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An inauguial public meetim; was held _st evening al tno Albert Hall, at which tho recent movement foi tho formation of tin? Historical Society of Queensland took concreto form, officers wera elected, «_d a constitution duly ndopted Hi» Kscclltncy _r Willam MaaGregor, tho first patron of tho sccictj, occupied the choir Amongst those present vi ora br Arthur and Lady Kutlctkc the lion J P. & loxton, CMC, lihe Hoa V _avcv, JILO, Professor Michie, MA the licv Dr Mcrrington Air C v\

OostJi, Çlerl of the Legislative Connel, _r A ÍS Broohvviiv, Alderman Didclams Messrs \V J Scott, IS O , J M_ donald, J'M, R D Neilson, JP, Dr Wilt n love, Dr Gibson, Messrs J T Knight., Knox Carson Bousfield W Thorne, 1. M Davidson, X Brown, Miss le+ue. Can tain Morl av ISO Messrs k W ¡b Cumbrae-Hen irt, BV BCL »and A O V Melbourne, B A, 3 nat bcretariec, nnd others \pologv-, were rcO_, " for tho absence ot Sr \ Moilun ti0 tUi

Canon Jone», I'm Hin Aillms Brown, MfC.Mr T Welsbv, MT A Captain Thomson, and Mi A M li rtzberg

Hw lxccllencv, in c\rh»u"g tie objects of ¿lie meeting «rue1 tiley bid nil hwird tho saying that the couniij without a history is 1 appv but he thought it might be junde ed tint 'tin oonntry without a histon 11 an apathy ' Ihero could be nollniic, of wi .dom, cour- age, or progrebs on «mell a country,, for the special udvanti¿c of hist irj was the examples it set in nil flnt was best and Jughcst Ho had belorc him two siinll nubhcations, olio dealiuj, vuth Pione 1

ing Dava" bv George K itlrorland, nnd another, 'A Geological Bxpcoi'i n b> B L Tacl, two i\omplcs ft the dangen, that had been faced bv the monea* in

Queensland ind const tutimr the niiitenul fiom which histor} viould be woven lie wiiH certain there vi ero ninni fum«li" in Queensland today who lind in then (os session document«! of une«ImiabV luster«, value, vvhooh viould eciiititur tho mob* valuable matenil toi nieta a lsiutory (Ap

Mr A C V Melbourne then read a tfaper 011 "ihe Methods of Historical Iii vcstigution with hpecnl rift rene to Aubtraho.' ihe paper occupied 40 minutes in the reading and dealt va thoughtful und cimprehcneiio tasbion with the subject After lointmg out th( value attichcd bv nil the older nations to the propel compilation md ipiescrmig of bisloucal ictoidi Mr Mclbourno kid it doun that it was not sufficient for Vustralinii» t btudy Lng hsh history Diffcicnces 111 national tempcnrneiit made the ciiiciicnco ol other countries of has nlue flinn those of one a ok ii eountrv nnd the difference rf chmiti and conditions o' life m Aus traba made it ni cess ni lint ?Vuslruliar s Bliould learn troni the histor} and expert

ence of thtir om linds Hie biston of Australia, it vi 13 taul had vet to be written and a ¿levi di 1 01 prcpmutoii work had first to bo done woik such ns 11 Queensland llistoiical Society could do better than am othei bock The quail fications of the historian wen given as jmigmvtiou and a love oí truth, for biston must m tho first plate I e truth, ind it must ilso bo Jiki itut J'eici

ince vin-, made to the plac occupied by the university in the prepuntion of his ion md the view ti s <\piessed that sufficient encourlgcment via not buen to original research Hie piper closed amid licaitv applause

Colonel loxton then moved- That the Historical ¡society of Qiicein-hnd be now formed' md dining hi« temarla lu mer

tioncd that over 100 loundation members had be n seemed

vtr J M Dnvidson treouded tim motion Spoil mg of the need for ac curacv in all mattcis pertaining to his tori he said there weie people linn« who J new the name of i ho m in who lia I Jillet! ^omm 1 ndunt logan vet it had so fit be 11 allon ed to go down 111 histoij that the blacks I id been responsible Be mentioned that ho had m lils possession a programme printed on satin of the teremonv con nectod with turning the sod of the first portion if the western raihraj from Ipswich to Toowoomba, und he asked that mention bl malo of fl net flint in tho display mide l> 1 ho Ki liny Dopait mont at tlus year's Exhibition title num bei of the old engine siown wis 17, the old camifce Was number 13 md tho modern engine showi vi is mimbi r Cal Those ntimrcre were most interesting The re olution vi as cirred uinmmousv

Dr Merrington then moved that the constitution of the nocictv as printed and circulated be adopted tho 11 otion bein? seconded bj Piofcssoi Mi h c md eil ried iimmmouilv

Mr Cimbnic Mewirt moved that the officers be President bn Vvtuur Moi pin vice president Colonel J _ l> I oxton, Hon A J" J hj une M ti C Mr V XX S Cumhi ac Stewart committee, Messrs C 13 Bmgtv>s J M Davidson, T J KiiKdit, Caí tam Mackav, Profcssoi Michie Mr T J Kian Air AV T

Scott, Captain ihomstn Ali I L Wool I lock ibis u is seconded by Mi Nugent Brown mid cn ried uti imirous'j

His L-icellciiej the Coi ci nor moved a vote of thanks to Mr Melbourne foi the paper that gentleman Siad lead and dur ing tho courso of lim îcmirkh evpiessed tho hope that the pipei would form the first of » sere-, of hisloiical papcis to bo printed b> the socicti Ihe resolution

was cirricd I

Air Ct mbno Stew art 11101 ed a hearty I vo',e of fhml s to Ids Lvcellcney for pr<

Olding and said it was 1 bappi 1 ugiiry , to rive at "tie cradle of the pouetj that

nitnt a gentleman vi ho was nimccli ?" ' pioneer Ho suppo-ted a -u^ifestion t ira hud been thrown vii by the Go oinoi <c-> to the adn_Moiicss o' the bocie*v cötnb bilung in lustor cal mupei m und said 1 o doubt ta«ro vas the nucleus 01 such a museum at Bo \en PaiL The resolution Ras carrrd oj acdr nation