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The annual meeting ot the Q.B.F.       Association was held on Wednesday. Mr T W Crane presided over a fair repre-

sentation of clubs. The secretary's   report showed that 31 clubs played in the various competitions last season, comprising over 600 registered players

Out of this number, as far as could be gathered, something like 200 had enlisted   in the Expeditionary Forces. Considera- tion was given to a resolution passed at a delegate meeting held recently,   that no competition be held in the Senior, First, or Second Grade competi- tiona, and that no plavcr of military ago bo allowed to take part in a lower competition " Attcr home disciiS"ion this was earned It was suggested that an) ot the &U1IOI, Tirst, oi ┬ísecond Grade enibs who mi"ht foi m bhould be allowed to play friendly uiatehcb It wab also agiccd to tot into communieition with the militai y foi tes is il H known that theic ne muny Soccer' plajeia m the vin ions camps, and matches will, if po┬╗ cible, bo nunnpod bv the executive It was unanimously derided that Ihc office hpiren of the association who vvcic elected lnst veil should continue in office for Hie ensuing jeai lliese are -Patron, his Kxeclloncv the Governor, president, lion

E J Mci ens, At L C , hon seuetarv, Ali S I Ross lion ttiasiner, Ali A\ m M'Ai Ihm s i han man of committee Mi T \Y Gnuie As theie were sever il vannons on the executive it was decided to leave tbo ap r ointment ovn to n future meetng It was pointed out bv tho fieoretiuv (Mr Rossi that the decision armed nt wag similai to the decision of the conn eil of the rnelish Football *8<wiitinn

with wlmh the QBTA H aftilntcd, and also to the decision of the Southern "Soece " associations of the Common wealth