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^Ite gïisbaiu (Eoium*.


Tile estim ited attendance at tho Ev lnbition yesterday wau 60 000, and tin gale- receipt-; £2J2J/G/2, l»«>uli boin,; re- tord-«, Th.. ligures for the dav of 1915 avete 57,100 and 12220/2/.

The Queensland "Soccer" football team   yesterday defeated New South Wales by 3 goals to 2.

At «lie brisbane Stadium vesterdav Daves Fin ii li defeated Jimmy Clotobj on points, .liter a full 20roimd contcbt

'ihe QTC ¡MelropolttaiL Handicap wai won bv Lolchen, vvitlli Yankee York fcccond. and Notus third.

Tue Jondowaie butler fictory aros de- stroyed bv faic eatlv jesleidaj morning

Ovei ICO application«, have been recciv ed at Hochbampton to join the Aus trahau expeditionary forco, and o vet' CO ct-naval men and re crvists have mado apphcation to rejoin

Details of the einlung of the German Biibmanne show that the British cruiser Birmingham only fired two shots, and each struck, the submarine

llMng George boa telegraphed- to the

Kihi of the Belgians a tribute to the gallant Belgian army.

Lord kitchener's second army of 100 000 it, being ripidlj c moiled, and the mobilisation of the Icri.touuls is being completed.

The King and Queen motored to Aldei shot, and made i complete tom of the garnsou, reccivintj ovations everywhere

Thete is perfect e tim throughout Gieat Britain, and the living or maximum puces for ioodstuffs jf> apparently uniieeossarj, as pr'cts remain pi iclicully normal

'Hie Archbishop of Canterbury has ap- pointed Trida} as a day o£ prajer and inliicetion ¡u connection willi the wai

Sir lîonalil Munio-Fcrguson, Governor General of Australia, has offered llaith llouse, Kaihcaldj, .is a hospital.

Financial conditions in Great Britain are bleadily improving.

The Government Press Bureau m Lon- don stales thal at this period ot hos- tilities no news of importance can lie expected, us no movements of the British al my or its allies can be divulged, and ovei the proceedings of the enemy lies the fog of war.

Ten thousand German cavalry, followed by a detachment of infantry, have com- menced a methodic ii reconnaissance of the French and Belgian positions, and a battle is exnectcd in a few days

It 13 estimated that Germany will b« able to launch teventeen army corps, a^RTOgatircc ! COI (X10, against Northern liante and Belgium

Setious outnges by German «.loops h tv i been reported

Two thousand alleged German spies have been ai rested in Belgium.

The Pans papei "Le Matin ' declares that theie is not a single German soldier

in Trance

It i" stated that lhere a>-e daily riots in Berlin owing to ihe rise in price* of


The Russians have gained several suc- cesses on the Austrian frontier

The «¿ervians have made some captures

on the Auatmn frontiei

The Germans have evacuated Swakop niund, the principal port of German

South-west Africa

fresh offers of suppoit nie being ie cerved from the Native States of India

Owing lo the rush of volunteers, Canaaa will only send picked troops to

assist Great Britain

T.he province of Alberta, Canadi, is ofttring to supply a. full wai- supply 0f oats for the British army.