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I Greater Ipswich Scheme.

Tho Order in Council has been issued in connection with tho scheme for the greater city of Ipswich, the auolition of the small ureas nu tlio Ipswich district and the consequent creation of the now shire ot IpBWich, and enlargement of tho shire of Roscv ood Hie Older in Council eil Í3 to take ettect from January 1, 1317, and provides for (1) abolishing tho shires of Brassall, Bundamba, Lovvnod Purga, and Walloon , (2) altering tho boundaries of the city of Ipswich and the shires of Esk and Rosewood, (a) by in- cluding m the city of Ips.vicu parts of the shires of Brassall and Bundamba , (b) by including in the shire of Esk the shire ol Lowood, (c) by including im the shire of Rosewood part ot tho shiro of Walloon i, (3) constituting the shire of Purga and the remaining parts of the shires of Brassall, Bundamba, and Walloon a new Bhiro under the narnu ot tho "shire of IpBWIch", (4) redtviding the city of Ipswich Into four wards vv»th four members assigned to each ward , (5) dividing the new shiro ol Ipswich into BIK divisions with two meinuers assigned to each division, and (C) ie

dividing the shiro of Rosewood into lour divisions with three members assigned to Division 1, and two members euth to Divisions 2, 3, and 4 The mow election of aldermen of the Ipswich Citv Council

and the first election of the councillors ol tho Ipswich Shire Council will bo held nt Ipswich, nomination dey TeLruarv ¿¿ 1917, and election tluv, March 10, 1317

The election in tho city of Ipo.vich will be bj ballot, and In tho shite of Ips- wich by postal ballot Albion Hayno will be returning officer lor tile citv election, and Thomas Kinimore for the shite elec- tion The first election of councillors for Division 4 of the n t will bo held at the time appointed by tha returning ofiicer for holding the annual election in the shire ol Rosewood in 1117 The npproxlmato areas and ratahlo values of the city of Ipswich, tho new shire of Ipswich, and the shire of Rose Wood, as n result of the alteration, will be approximately as follows, the figures for each prior to the alteration ncing shown In parentheses -Citj of Ipswich, area 13 square miles (4), ratahlo value £625,0(10 (£407,255), new shire ol Ipswich, aron 2961 square miles ratable value, £400,000 , shire of Rosowood, uren 250 square miles (218}), ratahlo value, £277, 740 (£212 62G)