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Official Notifications.

(From last Saturday's Government Gazette.)

APPOINTMENTS. —F. J. Walsh to be pound keeper at Normanton; P. M. Keogh, to be a lieutenant in the Defence Force; E. Petty, R. H. Allan, and W. Spier, to be sub-lieutenants in the

Marine Defence Force; Sub-lieutenant S. G. Hill, to bY a sub-lieutenant on the unattached ll«t of the Marine Defence Force; Cap-

tain H. C. Stanley, to a major in the Defenco Force, provisionally; A. C. Haldane, to he a justice of tho peace; F. H. Vivian Yobs, F.R.C.S., England, to bo acting assis tant immigration- agent and acting . inspector of Pacific Islanders and labourers at Rockhamp ton-during tho absence on leave of W. F. Thurs tou, M.R.C.S., England; L. J. Breusch, W. Davidson, J. Fox, L. Jacobsen, and F. L. Nott, to bb members of committee for the State school - at Barolin; Police inspector E. H. T. Carr, to be inspector of brands at Winton for the district of North Gregory; Police inspector W. Britton to be inspector of brands at Blackall for the district of Mitchell, in tho room of Inspector Galbraith, transferred; B. Beatty to be assistant .registrar of birth* and deaths at lala, for the registry district of Wide Bay: Sergeant P. Gallagher to be an inspector for the licensing district of Maryborough; T. P. Pugh, to be a member of the Buudaborg Fire Brigade Board, in the room of R. A. Johnstone, trans ferred, and to be a licensing justice for the licensing district of Bundaberg; A. O. Haldane, to bo police-magistrate at Georgetown, in- the room of W. Samwoll, transferred; Senidr constftble R. F. Woodcraft, to be acting registrar of births, marriages,' and deaths at Esk during the absence on loavo of the registrar; Constable J. Dunn, to be assistant registrar of births and deaths at Dugandun ; Senior-constable P. Short, to be acting clerk of petty sessions and inspector of slaughter-houses and of cattle in tended for slaughter at Marburg, in the room of Senior-constablo Johnson, transferred; Constable A. Johnson, to bo inspector of slaughter houses and of cattle intended for slaughter at . Caboolture, in the, room of Senior-constable 'Robinson, transferred; Constable J. Ball, to be inspector of slaughter-houses and of cattle intended for slaughter, atßeaudos£rt; the acting clerk of potty sessions for the time being at Cainooweal to be" tho officer in whose name all penalties aud. forfeitures imposed by tho Chinese Immigration Acts shall be sued for, prosecuted, and recovered before tho court of petty sessions at Canioowcal; R. C. H. Uhr, to bo registrar of births, deaths, and marriages at Blackall, in the room of F. Vaughan, transferred ; D. Barton, to beTegistrar of births, deaths, and raarriagos at Georgetown, in the room of C. Battersby, resigned. * ~.' Savings Banks. —Branchos of tho-Government Savings Bank havo beou established at Burke towu and Cumberland. ' Tenders Invited.—For painting State Bchool buildings, Cedar Creek, o]>en till Friday, 16th July; for erection of -new school buildings, v Biarra, until Friday, 22nd -July ; for supply of rolling-stock, thirty timber waggons, Southern and Western Railway, until Friday, Bth July. Tendebs Acoeptkd.—For erection of police quarters, Gladstone, C. Day, £341; orection morgue, Ipswich, S. Ash, £209; for supply of 3000 tons Queensland coal for the Central Railway, the Waterstown Coal Company, £2962 10s. Reserves. —Reserves have been proclaimed— for a drill-shed Raveuswood, area 3r. Bp.; for polico purposes at Ukaliinda. 2a. 2r.; for School of Arts, Howard, lr. 9 4/10 p.; for recreation purposes, Howard, 2a. 2r. 13 o/lOp.; for recreation purposes, Mount Albion, 10a.; for recreation purposes, Ipswich, 4a. Or. €2p ;. for recreation purposes, North Ipswich, la. Bp.; for .camping purposes, Malvern Hills, resumption 636 a., also, 1586 a.; for gravel, county of Cook, parish of Bouth Kolan, 7a. 3r. 14p.; for public pur. poses, Amity Point, Stradbrolce Island, about 100 ft.; for - police-paddock, Charleville pre sumed from Gowrie run) 1280 a.; for public purposes, Barron River, about 1000 a.; for camp uig, Basin Greek (on resumed portion of Glenearn run), 640 a.; for polioe paddock, Charleville (re sumed from Gowrie run), 1280 a.; for cemetery, Ukalunda, 12a.; for cemetery, Mount Albion, 10».; for oemetery. Greenmount, 9s. 3r.; for gravel, Ipswich, la. 2r. lp.; and 3a. Or. 34Jp. RksionattONS Acjobptet).—E. J, Curd, of his provisional appointment as* a captain in- the Volunteer branch of the Defence Force; G. IL Cast, and J. Frostick, of their appointments at justices of the peace. .

What"a "Well-known New Tomb Bbwatt baut Kbbpkb Says :—432 Bboabway, Yobx, March 12, 1885.—Some weeks ago I took s severe cold, which settled on my tangs. I suffered great pain, considerable feTer, and, worst of. all, found myself with a racking cough.. In the evening I wont to my box of AixowJk's Pobotts Plabtsms, intending to use them on my throat, chest, and back. Unfortunately my wife had given all the Plasters away, and the consequence was that I ■pent a sleepless night. The next day I applied an Aiacock's Porous Plaoteb to my throat, one on my ohest, and one between my shoulder blades. By 12 o'clock my breathing was muoh easier, cough almost stopped, while a gentle perspiration indicated that the fever was almost {.'one. In two days I was entirely cured.—J. L. Jonbs.—[Advt.l . The London Gas Light and Coke .Company spend £3995 on every working day for coal alone. The coal bill for six months wd £616,419, which represents 860,460 tons.