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Wien the South Bi Loane City Council met Ijctudiv the town c erk (Mr \ Lencj) staten

tlut tue meet uc nad liten adjourned from IriJuy la.t, and tie uusintss, on resuming, uouU be tin election of mai or, tie successful coai'ctilcr to tu-» not le«cr thin tuen votes.

Aldonuin J I Burne prip-jMd Mlernun Cal nev, who bo icier, omi obtained four sip

portcri Mderiiiu llunc nominated Aldc'nan iciioi eld who nii^eJ the chair bj one vote, bi\ bens recorded in h j, favour Aide min 1

btepbens then took a lund in the ru nmg bj p oiiosinj Mdcrinan forrest, but the latter onlv teure 1 loir vctct, Mdcrinan J Caffnrj proposed Mdernnn 1 \\ II Lons, «? ' 0 he saul .11 t fade I on I r'dav hit, but he hoped be w oui 1 «¡necee} to ua} Aletrman I ong obtained li of the r 7 vote«, Alderman II Ne» Ian thought vldcrmnn I I Illirie had a ch n e, but the litter declined to ftanl anl in tern s iprorted Alilern an beliofic d, vv 10 ajiin faileJ Alderman Stephens again no limited Udcrman Iorrc-,1, who was unsuccessful Aide mun Galt

ncj agiin propo ed Aldtnnin Long, who til time ec-curcd the necc-sirv 7 vote" those w o supporte I him ben «.ldcrmcn Giíínov, lliack, ötepiiors, Lout,, Nevlan, Burke md Bar<=t w

A derman Gaffne), m congratulating Aide man Loiij, said he was pleased tint a brother ak'cr man representing No 4 Wa d lud surcc d d He mcmijiied t'int there hid I een Fomc objc tien to 1 publican, certain aldermen having *-l te J that it vv is against their pnne pies to vote fir R publican mavor Some oi the alder uen thought there wai going to be competition between himself md v. dcrmin Long the name as last vcar Persons whore principles would not allow thom to vote for n publicin major did not rclusc, In a commercial or eonipetitic vvaj. lo have anjthinç; to do »ilh tublicans «-hen it came to a question oi building or paint- ing hotels Ile thouc,ut their ittitude wa» nirrovv minded lustra H had not been bu U up on tho«e lines, and could not 6tand on those lines It was not a principle of fiir pla} It was not doing unto others as they would like to be done unto themselves He heartily congratulated the ne» mayor, and hoped his jeir of office would le successful The mai ores», lie was sui , would Uko her part in ft wonianl} vvav (Hear, hear)

Alderman Hilton I rise to 6a» I am sorry Alderman Gnlfncy -.

Alderman Giffnci Don't be sorry for nie

AUerman Hilton said he was sorry the publl caí question had been touched on as it had been that dai The new mi j or and himself bad got on splendid)) durng the past year, and he would assist him nil he could during the ensuing year II was not the time to try experiments in their citj The new mi» or would find a clean sheet with which to commence the years, wort. If the publican quovtion had been ra sod bj any one hut a publlt-m it would have carried some weight

Alderman Forrest sahl, regarding tlie assert-on made in reference to publicans, that he thought they would all agree that ho did not go behind Alderman Long's back in the attitude he had taken up. So long ns the new mayor adhered to a fair pokey in the council ho would support

him. Ile respected both Aldermen Long and, Gjffnoy, hut their calling vue against hi» principles, ro he could not vote to put Alderman Long in tho chair.

Alderman Il.ack said that Alderman Long had been leturncd threj times to the council. If a publiean was sent back three times he was fit to carry, out the duties of major. Ile con- gratulated Alderman bong and h.s eoaû wife.

Alderman Bariton* and Stephens also voiced their congratulations.

Alderman Davies said that as a Rechabite It waa absolutely against bia principles to vote for one in the* liquor trade. It was not It. W. II. Long he voted against." If 'Alderman Long tiad been free from" the entanglements of the liquor trade h« would have voted for bim.

Alderman Gillesp..; mid he was one of tho Individuáis Alderman G'affncv bad spoken about. Uo liad not gone behind Alderman Long's back, but now he was elected he congratulated him on luv ing gained the position. The position of mayor wjs an- honou: ible one. Ho - had Known Alderman Long for many j cara, and he Knew bo would cany out the position with credit.

Alderman schofield Mid that the new mayor's kcjnotc should be oi... uf economy.

Alderman Nellan said, in relation to tho publican question, that there was something behind it. Hilton : Imagination.

Alderman Kevian said there was no imagina- tion. Two' members "of the council * had been canvassed against, and if he were cba.lenged' ho would say more.

Alderman Burke said he was one pf those fellows who, if he happened to have sixpence, would go'tnto a "pub." for a drink.

Aldrman Ncjlan : ' A Jimmy TVbodser I (Laughter.) " " ' ."

Alderman Burke said be hoped that the rift in the lute in the council would now ho healed, and that the mayor would have n successful year.

The Mayor, in reply, thanked those who had voted for him, and cold he would do his best for Suuth L'rlsoano as u whole. Ile was sorry the question of a puolican bad been raised. Publicans were ratepajcrs. aniL, good, .citizens. Their business was a legal one, and.carried out under the Mipert ¡sion- of - the luvv.-Ho .thought that .ucli objeo: "n» tis hod been ra'sed that day had died away. Times had advanced, and ho did nit think, there were many.¿copio whose views lud,not (,? -wn nilli the times. Uo thought, that people had .become" more broad mbi'lad. During the last few weeks -he lud . liad three victories-ho had gained-a wife,-a neat -on-the council, and bad been elected mayor." .