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The fortnightly meeting of the Bris- bane City Council was held yesterday afternoon, when there were present: The   Mayor (Alderman A. J. Raymond), Alder-       men H.J. Diddams, G. Down, C. M.   Jenkinson, J. F. Maxwell, J. A. Hayes,     J. W. Hetherington, T. Wilson, J. Best, H. Doggett, J. McMaster, J. Crase, C.   P. Buchanan, and the town clerk (Mr.

W. H. G. Marshall). The Mayor stated that Alderman W. M. Thompson was still too unwell to attend.

Included in the correspondence were the following letters: - To the Commis- sioner for Railways, inquiring if he would     be prepared to grant a lease of a small portion of railway land opposite the Brunswick-street station for a public con-       venience for males in similar terms and   conditions to those which obtained in connection with the lavatory for females on the opposite side of the rail- way line. A reply was received to the effect that the Commissioner was agree- able to the leasing of the area in ques- tion from the Brisbane Tramways Co.,     Ltd., submitting a tracing of a proposed

extension of the New Farm tramline to     the wharves of the Brisbane Stevedoring and Wool Dumping Company, and ex- pressing a desire to have the council's   views upon the matter. From the   British Imperial Oil Co., Ltd., inquiring if it was the council's decision that an   installation for the bulk storage of kero-   sene and petrol should not be made by the company at any point within the   city boundaries and further referring to installations which were permitted to other places, and to the rapidly extend- ing use of oil for fuel purposes. To the Brisbane Tramways Co., Ltd., calling attention to the damage done to the wooden block pavement and foundations by the insecure condition of the com- pany's rails, and urging that the fixing   of the rails should be carried out as the renewal of the wood-blocking proceeded.       The foregoing letters were referred to the

committees interested.  

Referring to the proposed new con- venience for men in Brunswick-street, the     Mayor said he had ordered the erection of this building, and it would be ready by the beginning of August. (Hear  


The report of the Buildings and Align- ment of Roads Committee stated that plans had been submitted for the erection of an additional story and mansard roof to the People's Palace at the corner of Edward and Ann streets As the roof story was at a height of more than 60ft. from the road level, it was recommended that the plans should be approved only on the distinct understanding that fire- resisting materials should be used and that   fire escapes should be installed. Con- ditional permission was given for the       erection of an open air cinematograph theatre at the corner of Alfred and Bruns- wick streets, Valley. Plans for the con-       struction of a gallery at an open air cine- matograph theatre at the corner of   Wharf and Leichhardt streets were ap-

proved in so far as the design and     strength of the structure were concerned. Plans for the conversion of a building in Queen-street to the purposes of a cine-   matograph theatre had been approved, sub- ject to the thickness of the walls being   increased. Approval had been given to plans submitted for the conversion into shops and offices of the premises in Edward and Adelaide streets formerly known as the Big Block on condition that a passage way was provided on each floor to the existing stairs at the outside of the rear of the building The report was adopted.

The City Organ and Theatres Committee reported that approval had been given to the plans for the construction of or altera- tion of certain cinematograph theatres.   Mr. Geo. Sampson, city organist, had reported that the alterations made to the city organ during its renovation had effected a great improvement. The report was adopted.

The Works Committee's report referred to the necessity for a third steam roller,     for which an amount of £800 had been placed on the estimates, and recommended its purchase as soon as possible. With ref-   erence to the inquiry of the Brisbane Tram- ways Co., Ltd., if the council would be pre- pared to consider a scheme for taking over      

the maintenance of the road surface for which at the present time the company was responsible along tramway routes it was recommended that the council decline to take the scheme into serious consideration.     Sewerage works in Albert and Margaret     streets at a cost of £400 and £50 or £55 respectively were recommended. The carrying out of a number of smaller im- provements was also recommended. The report was adopted.

At 4 o'clock a call of the council was   held to rescind a resolution adopted by the council on October 17 relative to the rais- ing of a loan of £20,000 for the construc-     tion of warehouses and offices on the Eagle-street market reserve.      

Alderman Maxwell moved, and Alderman Wilson seconded, that the following reso- lution should be rescinded, - "That before arrangements are finally completed for rais-   ing the loan of £20,000 for the construction   of a block of brick warehouses and offices,     on the Eagle-street market lands (being the     item numbered 5 on the Agenda Paper of     30th September, 1910), steps be taken to     obtain offers for the lease or occupancy of the proposed new warehouse, &c., when


The motion was carried.  

The Markets Committee recommended   that, as it was very probable that a re-   arrangement of the rentals of the hold-     ings on the Roma-street markets land     might be necessary from time to time to     secure the best results, power should be given them to review and amend the   rentals as occasion arose during the current   year. The report was adopted.

The Kennedy Wharf Committee reported that arrangements had been completed with   the Government for the removal of the rock from the frontage of the Customs House Wharf property, to give a depth   of 12ft. of water at l.w. s. t. for a distance   of 50ft. from the quay line, and 26ft. be- yond that dístance, the council to bear the   cost of the work within the 50ft. limit only. The work would not be put in hand for some time as suitable explosives were

not available.

Alderman McMaster said it was a stand- ing disgrace that the wharf should have   lain idle for 18 months. When would it be finished?  

The Mayor: It is nearing completion. The report was adopted.  

The report of the Health Committee dealt with various nuisances and defec- tive drainage arrangements, and projected   action in connection therewith. During the four weeks ended June 15, 2561 inspec-     tions had been made, 385 nuisances were under notice or had been reported, and   166 nuisances had been abated, leaving 219 under surveillance.  

The report was adopted.  

The Legislative Committee reported that consideration had been given to the       sweeping of city footpaths. With a view to securing a cessation of annoyance to pedestrians which the sweeping now causes, it had been decided that the dif- ficulty would best be met by an altera-   tion of the by-laws in respect to certain   city streets, to permit of the council undertaking the performance of the work in the following thoroughfares: - George- street, from Roma-street to Charlotte- street; Queen-street, from Victoria Bridge   to Ann-street; Wickham-street, from Ann-       street to Ballow-street; Brunswick-street,     from Alfred-street to Ann-street; Albert-   street, from Adelaide-street to Elizabeth-   street; Edward-street, from Ann-street to       Elizabeth-street; Eagle-street, from Ann-     street to Elizabeth-street; Eagle-street, from     Creek- street to Eagle-street; Elizabeth- street, from Creek-street to Queen-street.     The total length of the footpaths in these streets was 400 chains, and the estimated cost £15/15/ per week, the work to be carried out between the hours of 11.30  

p.m. and 7a.m. The committee submit-

ted a by-law to prohibit the wearing of   dangerous hatpins on public roads and footways and fixing the penalty for any offence at a sum not exceeding £10.

Alderman Diddams stated that the new by-law was based on that in operation in     New South Wales, with the exception, perhaps, that it was a little more com-


Alderman McMaster thought it would have been better if the by-law went more   in the direction of enforcing the protec-  

tion of the points of hatpins.

As a beneficial stimulant Dewar's   Whisky is unrivalled.        

Alderman Down thought some provision should be made in connection with the street sweeping proposals to prevent saop people and others shaking mats, and other- wise creating dust, on the footpaths.

Alderman Diddams said that Legislative Committee could not bring in any amend- ments of the by-laws at that stage. The   matter before them was only a recom- mendation. If the recommendation was agreed to, the by-laws could then be amend-   ed A careful review of the whole position had convinced them that the work could best be done for the oc- cupiers by the council instead of by the occupiers themselves. The council could do the work late at night, or early in the morning, and do it in such a manner that the dust would be lifted and taken away, and not merely shifted a few feet. The most effective   plan was for the municipality to do the work, the cost thus falling in equitable proportion upon those benefited. The work would naturally be confined to those areas of the city in which business was active, on the grounds that it was in such centres that paved footpaths were universal, that pedestrian traffic was dense and continu- ous, except when the city slept, and that it was in those centres alone that any nuisance had been experienced.

The report was adopted.

The Finance Committee recommended   the payment of accounts amounting to   £3781/1/6. The bank balances on June 27 were: General account, dr., £60,335/2/9;   sinking fund account, cr., £4223/16/4;   contract deposit account, cr., £1207/6/; debenture account, series "E" cr., £3831/- 6/6; debenture account, series "F"' cr.,   £17,282/3/1. The report was adopted.

The Mayor stated, in regard to the   resumption by the Railway Department of the Albert Park land, that he had taken counsel's opinion, and it was to the   effect that the municipality's position   was perfectly safe. (Hear hear). He also announced that he intended to apply for the erection of a men's convenience on the vacant plot at the corner of Edward and Ann streets.

Alderman Jenkinson gave notice of the following motion: - "That this council is   opposed to Yass-Canberra as the site of   the Federal Capital; that they protest   against any further liabilities being in- curred by the Government, and that at the next general elections a question should be submitted to the electors as to whether the Constitution should be amended so as to permit the Federal Parliament to select any city in any State as the permanent seat of Govern- ment. " _______________