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Test of Averages.


.A curious point in the League competi- tion at the .moment is trie important part which scores, as apart from matches, may play in. determining the places for the season, and though it would seem hard luck for a side to be counted out of the fours on.averagps, the natural consequence of evening up the teams is to give the averages a much greater \alue than hereto fore. For the last two places in the finals four clubs are concerned, and, should it come to a comparison of averages, note how very, evenly in each case the points won balance the points lost. Taking them as they stand, St. Kilda lias 899 for 891 against, Geelong 965 for 985 against, South Melbourne 893 for 8S6 against, Collingwood fllB for 007 against. It may be said in each case that just in, proportion as the for- wards of each side were making points the backs were losing them. So if it comes to a comparison of averages between any of these four it must be a very fine thing indeed-fine in the fullest meaning of the word. "*

'Phew'are several ways by which one might set about determining the figure of merit in such a case as this, where the elements of attack and defence are mani festly-ef.equal importance in the game. It seems" perfectly just therefore to test it by this question:-"For every hundred points a club gainqd how many did it lose?" When you apply this plan to the possibility that Essendon-lind "Fitzroy may- finish even on games won for the season, you see ot once the. strength of Kssepdon's position. For every 100 points they hare scored they havc lost but 72, -while Fitzroy has lost 81. There fire no gift games in League football now-a-days, so n glance ihows the very great diüirulty Fitzroy would experience in turning those figures m their favour with only two eames to play.

Carry that comparison on to the remain- ing four" clubs concerned in the competi- tion, and yon find Geelong the only one with a' balance on . the « rong side of the ledger, because for every hnndrcd points scored they lost 102. Quite obviously then. Geelong 'ardently hopos that it may never come to a matter of liair-splitting, a phrase which applies exactly in the case of the three other interested clubs, who have just managed to show a surplus on the "points for", side: " For every -100 points they gnincd Collingwood has" lost 99,00. St. Kilda 99.11, and- South Melbourne 99.21. Should it 'come to a companion of averages be- tween Any of-these three, there will be a very careful scrutiny.; and, as in the cases of close elections, a demand for a recount.

If wc put the comparison in another way, considering onlj- match points, it is pos- sible- ïpr,St. Kilda,"with'only one more matcli to play, to get 36 points, and they must win against South Melbourne to do that. It is pqssiblo for-both"Geelong and South Melhournc to do better 'than 3d, while Colliugwood's best can only be 34. In every way tile finishing phases of the sea- son have become exceptionally interesting. To'Collingwood''that drawn game -with CaTlton means this great difference. It may. or must win in on match points only, so,"while. ,it has the host average of the four tçams concerned, average can only be of value to such a contingency as ¡ino of the rival teams pUying a tie in the two íemafning rounds. It is possible for two of them, St. Kilda and South Mel- bourne, to do it in the same match. With our method of scoring, however, the tie ¡B a very rare occurrence. It is not pos- sible for to-morrow's games, in any set of eircumstanees that may arise, to definitely settle the first four places, the only out- right possibility being the elimination of Collingwood, which cannot afford to lose a match. If Geelong were beaten to-morrow and South Melbourne wot), the finishing lound would'be exceptionally interesting, beenuse Geelong, 'St. Kilda,- and South Melbourne would stand even with 32 points apiece ; and-at the time of writing-only a fraction of a point between two of them on averages. And, aB Geelong arc engaged with Carlton on that day, it follows that a win would give them a place absolutely, while if_,beaton they would still have the privilege of. comparing averages for the fourth place with the loser in the game be-

tween St. .-Kilda and South Melbourne., If Geelong win .to-morrow they must be in UKI finals.-and that possibility alone makes it-possible, to <say, without tfiny doubt whatever,,that the game ot the-.dayjs^ot Geelong.' . ', i . r... ?

?Not oftpn in late years has it proved so, but Geelong has shared in the levclling-up process, and both amongst . the pub- lic followers of the game ajjd the club parti- sans in bulk its victory would be a popular event. One feels pretts sure that if Jt carne to a preference vote they would simply stand on .velvet, for every follower of every League club in Melbourne would say, "After us, Geelong." ..To mKtbe sight of the Corio ground brings back pleasing associa- tions, memories of some great footballers, amongst whom Jim Wilson, Jack Baker, Hughie McLean, Harry Stecdmau, Henry Young, Donald Curdie, Harry Brush, Joe McShane, 'George Watson, and ever so many more are visualised at once. It is a far cry to a certain 'Saturday on the old Corio ground,' when I lost a great illusion, viz., the belief that a certain trick of screw- ing the hip which 1 had picked up was, when exercised at the instant of contact in a shoulder to shoulder charge, a sure whmer agamBt even the biggest man in the game. .. I tried it on George Watson, and my recollection of the incident is that J must have turned twice in the. air before hitting the ground. It WBR about that time that Alderman John Gardiner, of the Melbourne City Council, won much glory by downing the same George Watson in a single-handed'duel-a thing that very in- frequently occurred. All that most men brought out of ah affair of that kind was a sore shoulder, and very much the same sort of satisfaction-that Don Quixote may have possessed when he recoiled from the windmill, , . , , , ,,

One reason why t,he Geelong club should have our goodwill is that in the old days it had an important influence on the evo- lution of the game on Us best side. There was a period when geelong carried every- thing before then}, and deservedly so, be- cause they had more-method and more brains in their game than any other club poRse'sscd. Especially marked was their influence in opening out the game, ? and vastly improving it as a spectacle. I re- member perfectly one move' which for a while quite distracted rival clubs. They had a fine lot. of players, largely Western district men and old Geelong school bojs, »Iib had pace as'well as stiength. Their plan was to dash off with the ball around the wing,- then .suddenly to punt it ' high and hard almost at right angles towards the Centre. The mau who kicked dashed in with the ball, and gen- erally reached the spot »here it fell. Other fila.vers carne in if it were near the half

ine, and outnumbered their rivals for an instant, and cither rushed the ball right into the goal or.,played, it, cut ut light angles again, sometimes to the opposite wing. It. was a Jong time, before, the others found the stop for it. Geelong always liked the free, ' fast, open game, and nt that period were strong enough to impose their will and their way upon their antagonists, which was all for the better-

ment of football.

-Notes and Comments.

Tho League.

. Three out of the four games to be played to morro*** ha*e a distinct bearing on the final four, but owing to the fine performances of Geelong during the last few ucckB thief Interest

rentre In their endeatour to lower the colours of tjie leaders. Should they do so the* »ill make their position in the four a eertalnt*. Tile match nlll tie Jilajed at Geelong, nqd a large croud »ill go doini in. the special trains. Interest in Melbourne *\i!l' centre in the games between Richmond and South Melbourne al Richmond aud Collingwood and Fitri-oy at Collingwood. Tile programme is.

(¡I:KI.O\'Ü *. KSSENDO.V, at Geelong.


C'OÍ.LINGWOOll *. FITZROY, at.Collingwood.

CARLTON *. MKI.1I0UH.NK, at Carlton.

When 'the UM teams mel on June 21 the re

suits were.

FITZROY. 7-11. beat COLLINGWOOD. 7-3. CARLTON. 11-8. beat Mr.LUOt'ItNi:, J»-1J DSSKMION, 14-13. beat GI.'EI.O.NG. S-C


Sign«! bj more than 100 supporters of the dub, a request was put before the umpire and permit committee of the League on Wedneeda* oeniiie .by the South Melbourne club that MtMurray be not appointed to umpire au* future matches ni wbiih the* were engaged It was stated that .south Melbourne have ne*er won a nmtrh when McMurray wai, the umpire. The committee *er*

The Teams.


laSËNUON.-llacks-Donaldson. Hunter, Adams ILilf-batk*- Laing. Fitzmaurice. Farrell. Centre« -Garden,-Ma*, Sulliian. Half forwards-Watt. Manlietii, Shorten Forwards-Callahan, Stock- dale. MUartri*. Followers-Harker, llerkton. ¡(mer-Maher. Lmcrgencles-Irwin, H,ncs, J


I Half tacks-Thomas. Todd, NfrhoVuin. Centre»

Stephcu»on, A. Rankin, Smith. Half fornVrds


O Rankin^ Flcnjlnj Jorfenson .Forward* Keane Hagger Greeves Followers-Mathieson Johns Hover-Pink x


COLLINGWOOD - Backs-Poult er Wundern Tyson Half back«-Smith, S, Coventn Buck Centres-Wc&ecrtt, W il*Qn Chcswass Half for w anís-Makeham Curtis Cock I- on* ard*-I-awn ir Coventry Webb iollower*-Rowe Mun!" Kover-E. Baker

FIT7R0^ - Hacks-Atkin«.n lerkins Tari Scales Half backa-Corrigan Molan Llliott Centres-W Üliamtu Sherry Dickm«; Halt for «unit*- ParntU Cockram Rattrav 1-oruurd1 W igrafl J- reake Carter > ol lowers-Bn ant Collins Rovc>-rergie


RICHMOND-Ricks-Tavlor Thorpe Harri on Half tiacki-Minogue M Hislop McIsaacs Ol

tres-McCaskclI Mcintosh Dubrigh Half for wards-Harley Connors Don Vr-rWs.rd*-Fraser M Mom« Ha\es * olio» ere- Hurgan! Jamen


SOUTH Mhl UOLRVF.-Backs-T Scuilou His kens Hvne*. Half backs-Laird Hando Ro>i> Centres-Wood P Scanlon O Council Half f r warda- Robertson Brown Sutton lorwirls - Condon Johnson Nicholii*. 1-ollowcrs-Caralj IL Matthews Rover- Tandv


CARLTON - Backs-laust, Watson Davie* Half backs-Uensy O Brien Husband Centres Chandler Blackman Bell Half forward"-Ken nodv, Duncan Blackmore I-orwanls - Brew Clover Toole 1-ollowere-Hiekens Goo Inck Rover-Mcljatchic

MFIBQURNK-Backs-Fl-Hmagan Cov I ille%

Half hock*- Makin Chadwick Mroetcr Centres -Uliman Onrbett Collina Half forwards - Donaliron Glasscock, Abernethy l-orwante - Tulloh i"av lor Mollison Foi lo wert-Dunbar,

¡Ard Rover-Haines.

Club Notes

ESS*NOON arc making onlj one alteration on Saturday Sullivan beinf, in the tey m í iib ted of Jenkins. Stockdale who should not have played last week is quite well aplin \lthough be jer formed so brilhantlj on the wine hu-t barurda\f Marches! bah been movtd up to the forward line to make room for Sullivan Three special trains w)U corney supi>orUrs to Geelong lea ung Spcn ctr street at 12.7 p ni Io 2a p m., at d V* fi7 p m , the last one stopping at Newport, The\ will leave Geelong at 7 2« p m 8pm and 8 35 p m The players and trainers will leave bj the ordi

nary train at 11 o clock and will hate lunch at Geelong Tiley are not taking anv ribka On Saturday week when the clnb has the bje the eonimittee office bearers, platers and trainers are being entertained at a motor drive and picnic at the country residence of Mr H Masterton More than 100 guests are expect«! and the motors will leave the Gas Companj s office in Flinders street, at 12."iO for rrankhton On the fallowing Tuesda" the committee players and trainers will be cn tertainrd at dinner in the pavilion b\ the majo of hssendon (Councillor R I Gilbertson) ubi is a member of the committee of the club

SOUTH MUBOURNh réalise that the> will be ou their trial to morrow against Richmond a! a dfieat will scrioush prejudice their chance« Re cognising their weakness in the forward division ihej are trying the doubtful experiment of bring ÍIL. Robertson lack He has not plaved since UM and it is a curious coincidence that his last game was against Richmond In 1919 he put jip a record b\ kicking 14 goals against St, h-»«»1» ind supporters ardenth hope be will rcjieat the performance to morrow lHi-krns*s bnii«ed heel

sustained in «ie Mrlbourne mntch four weeks ago is better and be will resume his place full liack The onlv other alteration is the inclusion of Brown The absentees will líe Alexander (in jured) Russell and W Matthews. The les« montai organised for <*nm Um« for more than 30 j ears a phncr or official is well Ini band Mr L McBrien is acting n« serrctarj to the movement with Mr F Killingworth as his as

COLLINGWOOD'S popular secretary (Mr E W   Copeland) has worked out an ingenious chain of 'ifs" bv which his team can gain a place   in the final four. The first link in that chain in that they must defeat Fitzroy on Saturday. The players know what they must do and intend to try their utmost to prevent the chain being broken at the outset. Supporters appreciated the exciting nature of the match against Carlton last Saturday and are confident that it was only the injury to Rowe at a critical stage that made a draw of the match instead of a win for Collingwood. He has made a good recovery

and will be in tomorrow. It is possible that a trial will shortly be given to Leo Glynn a former Hawthorn district player who has latterlv been playing with the Collingwood district. He is a strong and vigorous back man. Brown, who was operated on lost week for appendicitis, is getting on well. There are two

alterations in the team Lingwood-Smith and F Baker replacing Lee and R.Baker. September 7Th 1923                                        

HT7R0V reported 'all well In this connec- tion thev are much more fortunate than many other clubs who cverv week have to alter their teams on account of injun« Their fine wtn

against St, hilda on Saturdav was a further step

.n .i _ ..m.. _J._I_ _r 41... «Hrninrihn thal

to the ultimate winning of Uie premiership that " K so confidently anticipated b\ their bupporters I The ability of the team to play the game that the

exigencies of the moment demand is certainly one of the strongest points in their armour The are mm to lose the Remces of Gale who wa

disqualiáed b\ (ho Independent tribunal last night for pix playing Saturdays Tarbotton and Warren shaped so indifferently against St hilda that the\ ha\e been omitted Shem Atkinson and Carter filling the vacancies. H will be Sherrj s first game for the season whil* 1 Atkinson has been out since he incurred the dw

pleasure of the indepenlent tribunal after the

Carlton match

CARLTOaN a secretary (Mr Reg Hunt) ruefulh exolulmed *es.terduv Ml our men are well

ju>t when we are out of the four If we could have made that remark a few weeks ago there would lme been a different talc to tell

Pringle and Wilson are now the onlv absentees in the -list-of men available for selection Their win against South Melbourne and the exerting drawa game against Collingwood last Saturdav have considerablj heartened the supporters and consequently lessened interest In the proponed meeting which is to be called to consider the recent suspensions The committee is so satis fled with the form difiplaicd last Satur day that there will be no alteration m the per

Bonnel to morrow

RICHMOND according to Mr Mavbun are optimistic without being unduW BO regarding their chances of defeat nig South 'Melbourne to morrow as the$ intend to complete ihe ocasoii gamely Mcintosh who han been pla\ mg KO brilliantly of late will lii\e recovered hufficientlv from an attack of influenza to be in the trim while Dobngh will be given anotl cr trial

Osmond the brilliant wing man who was injure J in the match against 1 ksendon is not vet well enough to plav but Harrison whose injured ankle rendered him practicallv useless for three quarters of the game last Saturday will lie a starter The -plavers wm \e the guesU at a complimentary ball arranged bv the committee in 1 the Town Hall on Wedneeda. There are two

changes in the team McIsaacs and Mcintosh re placing O Weatberill and Wootton

ST KILD\ are glad of the bve tomorrow if only to give their injured plavers i chance to recover Thev look on their eigageniLtit with South Melbourne on Saturday week an the event of the season and require to have all their men 1 fit and well Mooth and Archer who were [ injured In the Geelong match ure still unal le to

get about while Tambetta Milne und McKenzie were all injured at * Itxroj last Saturdaj (»am betta injured lils thigh isevcrch and McKenzie strained the tendons of his lej, 10 minutes after the commencement of the game There is great satisfaction in the knowledge that the big foi lower Cameron having finished the season m the country will be available for the South Mel

bourne match

MrLBOURM" expect to have Chadwick m the team to morrow-lils first match since he was injured against St Kilda Chadwick is a >en fine club man and is verv keen Despite the injury to the musde*. of hi« leg he was anxious I to plav last week and when one of the selected

team was late he quicklv Kot into his uniform and was quite readv for the field when the late one arrived Thomas (dislocated shoulder) and P Hilson (broken collarbone) have had their splints taken off but will not plav again this seasoi

Sheltons shoulder has turned out to le not so badly injured as was anticipated and he will le plav ing Mr Manzics sai i vesterday that he was confident that Melbourne woutd commence next season with a particularlv tine corni ination The plajers were all \oung clever and fast and will be reinforced 1\ three good footballers-big active dark horses -who are Icing rev rved fur next year. Donaldson and Glamcock, the newer   men have also pleased the entice The present Uara in considered the finest the (lui tins ever had jet injune» have pulled them down to the bottom of the list !*st f-eason the footl allers I entered a team In tie Metropolitan tntkft

League and won the premiership without I e tig once defeated Tim \ear it has been decid i not to form a cricket team for the r ason that there are mam good cricketers who In loraltv to the elub would again jlaj instead of attempting to advance themselves 1 rah ran will gain three men in C I illev (captain) wi ose 1 atting average lust vear was S2 Lord a bowler wlo secured 7J wickets at an average of ö S and r leek u former Geelong player Coj Wilson ind Streeter will lipk up with Melbourne while the others will to ti elr heparat*1 waxs Ile i liver» received blawn, from the Mell ournc Cricket Club in recognition of their performance tor to morrow Chadwick and Collins will T lav instead of elliott and Anthont the latter suffering from au

Injured hand

GrLIOM. are conOdei t that thev will win Hg-imst ï-ssendon to morrow The team ire jubilant oicr their win at 'tichmond hut thev realise that thev ire not ut out of the I Uhh Jnd a great struggle is anti ipated on tile Cono oval Geelong mu t win one match in order to find u place in the four and thev hue set out to defeat rssendou It is claimed in pome quarters th it the issue might have beci different last time thev met ha 1 not Jnnev fodd ^n I lorgen>-en bein injured at tiie crucial moment

The grounl after the n ent ruins is in splcndi I cot iitioi lor the greater part «f ti *> wrek it wau thiuUit thHt Muthle* n \ ou! 1 le ui ibie t plav but his itjured leg his responded to tieitneit, nnl lhere is ii p-w-lbilitv t his i laj big tn Saturrim rric Hen ing who has teen out of Hie game for i week owing to intluuir-a has quite recuurcd nnl will in nil probal ilttv be tele led to |h\ against til«* DHU. Keane itjured I l.s ankle sliL,htl> 1» list week n ni it JJ

tut is ull ní,ht again ( gillan v ho has been out for four matt lies own g t« J" mjurv to hi* inkle Ins- rec ,miner» e I training nnl there is i po fcibililv of his pia}iii.

Fitzroy Player Disqualified

lief or* tie it lepei lent tribunal of tie toot tall lettie fMcssn G A Moir and II MtL Uuigan) las) n,"ht \\ Cul bins (St Kilda) und * 'idl" (hit«-ov) vire charted with attempting

trike oi e another la^t baturdHj McMurriv

( nitral umpire) said that le did not t.ce inv I kirkiti, r ai v Uuws truck but the men in a clinch while Crowe (I mudan umpire) thut le ¡saw (ale arike at Cubbint In

storv of tie ocur^nce < ubhins Kiid that Gale i harte 1 ki ked and then struck him two Fitwo\ I luvtrs Mriurating them He did not kick or ¡>tnke ut Gale MtNuniara (the M Kilda captain) faid ti at Lubbins might have appeared in a fighting attitude but it wa* solelv defensive Gales ex

plat at ion «a* that Gubbins took a mark and he went to prevent Cubbins getting awav wbeu be got a kick on the fbln He then nibbed in and clinched He considered the kick w^ a deliberate one hut Cubbtnt- made no attempt to strike him Sergeant Da\ who was in charge of the police at HJUrov on the dav of the match said that Cub bin* deliberated kicke 1 Gale who turned roun i and put his hands up After deliberating (he tribun ii decided to disqualify Gale for rix pre tniervhip m a telle* and found Ciibbins not eui It y

The Association

Home and h me* mntchet, were concluded on Satur i iv anl the fln.t semifinal will be plavei on the North ilelluurne ground to morrow The Louiebting clubs will be lort Melboun e (second) ind Hawthorn (fourth) and a stirring contest is anticipated Porta have hud u particularlv Îood sequence of wins lately aroojg their tie

lms being Footscnij the minor premiers Hu»

thorn't fim» his not-been quite'in. (rood, and they were' beaten last week b} ' Brighton. . Tlie lending gnalklclcn; arc in the (inal four teams and their performances will be witnessed with


POUT MELBOURNE arc lea*ing nn «tone un- turned in their attempt to gain the premiership, and a full attendance of plarers at training is reported. Bissett, linville helped hi« club at N'ar-nar-goon to win the premiership. Is now mallabie, and will piar Instead of Murphy. Tasker has been training for a fortnight, but hu leg would not stand the strain. Ennis, the new- forward, has made a good recovery from .1 heavy cold, and will lake the place of Pasb. Jamieson is ill. and is not available foi Satur- day. His place will be taken by Graham. To raise funds for Ihe players' trip ihe ladles' com- mittee is holding a liazaar this evening.

HAWTHORN hate scoured n position in the final four for the fir»t time since the*- entered the association ranks, and arc sparing no effort to be come premiers. Strict attention is being paid to training b* the team, the members of which are all well. Griffiths has quite reroicred from un Moema attack, and, with 1-atham (their cham- pion forward, who has been out of the team for se*eral weeks). Gill, and Murphy, will play against Port Melbourne They will replace Car- barns, Rae, Giinn and Glass. ,


PORT MELBOURNE -Rack«: Korbes. Garbutt. Graham. Half-hacks: Johnston, Stanbridge, Bis* sett. Centres: Rudd, Ogilvie, Trembath. Half forwards: Ennis, Kerie*'. Crudden. Forwards: Dobngh, Taylor, Shelton. Followers: Rudd, Rees.

Ro*er: Barfoot.

HAWTHORN'.-Back«: Griffiths. Jackson, Nott. Halthncks: Hammond. Murphy, Mackenzie.

tatham. Bruce. Followers: Brown, Walton.

Ro*er: Yeomans.

Junior Association.

I'mpires.-Northcote v. Williamstown at North- ville, Mullo*; McDonell and Collins. Kew v. Footscrav. at St. James's "Park, lovell; Jordan and Merles, rrahran v. Carnegie, at Elstern- wick-, Moran; Ha*dcn and,_G!b*on. Preston, v. South Mellioume, at Treslon. Nugent: Harrinon and Dowling. Yarra* Hie it :North Melbourne, at Yarraville, I_ehency; Wright, and White. Port Melbourne *. Brighton, at Swimming Club ground, Cheesley; Stitt and Walker; . ' .

In connection-with the final game which is to be played on the Richmond ground on TTiursday, September 27 (Show dav), It has been decided to glte ¡Ein for a goal-kicking competition .prior to the .match. It will bi*-,open to clubs, either League or Association players, under playing con- ditions, drop-kick or punt from .13 yards.

Melbourne Districts Association.

Umpires.-Fairfield v. p'ubllc Service, at Oak-.

leigh recreation' reserve (semi-final)-More;

Wilkinson 'and Browne; Rharp and Harris. .

British Association.   I_eague-Division I.-Footscray Thistle v Preston, , Melbourne Thistle v. Brunswick; St. Kilda *.

Windsor; X. and D. v. Albert Park. Division II. i -Moonee Ponds v. Newport; Caulfield, vi Mel- lioume Welsh; Coburg'v. Essendon; Spotswood v. Sandringhom, Reseñes League.-Newport A v. Yarra Falla: St. David's *. SU Kilda A; Caulfield A v. Spotswood A («t Middle Park).

Rugby League Final. . ' ' |

The effort!; of the Victorian Itugb'v League .offi- cial» to secure cither the M.C.C. or St, Hilda grounds for the premiership final ' on Saturday afternoon have failed owing to baseball and second IB matches hating hecn previously allotted to

these.grounds. However, the Rugbyitcs will'nlnvl their Itnal on the open field at Middle Park, where

University will meet Kiwis, the latter team pos; j sensing the right to challenge to a grand final ) owing to their lead on match pointu'at the end | of the second round, As soon as the premiership is decided the league committee will select the representative Victorian XIII. t/> visit Sydney to play prior to the New South Wales Bughv League City Cup final.

. Visits by Rugby Teams. -

WELLINGTON (N.S!.), Thursday.-The council of the New Zealand Football Association con« sidered 'the proposed visita of English ami Cana- dian teams. It waa stated thal the ccist of tlie Knglish visit would he from £10,000 to £U,noO.

and the Canadian visit £4,500, It 'waa decided . io write to England asking about a visit tr* New Zealand nnd Australia.- H was also decided that the Canadians ahould be advised of the negotiations

with England, and be informed that if the Eng. I Hah tour could he'arranged a visit by the Canadians in 1S24 woulr? be welcomed.



First Semi-Final Match.


In the First Match: This Season Torts won by 10

Points, Hawthorn Won the Second bv

. , . 31 Pointa.

Ground, 1/1; Reserve, 2/2 (Inc. tax).

Club Members' Ticket« Will Not Admit..

Children, Half Price.

T. ,1. EVANS, Secretary.

Orchard Economy.-See special article by "Pc

Barunah Plains Merinoes.-See special article by Bendleby in this week's Issue of "The Austral- asian," a*ailable from Wednesday morning.