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Historical .Society of Queensland.

Influent! il impetus has been given to a movcnipi t foi the formition of in lils on eil Qoeictv of Queensland on lines Kirnlar to those -tdoptcd in some of the ether Stale« Pho need foi an ore misation winch will make it ii« special business to t olíate nuil possibly publish ossentiil facts in connection with the story of Queens I nid s beginnings mid hci piogrchs is suffi

cicntli -ipparent Evidences end facts of the doin"s of the early explorers «end of the discoveries that have led io the mineral lndustinl md soci ii develop ment of this p-irt of the British. Lmpire are leadily enough obtainable, but up lill aoYi it has not been the function of any

body to iindeitalc the picscrving of ie

coids As hvin» nctora ni the States cully biston pass avvnv Ithc tusk of eccui

mg n suffitleutly toniplele Instoiy will

become le«s possible ami a hearty vvcleomi , shoilld be nicoideil Hie foiniation of the Society it tin pi -.cut moulent 111-, J n eellcniv the Goveinoi (bil Vim MncGie t,or) lins consented to become its pilton and it muy be icccptctl that so entliiismstii it student and su leen mi iilmiur (f Queensland will not he content to rest n figure iitnd 1 ho movement his lieeii ftiiithci c-ipoust 1 1 v Mi 1 W S Ciunbi io Stew ni the Registi ii of the 1 mvcisity

nnd Ali \ C À Melbourne (li(tutu in Instoiy it the Linvcrsilv) who lind i pt miment «-hue ni the vvoil of the *» nitli Austi linn liisltoiicil Society 1 he s tvo t,eiitleineii an the piovision ti lim b ti

tims tnd the ippointincnt ol ii pi mi siontil coiiunittee is unilei eonsidei ition