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"Soccer"' devotees attended in thousands at the Albion Flats on Saturday to watch the inter-district match-Ipswich v. Bris bane. These teams vveie brought to- gether to enable the selectors to better choose .a team to represent Queensland v. New South Wales, at Brisbane, dur- ing Show week. It was the biggest at- tendance seen at a soccer match, in Bris- bane since the interstate .match played at tho Brisbane Cricket Ground in, the presence of tile Governor some-years ago.

The teams "were:- '

ipswich (Red).-T. Weller, Ipswich City (goal): R. Spence, St. Stephen's (light fullback): G Biirtuws, Goodna (left full back),; G. Simpson; Booval (riglit half): A. Heaton,'Rangers (centre half); A. Gibbs, Rats (left half); A., Goodna (outside right); C. Burns, Goodna (inside right): J. Dodds, City (centre); D Potts, Rats (inside left); G. Halls, Boya! (outside left). .

Brisbane (Blue).--Burgess (goal), Hand; (left full back), Hanlon (right full back), Peebles (right half), Menzies (centre half), Shipley «eft half), Nichols (outside right), Dougall (inside right), Worral!» (centra), Russell (inside left), Hurst (outside left).

The referee was Air. li. Addley. nanok led the home team, and Gibbs the


Ipswich won the loss, and kicked to- wards the Albion Station. There was some excitement as a foul was given ugainst Burrows,' of 'Ipswich. From the kick Brisbane attacked hotly, and only* a free against Worrah relieved the près sure. A foul was given against Burns, and subsequently Ipswich pressed forward. They almost got home, and Burns for holding the home team's goal- keeper was penalised. The Reds were not to be. elenied, and displaying a pretty combination. Burns managed to find the net after 13 minutes' play.

Ipswich, 1 goal.

Brisbane, nil. ^

The home team carried plnj' into their opponents' territory, but on a foul being given against Dougall, the Rods again prevailed, and a fast shot by Hall, the outside left just went ove»: the bar. The Reds still 'besieged, and Dodds, from a shot right in front, imac conntublj- missed an open goal. Brisbane Tuck made n (rush along the way, and Simpson" gave a corner against Ipswich. It was a nice corner for the home team, but a brilliant screw kick b.v Gibbs centred play. Then Brisbane lind an anxious few momenta, during which Hanlon tivticc brilliantly relieved the tension. Half time saw the scores :

Ipswich, 1 goal. *

Brislxme, nil. _

On resuming a free was given against Gibbs (Ipswich). Hanlon took the kick, and Worrall beading for goal just missed. Ipswich transfpired, and a corner was given against Brisbane, but the kick was astray The game, as «n ex- hibition ' of soccer, was improving every minute, becoming cleverer, faster, and moro open. Russell by manoeuvring instead of shooting lost a'splendid open- ing for Brisbane, who were now having the best of matters. AA7orrall had still another sbot, and, although a good at- tempt, it failed. Ipswich then .made a dash, and Burns's shot was put over the bar by the Blue goalkeeper, thus giving Ipswich a corner. The ball was sent to a handy position, and when a Red score seemed most probable Egtts nullified the opportunity by handling. Then Russell, the inside ligiht, passed to Dougall, the inside left, who cleverly beat three men and scored, amid cheers.

Ipswich, 1 goal; Brisbane, I goal.

The cheers had not died away when Ipswich made a vigorous response. Burns broke away on his own, and practically "walked" the ball into the net.

? Ipswich, 2 goals; Brisbane, 1 goal.

' Brisbane was at the time plnymg with 10 men, Hanlon having retired with an in- jured left ankle, hut he soon returned. The excitement waxed as Brisbane forced for- ward. Worrall once more eliot, hut the ball went over the net liy nn inch or two.

Brisbane next bad a corner and two frees in succession, and as a result of the latter Worrall once more sent over the bar. Hie last few minutes were very exciting, aa the Blues pressed incessantly. Fanal scores : j

Ipswich, 2 goal». ' Brisbane, 1 goalL