 1 to 1

Mildura* 1 I airfield (miscellaneous)-Won by the former by U to 10

Nudgee v St Laurence (C College grade) - Mon by Nudgee by 11 to nil Nuducc bus tims won the premiership without billi,, defeated

coirxrav wvroiirä.

H\iiTnonoL*cu, ^up^st si.

At the fíhow firoundi this ofurroon j. rcpre icnt.ltive Maryborough team met riuIJers ja the Birch Cun competition, rho final «.ores «ero: Mjrjborotiirh, 21: Childer,. S In tl.e junior ?llriiiloii a riprese/itatlve Marlborough, team di foaled Howard hy lfi pointu lu J

TOWN'SVlt.U:, September 1

The Cairns Itu/r'jy foclbjllen visited Townsville cn Saturday, end »»ire mieated bv -I pointa to A A 'louisville temi will leave to uiorrjw for 1ft. Morcan and llriMi-ii'plrn

nOlMIAMPrOX, September 1.

There »as a J-1U cite at the ni itch vesterdiy between ntzrojo and t'i» Stine le-im from Mt. Morgan. I'itzro.ia won hy li points to 1,