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Grand Final To-morrow.

The postponed grand final match of the Vic- torian Football League premiership will be played on the Melbourne Cricket-ground to-morrow be- tween Fitzroy and Essendon. The members of the two teams have been in full training, but it has been surprising to find that the postpone- ment of the game last Saturday has caused great loss of interest in the match. To an ex- tent it is regarded as an ordinary game, instead of a contest to decide the championship of Vic- toria. It is remarkable how the interest in foot- ball dies out with the advent of spring racing and cricket. There are many delegates now

thinking of what might have been had the match

been played last Saturday. As it turned out the fine afternoon was wasted, for thousands of people who would have 'revelled in watching the play, and there would probably have been a record at- tendance. One enthusiast yesterday expressed the  

opinion that the postponement would cost the

league £1,000.

The teams have met twice this year, and on

each occasion Fitzroy were clearly the master  

side. Their force and determination seemed too much for Essendon, who did not show up well  

against them. In neither of those games was Essendon able to get its fast system going and

was well beaten. Fitzroy won the first game by

8 goals 12 behinds (60 points) to 4 goals 12 be- hinds (36 pointe), and in the return match they scored 10 goals 18 behinds (78 points) to 8 goals 9 behinds (57 points).

Essendon were beaten by South Melbourne three weeks ago, while Fitzroy beat the Southerners a week later. The figure's are all against Essen- don, but the side has a knack of rising to an occa- sion, and though Fitzroy are the favourites there is a strong feeling of confidence at Essendon that they will turn the tables on the maroons, and will win the match and the premiership. What-

ever may be the result, the game should be in- teresling, for the styles of the teams are quite dissimilar.    


ESSENDON.—Backs—Donaldson, Baring, J. Har-    

rison. Half-backs—Hunter, Fitzmaurice, Laing. Centres—Garden, May, Watt. Half-forwards- Ir- win, McCarthy, Shorten. Forwards—Barker, Stock- dale, Hardy. Followers—Beckton, Rawle. Rover —Maher. Emergencies—Hayes, Farrell, Jenkins.

FITZROY.—Backs—Atkinson, Jenkins, Wigraft. Half-backs-Tarbotton, Molan, Elliott. Centres— Dickens, Corrigan, Sherry. Half-forwards—Par- ratt, Cockram, Rattray. Forwards—Bryant,   Freake, Carter. Followers—McCracken, Collins.  



Replayed League Final.—Footscray Thistle v.

St. Kilda, at Merlynstone. Train to Fawkner at 2.45 p.m. Windsor and Melbourne Thistle will meet at Preston to decide which team is to ac-  

company N. and D. into the second division.     Extra time, if necessary, must be played in both