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Vbout 2500 »icrsons fratlieicd it the Brisbane Uriel ct Ground on 'Nilurdiy foi tho opening match of the «eckt, Aiis triliini carnival which the Oiiecnsland lootlxill League is nmninj: under Üie ansptccK of tile Australian 1 ootKilI Coini ml ni Melboumve» It w is between Col

hngwood (premiers of Vietoru) and South Vdehidc (prr»iii>eiN «if ^oirtlt Vustralii

l"our loams-the picnncr tcnnib of "V le tona, South Australia, vvcst Vustralii (Perth), ind iasmania (Lanamorc)-aro taking part in the present, campaign in Brisbane which has loi its chief ollie clive the poimlojising of the "instriilim garnie in QucQtislaud at a crwt -those m aiitliuity state ot ^)00 C400 of which is being horne each by Victoria la-jmanu ind South ^n tiaba and J.r>00 In West \,us ti-nbu while the AuEtnluu loothnl]

Council is bucking the ?enterprise to the oxton! of a donation ot a.1-180 The conn eil also has sent up one ot its best um pirca "Mr Tim Lime, ot Melbourne to rePoTOp the matches A e,oal 1 ni ing oom petition prior to ilia in itch w ts won by \ralerson, of Collingwood who kiel ed 72 yards

îhe 111-st score was un favour of Col

Itngviooel I oxton 1 iil»m¿ i t,oal Goals were ilso kicked for this team by Hun tiniyion Gield Curtis and Wilson while \i allvee Cettmgs and Anderson re- giste i ed gods for South Vdclaiele Hie svon t the elose of the quartei weio Collingwood i goals 2 belimds (32 pou ts) ^oiith Adelaide 3 goal« 2 be lund-, ('0 pouits) In the aeeond quaiter (Jirke and I leaded "cored goals for South adelaide and A\ ils,on foi Collin? wood The quarter ended with the scores

Collingwood o goals 1 bchinds south Adelnde r> goals, "i bchinds In the thud: quitrtt-i Collingvvood's number of goals was mere wd to 8 bv the agency of Seddon and Ijaxton and South \ddniilo's linmhcr to 7 hv the agency of Chule and Wind «-oí and the close of lins period saw the score» South Vdeltndc 7 goals 8 he hinds Collingwood 8 goals 0 behinds rho third quarter was most cxcilmg and the match eventually ended in a draw, Hie frirai scores being Collingwood 0 gods " bchinds (61 poiints) South Adelaide 8 goold 13 belmids (di points)