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Family Notices

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tXrisP-ADAIjlV-tlaTIUvrrr - At St. Stephen's

Church, Sydney, on July 13th, by the rev. John Ferguson, Harry Carr OJ-irra/lajC only »on ot Mr en I Mrs lot ti Borm 11 - tnnat

«tile Svtincj, to Olive Mary, youngest daughter   of the late Mr J Merritt and of Mrs. Merritt, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

FRASER - THOMPSON - On 11th July, at St.

Stephen's Cathedral by Rev. Father McGold-  

rick, Douglas Graham, second son of the late     Mr and Mrs J. Muir Fraser, Rockhampton to Evaleen, youngest daughter of the late Mr. W. Laidlaw Thompson, of Clermont, and Mrs.        

Thompson, Ascot.

LEWIS - HOOD - On the 12th June at 'Hunting-

tower," South Brisbane, by the Rev. H. Robert-   son, Albert, second son of Mr. A. Lewis,

'Maree', Kangaroo Point, to Ella Beatrice,     second youngest daughter of Mr. W. W. Hood, " Huntingtower", South Brisbane.  

ROSSITtMt-NASIl -On lui) Oth hy Hi Tey

It 1 elstead 1 crcv Harold Itos>at'r secoi d con of late r Rossiter of Kent Ingtaid to Muriel youngest laughter of late J '?? ^i""

jnd Airs Nash of Melbourne


CIIl/ROH -in loy ins tncmory of feenrearrt Chester

(veil öntreh 30¡Ji Rat K 1 I killel ia act e n 1 IcurtMii france lull _0tti 1 Uf. jgel 2

ii U rp* ral Theoilort M rk (him! l> I

lUIchcntr'i Army ifc 1 SoiiÜflm;flA n I nglal d Miril -'m!, lSlu «eel -J lurij lovel ni on]} eöildnn of their notier (Mr- 1 t

Vplin SvdiiPi) ml tie la Vci-uxtus Mark <him.ii, ol tilwardVrttreet Hrislx i c

Their dutv done on earth UoJ called nv dear ones home

1 RASrit-In fond memory of Lance Sergeant A

h I raser (andy), who fell in 1 rince luly -0th, 3.110

" \n 1 frooi the ground there bloHXirrs red Lafo -lint haall ii lie« tie " Inscrti I bv v VI i n 1 It I (

HOr.BIRC -Died from ileuriv, lime 1= at

stourbridce I a lan I ( uni er ( I jrl x C is livus s TI of Mrs lies'wr- North 1m li. ml til» li (lirios V li%bert, Loi » I artnui t, Brisbane

MWAWI 1,1 - In lour.« men- rj of Irlhur

Reg-nihl see in! i»n of \rlliur frelerlek an I Imbel Ma.\ veil 01ara*trcct Fairfield killed in action "0th July 1010, at 1 leurlwh

Ifx-GIIKOI -In lovlni merrorv of «mr dear son

nid 1 roll er Iriir y ho was 1 illcel in action in 1 nnu on -3ni luie U1S

Iloioir aid glin he has timed

Mi lilli am! confort he hal spurned

I« Uvc his Iii" at duty cal!

Relovcil li his fi lier mother, bisters ana brother rn nctivc se-vite

MeChl GOK - In loving memory of our dear

lrolh r ( rceor who was ulled in action in I rirce on 22nd June, IMS

Ti« better so There waits no future sorrow

No roiuh wide t Una for Ils dur lect to


So shadow of n care or dark tomorrow,

lathers in doods al eve our dear brothe-s

iicad , ,,

Inserte I bv his lov ire: brother and sister

Duiujii Ji 1 llaman

McC.R] COR-In loving memory of our dear

lrother Crew, vi!» was lill d in action In 1 r.nce on the °2n 1 lune 1 fl8 'lluv lu 1 our tero to re t

In tie flag with a "-outturn Crwn

Anl ne mount for him an one of live best,

lor his death was australian loss

Inserted bj his loving brother and sister,

M icolin ind Neill

SHANNON - Killed in action in France, 20th June, 1918, after 3 years' active service, John (Jack), son of Mrs. P. Shannon, Railway ter-

race, Wooloowin, late of Townsville.

Townsville and Cairns, papers please copy.

SMITH -In 1> v ni meinorj of l'te t I ti« JJ

Smith, died ef nour»!» Henri ail, 2MÍ1 Jul),

Inserted by dinner \ Weeli

LIIUMV-NN-In loving memory of mv dear

husband and father. Sergeant ' 1 Uhlmann, 101st Ilovvitrcr Itatterj, Ulled "» J"'°n, 1 ranee, ¿1st July, 1017

Not dead to u" we loved him Hear,

Not lost lui gone before,

He lives with us In m"mor> still,

And will for evermore

Inserted by his lo/lng wife and child Nellie

LIILMWV- In memory of Sergeant O T

Uhlmui n who w is 1 tiled in France, on luly

21st 1017

Lntil the morning breakelh, and the shadows

flee avvav

Inserted hy ins sorrowing wife, father, mother, brothers, and sisters


BUZACOTT-At Banca View, Stanthorpe, on  

July 19, Charles Hardie Buzacott, in his 83rd.


FRrstlNri -On July 19th, the bcloiod wife

of Dr Reginald Frcshney, of Toowoomba

MOONI,!' - On Jill} lTWi mS, it the Mater

Mkeri x/nltac Hospital Thoiras Joseph Moone}, of Norman Park, in lils fotli }enr

MOOMA -On 17th lulv, at Miter Private Boo

?mtal, Tiioimiu T Moone} iccond driest son of -to Tlinmis Moone} (Oo-opcm*i\ e But- lers) in Î 1 rather <f William, Jinier, and Polly IMoone} 1! 1 P

S"I1UT! -At his late residence, Procpoot-tcrmce

South Bressane Itohort Frcder'ck Shute, died Jul} nth, i'JIS, aged 70 j ears 0 months


CUNNTVGttA'M - In lt\ing memory of our deir

fin and brother, Gco-ge, who departed thib lifo Julv 20, 1911

Wo mojni 'or }ou dear George,

No one can sec un weep

But many i nient tear we shed

While otho-s aro asleep

Often our thoignts do wander

To tour graie not far awiy,

T\licre we left }ou iieafciully »lceping1

Just fitir vcars ego io day

Tnoertecl by hs loilig father, mother, siste-,

and brothers

C\STII D1NF-In loung memory of our dear

father, who died 20th luly, lain

We i-iilly m-> thee from this land, lieciuse we c innot clasp th} him", lily memory still we cherish best,

1 or Hi} »oui it is at rest

Inserted b} lies in ing daughter and ton in law, Mr« and Mr S 1 Hodges

OASTbl-DINl -In linn; memory rtf Joseph Oistledino, who died Juli 20th 1115

'Tin swot to know w« 11 meet a-aln,

Wiiero partira,«; ire no more

Anti tint tlie me we loie so well

Hkis orly gfne b fore

Jnvertod bv his loung wld-rv and family

OASTLTJDINT -In losing momorx of our dear

fuller anl fatlrer ir In.* Joseph Oustledine, w*io depa-te) Hi» life oi luly ¡Oui, 19.a

ratler dear, 301 re net forgotten,

¡Nor wilt HVJU der be,

u\s Ion.; as life nd rreanory last

W e » lu ren 1 lill» r the"

Inserted b} hu loi ing ^auelrter andl ajnn Liw, rdilh and Tlios A 1'iHmaii

riStSnt -In lonng memory of Scrg-t. Andrew

KinrCK« Froser, killi-J in action, luly 2<)tb 1.110 biloic-J »n «I Mra A I Fraser ard ithe lite Alcxinder Fraser Gla'stone rd , S II

Until Hie !U} dawn »nd elie shadow» fi»c awn} '

FRHSFR -In loving menrary ff Sgt. Anlre ¡ Kinross Fraser, killed in action in 1 ranee

luly 21th 1910

Inserted by his frieni Mr J and H Darby


HARCOURT -In loung memory of our dear

friend William who died luly 20th Uli

lis well for us all some »weet hope tl'S Deeply buri»d from huí ian e}cs. And in tlie hereafter ai g»!» may

Roll the stone from Its grave aaay

Inserted by lils (neilds George anl Hhcl Ross LiN I t r -In memory of our brother Sapper J

I}. II Ulled 111 action, Jul, to 1 Ho

Inserted by bia brothera. Will un Divid, and

W alter

McGRFGOIt.-In loi ng monory of my d»ar

father, Spr J McGregor, who was killed in 1 ranee, lui} 0, l'JIC

lar off in loi ely "to Mans Land, .

It was there be fought uid fell

His life he gue }our life to sa^e

lhat lou I now, we need not tell

Inserted hy hil loving daughter, Jc«4o McGregor

ÎIOOTL -In loving memory of my deir mother.

Mary C Moore, who departed this llf» ..0th Jul}, 191-1

Sidl} missed

Inserted b7 her loung daughter (Nrll)

QUINN -In sad and loving memor} of Reginald

James ejiuin, who died at Beaudesert, -Otli July, 1917

Gone, but not forgotten " Inserted by his sorrowing paicnts

RV\Hl- In lovinc, memor} u! Thomas Eckley

IU}tr (age lil yen»), who departed this life on Dtli Jul}, PJ17

Inserted by bl«, loiuig brothers and sisters

VERRALL.— Sacred to the memory of our dear    

mother, Ann Verrall, beloved wife of John   Verrall, departed this life 21st Jul 1915.

We dream we see your dear, kind face,

And kiss your still, cold brow,

But in our aching hears we know We have no mother now.

Inserted by her loving husband and family.


Mr and Mrs I BINGHAM and family, of lootscra} Melbourne and 1'rls.bane, desire to express their hnrtielt Til VN k3 for the many letters cuds, mid telegnms of s}mi>athy m their recent beri\.i ement ami loss of their son, Priiate Datid (killed in iction), and daughter, Lisle (Mrs Vrdblastcr)

Mrs MIHIANDT anil SON of Keb n Grote, dawe to TILt-NK tlie staff of No " Ward, General Ilospl-al also Dr Bechlel, Dr Vorgaii

and all kind friends for flânai tributes and messages oi si-mpartiy in their recent -d be

reav ement

Mr an 1 Mrs. IOHN McGRECOR and Fimllv : return sincere Í1IAÍ.K8 to their many kind , friends fur their exrTevwions of sympathy, letters, | and telegrama, in their recent sad bcreavonent

Mr. C D RUFF, Mr anl 'Mrs. C II RL11> and Famili wish to THINK the minagcment and staff of Howard Smith Ltd, the Steincnii Kliire Council, the tores-ers' lodge and all fricru!»

for their cxpressiorB of sympathy in their recent


Frederick Pax no, Elfrcdi street, Kan- I earoo Point as the result of a fill off a tighter at Dalgetys Wharf, Bulimba, last evening, sustiiued an injurv to the back and laceration of the tight bird The Ambulance Brigade rendered first aid, and com eyed bim to the General Hospita»,