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Suggested Reclassification.

BALLARAT, Thursday- - Mr Charles C P Wilson, engineer of the Buninyong Shire, made some interesting rccommenda- tions to his council to day regarding nationalisation of roads he suggested that the Ministry be asked to appoint a com mittee, or Royal commission, to consist of the Minister for Public Works as chair- man, the chairman of the Country Roads Board as deputy chairman, one member ap- pointed by the Municipal Association, and one by the National Roads Association, to make a thorough classification of roads

into -

(1) National roads, being roads of great national


(2) Main roads being roads of a national nature but of less importance than national


13) District roads being roads chiefly of district Importance and, further to inquire into and generally advise upon ways and means in a com prehenslve manner also to Inquire into the location and cost of works on the several classes of roads as between the Government and the


It was further suggested that the pro portion of the costs to be borne by the municipality should not exceed one-eighth in the case of national roads, one-fourth in the case of main roads, and one third in the case of district roads

Damage by Motor-lorries

The motor-lorry traffic, Mr Wilson said,   was daily increasing, and must be catered for as it was most essential to national progress and could not be done without, but it was quite impossible for the muni- cipalities to meet the cost on the present basis which is not at all fair to the muni- palities By-roads would, of course, be   left solely to the control of the munici-  


Councillor G Eason, who is a motor car owner, said that the people who tore up the roads should be the first ones called upon to maintain them. Before motor vehicles came in, the councils could main- tain their roads. Every motor-car owner should pay £20 to £50 a year, and motor   lorry-owners £100. Even at that figure the   damage done by lorries would not be paid for. Competition was affecting the rail ways, and the Government should do some thing to protect itself

Mr Wilson's report containing the sug gestions mentioned was adopted, with the addition that the committee should include representative of the Railways depart


Councillor Clarke asked if toll gates could be erected to compel motor vehicles     to pay their fair share towards the upkeep of the roads. Had the council the power to erect a toll gate?  

Mr Wilson - I wish we had.

Large Contracts Authorised

Among the tenders recommended by councils and authorised for acceptance by the Country Roads Board were the follow ing developmental roads, to be constructed under the supervision of the municipali

ties -

Charlton Shire- forming & metalling 15,600 ft   on the Teddywaddy ro

Ihcchus Marsh mid Corio clurfo -I ornunff and metalling- 12 800 lineal feet on the Balliang roid J Madden Bacchus Marsh i.4 "(l8

1 uroa Shire -Construction of 11 213 lineal feet including pipe culverts on the Arcadia road M hennedi Karramomus viaArcadU Í.IÍ1S8

liena!)i Shire-Construction from Drummonds to lords, fiions road. R I Crockford Benalla

£3 J43

Cohuna Shire-Suppls of mehi and screenings Keel> s hue, irencli and Co 4 Noel street Isjn

> i"W2

Cohuna bhire -Supply and ilelirery of met ii ind ^Greenings Cohuna McMillan's road Midland Quarries Ltd Hung; Hong; i.2 .£13

Cohuna Shire -Supplj of metal ind screcnuic,

Murray Vallej road Ml Hand Quarries lid linn!; Bong, i.i.1100 (Federal grant)