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Interstate and Elsewhere.


The interstate match with South Aus

traha, to be play cd on the SI C C ground tomorrow, absorbs attention this week, ind the time is opportune to note how curiously our tis o greatest field games Insc in the last few sears changed theil (.tandpoint in relation to club and inter ututo games Onl)- a few sears ago club foothill was csersthing, interstate foothill nothing m paitictilar-merelj a pleasant, courteous sort of exhibition game, vsnth

1 beg jour pardon" ns its kel note Vic tonans had such a veij good opinion of t licmsclv es that, to use a familiar metaphor, it seemed a shame to take the money 1 c-in speak ver) positiv eh of the standpoint of ciossds on the Alclbotirnc Cricket ground, at any late, m sising that hse sixths of them wished to sec South Aus trihi win Lseu si hen, in a carmsal sei les sonic sears igo, they shocked us m every waj on the Adelaide Cncl et ground, it vsas rcgirded as i passing incident when it was re ills the beginning of a ness cn V\ ithout club matches suffering interstate foothill caine lo its ow n m the same period tint in cricket the club games were ssm nmg bick something of their old time fas our vs ithout the interstate contests sut fcring The change is a very good thing for both gimes because football was rather too Joe ii, the greater issue rather smotheied in the lesser one

Y\ Uli the weather agents a little bit kind the gime to morrow- should be a fine one "Vic Richardson, the South Australian cap tain-who like Giffen, Hill, Jones, Reed mun, mid other fumons Adelaide athletes, won fame in both games-discoscred n. little time ago that there was rather too much beg your pardon ' in the game for South Australian interests and decided to try nipre ' punch ' and less apology It was simply in effort to match victoria with its osvn tactics, and on the Adelaide (.round a few sseeks ago it ssorked grcitly to the profit of the home team Die Vic tonans hasp picked a heasy side for the

return match al» as s a risky policy witli ' ads eric ss eather" about, and the game to morross, m addition to being skilful and

pretty," na it ever lias been, mav bo i athel more iigoious than usual In a man's game this is not, within sporting limits, a matter of \ crv great consequence

Representatives of the Cnrlton executive who arc not in Sydney say that their re cent action in suspending play eis will be amply justified as soon as the committee come together again That is as it may be, but the general sentiment on the matter is that the act and the explanation arc too fir apart, that the Carlton com mittcc cither did too much or said too little lliatthcy have started mtiiguc and opposition m their own ranks ssus to he expected as a matter of cout BO because, as the history of the St Kilda club and others shosrs the hunger foi office is ns keen in football ns in politics There arc always an ambitious few with vs ant of confidence motions in their pockets watching which way the wind sets Disregirdmg the point that self praise is no recommendation, these malcontents of football I base noticed always stv le themsels cs the "reform party," though others might apply it only in a spirit of irony

Tile general opinion nbout the Carlton nffau is that it may turn out to be some thing of a storm in n teacup-not so sen oils at all that it might not very well have been overlooked had Carlton stood nearer the -verge of the first four One hoais a good deal about club loynlty, but with le muting for Melbourne clubs carried on nil over the State, one finds it rather difficult to understand why Koondrook should so love Collingwood, oi Kongwak have a sen timcntal bias for Carlton One suspects rather the ads ice of the northern farmei to his son "Doan't yo marry money, but goa w heer money is " The best that one can expect in the circumstances is that, in the spirit of Hindoo loy nits', n man should he true to his salt, and I have not of late years heard even a whisper of any such want of truth or faith

There are, and always will be, a consider able number of followers of football, and cspcctallv professional football quick to suspect or discover something sinister at the hack of every disagreement When open professionalism vsas first adopted m football, I sasv only one possible danger that it might, with heavy betting on the games, lead to scandals And one carne to that conclusion, not because the game was football but because he saw no reason why football-w lth piofessionnhsm and heavy betting associated-should he diffei

ent from any otliei game There may he betting on football, quite n loi of betting, vet not heavy betting-which is the only thing to fear A good deal of the wngering is really of the sort which ends at patnotie arguments and winch never did much hnrm to any game As for the play, having had occasion to watch it closelv, to -watch it without bias without pi ide in ans one team, oi preitidice agnnsfc another I say most emphalicnlls thnt nevci in my ac nuaintaneo with football-extending as an "Obsci ver' ov cr some 40 y ears-haB the plav in mv opinion been cleaner, fairer, or more manly than in the last fis e y ears In that sense, professionalism has ceitainly done football no wrong

Although the "evening up" process which lins been the most gratifying feature of League football in the last few yens, is still going on, the ideal position will bo reached only when we find Geelong, Mel bourne South Melbourne, nnd St Kilda in the final four VA hy that should be the idea hardly needs explanation to the sports man though it mnv seem strange to the mrtiKarj Two of the vonngest clubs in the League Fitzroy and Collingwood have Toallv never known ads emits such ns Mel

bourne St Kilda mid Geelong, thies of the oldest clubs have too long endured Tarlton South Melbourne Fssendon and "Richmond lime had it both wavs and the Instil v of the Carlton club should be n constant lemindor to those in conti ol of 'ts destinies to day that nil the difference between fust and last m the League may Is» spanned in a couple of seasons by n little more knowledge a little more energy, and mo»l decidedls i little more luck

Interstate Games

'Jhcic will be no league premiership matches to morross, as victorian teams will be meeting South Australia at the Melbourne ground. Nesv South Wales in

Sydncv, and Bendigo at Bendigo

Victoria and South Australia

A fess years ago the break of a Satur dav for the interstate match was looked upon as a nuisance, tolerated onls to help the game along in South Austiaba The

South Australians sscre first to icalise

the importance of these games, and they tried the experiment of selecting their side early, gising the players a chance to practise togcthei The cohesion thus ob tamed made all the diffcienco lo them, and in the last two or tluoe sears the matches have taken such a mm hold on the public that, with fine is eather, thcie should be at least 40,000 spectators nt the Melbourne grouud to morrow to w itncss the contest ,,

The Intel state matches with South Ans (ralin were liiaugtitated in 1870, when two games sseie played in Melbourne, Vic tona winning the first bs 7-14 to 0-3, and the second by 4-0 to 1-_ Since then 38 gimes hnsc been played, of which Victoria has won 28 and South Australia

including the last two

Iln. Victorian team sshich vsent ncioss to South -Vustrnha earlier in the season was considcicd lo be a sliong combination, nnd one quite capable of beating the South -Vttstralians on their own gi murd, but how they received a scveic drubbing by being hopelessly defeated bv 13-14 to 6-9 is noss a matter of history Lies en changes have been mnde foi tomorrow s contest, and the team, winch is i great improve mont on the last one is fnnly representa

tise of the football strength of the State Owing to the injin les he recéis ed in the game against St Kilda last week it is extremely doubtful svhetlier Chadwick will be able to plas but, w lth the exception of Boromeo, ssho was rcnlnced by Beiklon the 20 plavrrs onginalls selected are all mallabie Chadssick has been selected m the 18 and if unable to plni, G Collins, the 1 it-ros follow ci, will fill the vacnncs

C hadssick was not out at pnUiie on uthei I uesdns or I Inn tidal and was not at the meeting of platers libt night Ho is, how ever extreméis HUMOUR to plnv

I ho final ) ractice took place at the Melbourne ground list night, but, owing to the rim and the he ivy state of the ground there ssas not much interest in it, and serious practice ssis out of the question Piacticills the si hole of the

¡llavera were present, but two oi three of diem did not stnp

The phycrs nftcrwirds were entertained it dinner and then held a meeting when thes selected 1' O Brien captain ind P Scanlon siceciptun this will ho 0 Brien s eighth game m interstate foot ball and his second ns cant mi Ile h is also captained a combined J engue team against Biliirat the team and its dispost tion is ns follows -

Hacks - Challis ick J horp, Watson Half B tcks -Moimi, 1 itrmaurice O Brien ten tres-Mason, Scanlon, Williams Half 1 orss nrds -Cayaly Clov er Beckton 1 or wards-C Rankin, Stockdale,, Maher Follow ers - Brs ant, Bcasy, Ros ei - landy

1 mci gem les-Collins, Gulden Todd

Ihe South Aiiblrnlmu leam is as follows -lot wards J Daly I? Bent I' Lewis

half foi-wai ds, 1' 1 urler, A Canst, and -

Mai tin f centres, J. Scanlon, V. K.chiïrdtjon, K. ïlucklow: half-backs, II. Leo, D. Moriarty, \V. Scott; backs, S. White, P. Golding, and K. 1'otts; fix st nick, B. McGregor, R. Whithead, and R. Barnes; second, CaiiBt, Potts, and Paly; reserves. (J. Dayman, P. Perry, and Ashby. Richard- son will bo captain and White vice-cap-


The South Australians left Adelaide yes- terday 'afternoon, and will be received by thc-Xcnguc at the clubrooms this after- noon. Every one o£(thc 21 players is quite fit, although several members of the team have iccentlv had to bland, down from club matches oVing to injuries. Pott« (Nor- wood), who was ii cuMiuIty from the inter- state game in Western Australia, did not »trip for his club ng.un until Saturday last, and McGtegor (West Adelaide) lias not taken part in a match since ho hurt his foot when playing against Norwood on July 28. W. Scott (Noiwood), who uns injured in tlie same caine, stood down on the fol- lowing Saturday, and Moriarty (South Ade- laide) injured ins ankle in last Saturday's match ngninst West Torrens., All these circumstances caused the selectors to hold a hurried meeting on Monday evening, after the interstate men had. trained together, nnd select Ashby (West Torrens) as an extra reserve rnckmnu. The team baa twice trained together this week, and evidence of the extraordinary amount of public in- terest waa given by crowds which ,at tended the Adelaide Oval to see the play- ers have a run together on Wednesday evening. McGregor showed n marked im- provement on his foim of Monday night, and it is probable that lie will strip in Mel- bourne. Should he not be able to do so Dayman, who is first emergency, will re- place lum in the fiist ruck, leaving Ashby as reserve follower. The leam will have a run this afternoon to work* off the stiffness of the train journey. The South Australian members of the Federal Parliament will en- tertain the team at morning tea at Federal Parliament House? on Saturday morning, but there will be no other entertainments until after the match. The official party will number 32. The'member« of the team consider that, although the Victorian half- back line is strong, the South Australian half-forwards (Mai tin, Canst, and Furier) should be equal to the task set them. They think Clover is the strongest maa on the Victorian half-forward line, but if Moriarty is at.his best he should be able to hold bira. ^.Richardson, the South Australian, skipper, will he unable to leave Adelaide

until Friday afternoon.

A matter wldch the South Australian delegates will «discuss with the League will be-infregard to rumours which have* been circulated that the South Australian League feels that once the standard of the Australian game in New South Wales has risen to the lovel of the game in South Aus- tralia, the Victorian League would throw South Australia over in favour of New South Wales, the reason being that friction existed between the South Australian and Victorian leagues. So jar as the South Aus- tralian League is concerned, jio friction

whatever exists.

Victoria v. New South Wales.

A strong Victorian Mile, under the management of Mr. 31, E. Green, Hie popular Fitrroy secretary* and one of thc'sclcctors, left'Melbourne on Wed- nesday to play on Saturday ugainfct n Kew South Wales eighteen. When the Kew South iWcIbluncii were In Melbourne earlier in the Reason, they showed a knowledge of the finer points of the game that was surprising, and their fine finish evoked much ntypuriblo comment. Since then they lune had visits from Melbourne nnd Carlton, and Um matches ugainst thc*c tu o clubs ba\e done much to Improve Hie status of the game in the northern capital. 'During the last two JOTS the game has made extraordinary strides in Sidney, and a,significant fact is that of the team that visited Melbourne earlier in the season, no fewer than 14 of the players were natives of New South Wales, Of the original (cam selected, Duncan, Jenkins, and Watt ha\e found it impossible to viBit Sjdney, Hisken«, Tarbotton, and Hunter being selected to fill the utcancies., Watt is at present ill with influenza. .The team is as follows:

II. Bell (Carlton); P, Howe (Collingwood); II. Laing, Hunter (Kindon) ; E. < Q. Elliott, J. Freake, II. Tarbotton (Fitzroy); W. McOflrter, A, Pink, s A. Rankin (Geelong); 31. Anthony, H. Dunbar (Melbourne); F. Harley, N, Mcintosh (Richmond)', H. Alexander, li. Johnson, A. IHskcns (South Melbourne); U. O. Carr, J. Jenkins (St.

Kilda). , /tv

Just how Ianthe game has progressed in Sidney may-be gauged from the following information from Mr. A.Í.A. Kerr, a», enthusiast io worker for the Australian game:- ^ ',?*

"The Australian game in Sjdney can be divided into three groupsr-A. senior Jeague; Ii, junior league; 0, íchools. The Senior league, .or con- trolling 'body for New South Wales, makes nil the arrangements'for-grounds for all clubs to play on.-''At the present time there, are six good grounds, .besides* open plajjng arcas "in parks. Of those,. three, Erskineville, Hampden, -und North Sydney -Ko. 1,( are revenue producing, and Alex- andria, North Sydney No. 2, nnd Ashfield Park, non-revenue producing. Ground« are tendered for from.>ear tai j ear« «nd as competition.between rival enmnijitcesLis keen, costs of grounds are high. The revenue obtained from the grounds i& used by the. League in pajing ground rentals, pires', fces,r management expenses, and also

junior league 'is1 subsidised to the extent of £50

annualh*. <

"Eight teamtt4orm*tlm Senior League, viz., Nevv .own, Padding"to*nTSjdnej\ Railway, Police, North Sjdncy,,Kast <Sjdne>7 and .Balmain. -These clubs play for a>pennant given hy. the League, and this season each club was granted £10 from League funds towards purchasing new uniforms.

"The Junior L/iague plajs all Its matches prior to League games on the grounds provided by the League. Tield umpires r are appointed by the Junior League, hut ure paid /cr by (lie senior body. Five Sciiior League teams have teams ii the Junior League, comprising, viz., Newtown Paddington; Sydney, Railway, and North Sydney. Teams are also entered from bouth Sjdney. Botany, Ashfield, .Roseberry, -and Illawarra, making ten team» in* all in the A grade Junior League. These teams are plaving for u trophv known as the Browning-Matthcvvs cup. This is the first season this trophy is being plajed for. It be held by the premier club each season, and i club winnini;tit three times retaints, it.

"ThevJunior League also have a Ii grade com* petition, in which this season five club* ure par- ticipating. These teams plaj- for the Healey cup, presented by their lion, sccretarv, Mr. G. \\

Browning. . In addition to this trophy, the win* uing team also receive medals. Teams entered in Ulis competition are from Newtown, South Sydney, Glenmore Road, Dockyards, and Lane Cove. Therej are also three teams composed of plajers under IG j cars of age, who play matches against one another. Present Indications point to further teams entering next season, and T grade competition being formed for them.

"All school matches are controlled by the Public Schools' Amateur Athletic Association. The competition is divided Into two grades grade A and grade B. In gnuie A, live teams, Gardener's Road, Ashfield, Newtown, Double Day, and Hurstville play for the A.N.A. shield In the B grade, 12 teams, Gardener's Road B, Gardener'h Road C, Kogarah, Lane Cove, Erskineville, Pad- dington, Crow's Nest, Glenmore Road. Waterloo, Long Bay, Petersham, nnd Epping, plav for the Bullas shield. The New* Soutli Wales League also present medals to,the winning teams, 'lhc whole of the teams fit A anil B grades also c

pete for the *Monro-King cup, presented aunt .

to the team showing the best sjbtematlc play and team work. AU matches are plajed on the grounds of the League."

League v. Bendigo.

Tlie team to represent the'League at Bendigo

is as follows:

E. J, Lawn, C, E. Tyson (Collingwood); H. Curter, N. Cockrum (FiUroj ) ; L. Haggar, " Mathieson (Geelong): R. Corbett, H. Coy, ... Tulloh (3fclbourne) ; D. Minogue, K. Taj lor ÍRich

(St. Kilda).

Hislop (Richmond) is unable to play, an

another man Is lo be selected, while there Is _ possibility that Tulloh (Melbourne) will not he


Interesting football is expected to-morrow, there being two matches which arc more than ordinarily t-..... ..__*- ..__, --?'J0UrnCi ot r -i

Hawthorn, "_

Williamstown. FooUcruy are six points ahead of Port Melbourne,""but they are taking every pre- caution lu not losing their position at the head of the list at the em! of the first round, which carries with it the right of an extra gnuie if necessarj*. They have to moot Port Melbourne, Brighton, and Prahran, however, and their chances of keeping ut the top are rosy. Haw thom (third) ure four points nliqnd of Williamstown; and Bruns- wick (fourth) ara two points behind Hawthorn and two points ahead of Williamstown. A win for Williamstown and Brunswick will reduce Haw- thorn to fifth place, len\lng the -victors fourth and Brunswick third. It js probable that Foottv craj, Port .Melbourne, and Williamtown will fill the first three places, with Hawthorn und Bruns- wick fighting for »fourth.

FOOTSCRAY look upon the meeting with Poit Jlelbourne to morrow as the game of the reason, but are confident that they will finish on top Samson will most likelv be unable lo play, but Sampson, having recovered from an attack*of in tlueii7Ji, is available. Eason and Oaten will also

tclcoincd in the tram. McLcod, Dlbb, Sa«.

G. Woodman, and bennion will be replaced Outcn, Sampson, N. Wood m in, Smith, und Kitson. On Sat urda j week n gift daj* has been arranged to forward the bazaar arrangements

PORT MKLBOritNE have suffered severely from JtkiHWi and Injury, hut the outlook ÍH now brighter. Dobrigh. Johnson, and W. Rudd have recovered, und will reappear against 1'ootscr.r to-morrow. lavlor and Tusker .ne still on ti* injured lht, nnd Taker's brother received a knock that might prevent him plaving to mor Forhes is training hard, but he is not jet fit

Bltr.N'SNICK, after a hard giiielling gime

'.iturdav. aie a very hore, shattered. ,uul brulwd ..onihfnution. O'Connor, with an injurv to the groin, is a doubtful starter, as ulso is Keogh (their reliable halfback), who, earlv in the game, injured a ligament in Die thigh. Mcluernej (the goal-kicker) was shifted to the rentre to tike O'Connor's place, but also was unfortunate in r

ceiling a knock. The services of u doctor wc__ required on the ground before he n gained full consciousness Ihe vire captain (Fisher) and Raleigh have been limping all the week, Rohort«, who has been on the injured list, is available. The committee IIHS been extrcmelj active during ?he week, and if they are Mirrewful in their îiTorts. there will he some RUIprises tomorrow \ function in aid of the club has been arranged for August JÎJ

. WILLIAMS!OWN" report nil well, and expert a good game against Hawthorn. Thev favour their chances, although thev anticipilr a hard game 'Jhe team in plajtng wi well that the

lion committee is no«, making any alteration . orow. A M)cial lo the plajers will take place on Vomlav.

IUWTHORN anticipate a hard game ogainst Williamstown, and, with much importance at- taching to the îesult, tlie best available team is being belectul Nott received slight concussion against North Melbourne, and will not bo tit to plav« and Griffiths will tnk-" his place. laUinm continues to occupv Ids high position on the goal-kicking list, much to the pleasure of the


family. 'Ihe W> Haw thorn on S

ors against Hrlghtoh' to-morrow. Like Hrigh ton, North Melbourne are now lookh.g for big things from tho team nc^t year, and have cor roenced -to build it up with that end in view.

PHAU HAN icports that everything ia going (

quietly. Field was unfortunate in receiving « kick on the knne that will probably prevent bim plajing nguiu this i-eason, while Porgeiis was a pa in injured, awl will not he mallabie. Greenwood, who was unable to pluv last week, will lie a--" " ' * *'".* "* ""

the other

was unlucky to Io<-.c J à st .-aturda*. The team and supporters will tr«\cl to Goetong liy a fpc eial train leuvins Spencer street at 12.5S p.m.


NOItTIICOTE'S sick men, Including the captain (Sheehy) and vice-captnht (S. Yates) ba\c all made a good recovery, and are available for Relec tton to-morrow. lïuwt, who bas been (-.uttering froth an injured ankle, is a doubtful starter. Iii lias been folocted. but if nuable to play McCaskc w11) take hi« place. P. Yates will be in.

MUGIIT-OX meet Korth Melbourne, and a fine contest is expçctcd, as each' time they met the peores have been very close. Brighton supporters consider that the team has not been endowed with pood fortune, as in the last three matches they have been beaten hy a few points only. Realising that it is impossible for them to participate i the semi-finals. Hrlghton are confining nttcntio

to the building up of n team for ne.\t J ear, and are including u junior ever}' match. Tonkin,

has been out since the Hawthorn match, is '

again, and Boyd has recovered sufficiently from au injury to the leg lo be included in the team. Borland has to appear before the Investigation Committee to-night us'the result of an episode with Miller, of Prahran, last Saturday.

GKKI-ONG will be at home to Prahran, and the team is making every effort to secure their first win of the. Benson, as Prahran have won only two rnfttehes, whilst they have drawn a third. Brady, who played against Brunswick in the first round, will be'In. He haß been lately playing with Forrest, who have just completed their matchee. Martini, the * Ice-captain, w ho has been out of the game- since the second match owing to an Injured knee, was training last night, and, ns his leg stood the strain, he will be available. Macfarlane is down with influenza, and will not be picked. Thorley, who ricked his back at pracice a week ago, has íecovered, and is amongst the starters.

Public School Match Postponed.

The match between Scotch College anti Xavier I College, which was to have been played on the I Melbourne Cricket-ground yesterday, was post- poned, owing to the heavy falla of rain which were continuous during the afternoon. The ground was in a very hodden condition. The match probably be pla>cd next week, though no

finite date has yet becn-fked. The game '

not -affect tim position of the schools in first or second place-Melbourne-. Grammar School, and Wesley-who are to play to-day- Scotch Is at present third, with two wins out of four matches, and. Xavier, with one win, is equal hut the two Geelong schools'.

Today Melbourne Grammar School -will play Weelo v College, on the Melbourne Cricket-ground. The Geelong Grammar School will meet Geelong College on tho Corio Oval, Geelong,

Junior Association.

Matches nnd umpires for Saturday:

Preston v. "\VHliamntawn ifield, Nugent; coal. Jordan and Dowling).. -Footscray v. North .Melboumo (Lchcney: Wright and Merlo«). . Carnegie v. Brigh- ton (Hnlfiwnny: Halden and Walker). Prahran v. Kew (Arnott; Stitt and Collins). South Melbourne v. Yarrarille. nt S.M.C.G. (Lovell: Harmon and White). Northcote v. Port Melbourne (Molloy;

McDonell and Gibson).

Melbourne Districts Association.

Umpire« for Saturday'---Moreland v. Brunswick Júniora, at Cqbuig Itocrcation Ucarno (Tatterson) ; Oakleigh v. Ivanhoe, at Oakleigh Recreation Re- serve (Wilkinson); Hawthorn District 1. Alphington, at Glenferrie »Sport* Ground (.More): Publie Service

"litfield, at Amateur Sport« (¡round (Uiver); ._ District v. CanibiTttcll, at Richmond City Reservo Otrillj).

* Protestant Churches Association.

Fixture« for Saturday;-Pender*« Grove Methodist«

Methodists v. St. Silas' Church of England.

Matches In the Country.

WELLINGTON (N.Z.), Wednesday.-The Ne

Zealand Itughy Union has received a letter from its representative on the English Rugby Union stating the terms on which a New Zealand team would be invited to tour Knglaud in lilli. The terms were that the" team bhouhl be the guests of the English Union, which would pay all proper expense« of the tour, including .return fares. The New Zealand Union consider« the terms acceptable, and is seeking the confirmation of district unions.

*£|5 Fine. for Non-appearance.

Ï10BART, Thureday.-Final consideration was given at n special meeting of the Tu-tnanian Foot- ball League to the notion of the North Hobart club in falling to appear to play against Cana nore on Saturday following on the governing body penalising P. Martyn, captain and coach of North Hobart, on the charge of having been in an unfit condition to take the field hi the North South match ut Launceston on the previous Satur- day. It was decided to fine the clu|) £15,

Invitation ~ to Tour England.

MILDURA.-The final match in the last round of the Wednesday -Football Association, played on Wednesday afternoon, resulted in "a win for Imperials by 7-11, " against Fitzroy 4-1.

first semi-final is to he played on Augusd. 29.

Sport In Argentina. See special article bv Leonard Matters in this week's it-sue of "The Australasian," uval bible from Wedue-djy mum