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giTV iftlPl.eVEMENTS,






Tlio AI yoi of ßiisbine (Vldeiniin C AJ len! nison) in Iii eouib of n i inter new bj a Couuci icpiesentatne yes t ulai made an lmpoitant btilenicnt

with itoaid to Ins city nnproieiniut


I um üiimlv of the opinion ' he sud ' that Biisbiine ia going to be t'ie gleitest eily mulei the "southern Cioss lins be bet s the 1 cj note ol my actions at the picsent time loi in the pioieeted mi piovcinents mil beaulificatiou of till citj it is nnjiei tiru that this should bp 1 opt m the ioiefioiit It is necessuiy foi n,

in a growling citi bl o Bnsbane to have a bioad vision and look not onlj to to dal oi next weel but foiuail ta Hip needs in the ) tai s to come Av hen 1 men tioncd to the deputation of business men who waited iq on mo on Moiday that I intended to is >. the council lo agi ce, t i project foi the widening of Adclaid u d Vim btuets I had these f ets m i i"ii JI imibt hav o been boi ne m on el crv light* Inn! mg man that Queen street will not long 1 e able to tuny the traffic it will be called upon to beal for it is al rend) at unions times of the du) con grsted to a veiy largo extent wluci îendeis quick transit i nialtei of diffi eulti Blip piomim, ti iffie irom tie Valle) and the magnificent whanea which hive been erected theie rendéis it nccessaiy tint anothci oi laigei outlet

blnll be pionded foi tho cuii)ing ot tího

ti iftic Hie pioposal 1 have m minti is to naden Adelaide stieet b) the lesiimp lion ot about loft fioni Geoiige bti cet to Petnes Bight lestinnne, that amount of giound the enturo length of tho stieet on the western side J alsi desnp that the 1 md now occupied by the Railwaj Com miss onei s ofliccs ah ill bo lesumcd an I Aoel tide stieet cmied tluough to Noith Qui) al the width J hue foiocasl Hie piejcnt Supienie Comt building could be utilised ns i publie libiaiv. oi tri "al

len and the space aiound it might be laid out as public guldens so that tho eili/ons could have the full benefit of a lung spi e light m the heart of tho eily mid facing the Bnsbane mci

Thib scheme will enable a double line ¡Î tram ti nolls to bo laid, so that the ti iffia honi the western districts ti the A mllei, and vice veisn mu be catered foi without encioachmg on Queen stieet V wile sweep should be made into Petrie s Bight bi the lesiimption of the area opposite the National Jlotel Hie pioposnl is (Jen tint Ann stieet from Byrnes Statue eli ill be mido to a fiimlir width as Adel nie stieet ngoit dowm to the AVaterloo Hotel The dingoious conloi oppohiU the Cus ioma House now occupied by Messie Qiunlau Gi ay and Co and the Castle maine J3reweii, wall 1 hope, nibo b« ip moled ly the rcbinnption of sufficient giound to gue a "ood sweep foi the tiaffu going mound tint poinei The pioposed lcsumplions m Adelaide-strcel ma) on the surface appen a huge project but ia now of whit I have ah cady said tt is better to faca the situation boldly toda), and malo piovision foi the future tint to wait nnld it ia i matlei of oinpulsiou to do Hie vv ni when the vnlucs nie cou bidernbl) lngliT than now.

Ann street opposite the Ccntial Station, is albo ultcily inadequate foi the tnfiic md 1 hope tnat sufficient of the giound now occupied by the Nonnal behool c in be i csuined m ordei to widen Annslicct at that paiticulai place lu fact 1 would hie to seo the whole ot that aiea and also that occupied hy the dull shed comeited into a public squire, winch, could bo used by citizoub par ticulaily during lunch hour, as a lung


His Worship mentioned that a bnnd stand tould be erected theie and music pionded ft certain hours during the day

it would be of incalctil ible benefit to it least the youn0ci gcneialion, who now had prtotieally nowneie to go duung

lunch hour, many spending their time walking or lolling about Queen-street until they again went to their duties.

"' I notice from correspondence in tljo 'Courier,' " continued the Mayor, " that tho-question-'ijf the ferries und the tory

service is boing "constantly referred to.-, I. would like it to 'be understood that neither the Ferries Committee nor myself have forgotten what is necessary in Unit direction. The matter is bcint, thorough- ly gone into, and I ñopo soon to bo able to submit a proposal that will render tha.1 service moro effective and up to date than it has ever been. Unfortunately there is 60 much to do. and so little time in which to do it, that everything cannot bo attended to or righted at


Discussing the Town Hall question, the Mayor Baid :-" The disposal of the site winch is generally known as Couldcry's ground, which was yesterday tho Roman Catholic Cnurch, removes the .block to proceeding with the erection of the proposed Town Hall on the Albert Squaiie site. That matter is now likely to engage the attention of the Town Hall Committee at an early date, and I hope 'it will not ho long before the etigma of Brisbane naving no suitable Town Hall will be removed once for all. Ono of tho primuiy motives that animated nie in this sale was the fact that I learned from Dr. Duhig that it was intended to erccl on the ground a cathedral nicely to be the admiration of not only the citi- zens, but also of visitors. I realised that this would ibo helping markedly in the beautification of 'Brisbane. Had it been sold for trading purposes, tho area would. in all probability, have been largely, if not entirely, built on, and no commercial edifice ivouid havo been likely to give the beauty to the site that the contem- plated cathedral will. As is customary in such buildings as the latter, there is bound to be nn area surrounding the edifice that will not bo built on, hut will probably be laid out in such a way as to add to lim appearance of the cathe- dral, be restful io the eve, and altogether beautify the aspect. The jprice .paid lo the council for the area is £18,500. Tt cost the council £10,250 at tlio end o£


The Mayor said lip hoped the citizens, when consulted, would look at the matter in the same light as himself. He was convinced that he had not only the maiority of the aldermen, but also the bulk of the citizens at his back. He did not think the ratepayers objected to the expenditure of money, so long ng they were satisfied that they were getting, or going to get. reasonable value for the expenditure. It was with these ibeliefs and this faith, in the future greatness of the city that Tie was tackling the subjects indicated. ITn again emphasised the loyalty of, nnd help he was receiving from, Ins colleagues on the - council in this forward movement.