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Sir,-Ploaso allow mo space in ycmr valuablo paper to reply to tho rtmiar-B of a few members of tho deputation of master hairtliressers who waited upon the Hon W H Bornes, Minister for Works, on Thu-Tdny, September 11, with the ob- ject of opposing the Saturday afternoon closing of hairdressing saloons At tho outset I may state that the report abovo referred to has just como undci my notice, and I am very disagreeably sur- prised to find that any person connected with the trado ehould bo guilty of. so much misrepresentation io gain -their own cndJ, more especially before a Minister (who is qmtc unacquainted with tho con- ditions of the tAidc) One of the mcmbeis of the deputation complained that they had not received ballot papers in c__nec tion with tho vote for tho board, and further complains that the majority were

unable to becomo members of tho associ- ation on account of the cost, nuinoly, 10/ por year Re tbo ballot papera, I can say nothing, as our seexutary han all dealings with that part of the business, but tho fee of 10/ to Jam the associa- tion is so r/dicnlouslv small that it is quite within every master hair_rcss_r's nwfl-ff to become a momberr it seems very absurd for a rormbtrr of a deputa taon representing tho roastnr hamrrrcssers to make such a ix_n_rk, seeing that tho employees are called upon by their union to contribute 6d. per week or an equiva- lent of 2tT/i per vear, and yet tho em- ployer finds it impossible to contrlbnto 10/ per year to his »uinot-aiion, or an equivalent of nbout S.d. per week, I think that remark can be passed over as

absurd. The remarks of tho second speaker ' I shall now deal with, and they aro to

tho effect that many of the men who I wanterl Satnrdaj ns a ba_i-boUday be- I longed to a section who ran gambling and betting shops, and wanted Saturday afternoon off so as they could go to the races. These remarks are certainly most inaccurate and unfair, and to my mind would certainly havo a bad effect upon any fahmindcd member of the trade, as well as the public generally, who know quite well that there is now no such o thing as a hairdressing saloon connected with a betting shop. It is to my muid also a reflection upon every empl-yer in Brisbane who is advocating the Satur- day afternoon closing. I hopo that when tho next deputation wnits upon the. Min- ister to oppose Sat_rday closing that they will bo fairer in their methods of attack. They will then find that they wlll got some «logree of sympathy from.

I the public-I am, sir, &c_,_ _ _ _

I JIM a&VUXi. '

I Edward-street,. Brisbane, Septcmbe_.-2_>