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"A statutory meeting of the South Brisbane Council was held yesterday,   when there were in attendance : Aldermen E. Barstow, J.E. Hilton, A. Gillespie,     P Forrest,, G.H. Schofield, J       Gaffney, R.W.H. Long, L .Stephens, H.    

Black, J. Davey, J. E. Burke and H. Neylan, and the town clerk (Mr. A.H.   Leney. Eight 0r nine ratepayers were also


The Town Clerk, as returning officer, presided, and intimated the result of the

elections .

Alderman Davey proposed Alderman Long as mayor.

The Town Cleik said it had been the custom of the council not to require any seconder to the nominations for the office of mayor, the member gaining an absolute   majority (seven votes) being elected.  

Alderman Schofield nominated Alder- man Burke, who received five votes ; Alderman Burke nominated Alderman Gaffney, who secured four votes; Alderman Stephens nominated Alderman Forrest,   who got three votes; Alderman Neylan   nominated Alderman Burke, who received   three votes ; Alderman Schofield   nominated Alderman Hilton, who secured six votes; Alderman Black nominated Al- derman Long, who obtained four votes;   Alderman Burke nominated Alderman Gaffney, who received five votes, Alder- man Davey nominated Alderman Scho-     field, who got three votes; and Alderman Noylan nominated Alderman Burke, who on the third occasion received three votes.

Ald J.E.Hilton was yesterday       elected Mayor of South Brisbane entered       the South Brisbane Council in 1911 as a   representative of No 1 Ward which he has continuously represented since. He has served on all the committees of the council, a good representative to fill the            

mayoral chair. Ald.Hilton is a native   of Manchester (England ) and came to  

Bnsbane in 1883. He revisited the Old Country a year ago. He has been     prominently identified with the A.O.F.     Friendly Society which he has acted       as treasurer for 20 years.  

Alderman Schofield moved 'That the   Council adjourn for 10 minutes to talk over the matter." If they went on much     longer, he said, it would be more like a farce than anything else.

Alderman Davey then nominated Alderman Hilton as mayor, and the latter this   time secured seven votes and was elected.

All the members offered congratulations    

to the new Mayor who, in acknowledging what he termed the unexpected honour that had been conferred upon him,  

expressed the hope that at the end of his term the confidence which they had placed   in him would not have been found misplaced. Continuing, he said the council's finances were not very satisfactory   and it would be for the members to con sider whether they could to any extent relieve the ratepayer, or continue on the same rates as at the present time. He took it that at present there was no necessity for any increase in the rates.   Adverting to the condition of the streets   the Mayor remarked that they would compare   with those in other localities,       especially the roadways but the   footpaths wanted considerable improvement and it would be for the committee   and the council as a whole to see     whether they could utilise any money for water channelling or in any other way improve their streets. In these   strenuous times they were not out to reduce labour in any way. They had for a   good many years been using tar and ashes, which were satisfactory in that they left the footpaths clean, but they did not last long enough for this.

The pures* ina most pilatahle ot nlei !«. "Cist'omtint ' Obtainable all first

,!»«.* i> tpl»*

outlay incurred. .Such footpaths broke up very badly, and he had heard a lot ot complaints about them being in such a terrible state. He would like to see something better than that. In conclusion,   the Mayor said he could promise the council that every ward would have fair